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    • Should Jedi carry weapons? (Last post by Alexandre Orion)
    • Quote: 31 Weapons are terrible things. If you want to get right with Tao, reject weapons. The Master, knowing that all things came from Tao, recognizes what he has in common with his enemies. But when there is no other choice, he uses force reluctantly. He does so with great restraint, and never celebrates a victory; to do so would be to rejoice in killing. A person who would rejoice in killing has lost touch completely with Tao. When you win a war, you preside over a funeral. Pay your respects to the dead. :)
    • Ikigai - "a reason for being" (Last post by den385)
    • @Adder - But how are gonna be good at both maths and football to the point that you're getting paid? )) @Aqua - I am afraid, finding Ikigai is a way of uncertainty and sometimes it can seem quite a labyrinth. I can discuss how I've found mine, if it would be of any help. 1) I was studying pure higher mathematics in one of Russia's best place for it. I wasn't very good and there were problems distracting. It didn't inspire me, it didn't light fire in my eyes, it didn't make my heart burn, there was no drive. Yet, it was useful. 2) Then I did quite courageous and same time stupid thing - I transferred to much less cool university (MIREA) with applied maths and programming. It was hard to study in that place, but I've started to get what Ikigai is, though I didn't know this word then. The fire came only in tiny pieces - when I planned my programming course projects and reached success in 'em, and when I was meeting interesting people and interesting tasks on programming conferences, which more like a hangout than a serious thing. 3) On last course of MIREA, I started to work as Junior programmer. It was hell of a lot frustrations. You don't know much, people seemed mean sometimes, they didn't want me to grow, just want to be productive. Normal jobs, yet I wasn't much of a fighter that time. I understood, that some life distractions and bad structure of MIREA and much more - my own indecisiveness costed me chances to do my own thing and have precious experience. 4) I changed several jobs in next 3 years. Was searching for "the right thing". Never understanding, that the only "right thing" I was searching was drive from challenges. This search and personal issues rewarded me with frustrations, uncertainty and instability in my career. 5) Finally, due to personal issues and my own lack of experience, I landed up on an awfullest job I ever had. Bad wage, bad tasks, bad people. Anti-drive in overabundance. And here I've understood that Ikigai is your own game above every professional activity there is. I understood that you can have your own rules of craft. But if your rules are not strict enough, they will get you fired. So your rules should be "what is expected of ordinary ok worker" + "what gives you drive: purpose, autonomy, mastery". Sometimes it's something extra on job. Sometimes - a side-project. 6) Now I've left this job with resources for a few months. I can finish my own project and find a decent job. Over all I can say that finding Ikigai is what Jobs meant by "follow your heart, don't stop" in his famous Stanford lecture. It's not easy, but if you can do it, your working life becomes meaningful and rewarding. And I believe that when you are good at what you love, and if you have will, that is the only right road to success. Finding Ikigai depends on self confidence. What self confidence is - it's subjective. But when you have your own world, your own vision, your own life, than working just to get paid starts to be a bad deal. And you are on a search for another attitude. I could say, you're searching for your own game wthin the Game of Life.
    • Rants far and wide (Last post by Jamie Stick)
    • I hate how dangerous hormones are. I hate that my doctor is such a sweet man because it means I would feel guilty if I tried to pull a fast one on him. I hate that my body is doing weird things and may make it so that I cannot continue on hormones.
    • Transcendence (Last post by Adder)
    • Quote: I would recommend the documentary "Transcendent Man" if you haven't seen it ad enjoyed the movie. Essentially Ray Kurzweil is Johnny Depps character sans the science present. Also Extropianism/Extropism & Max More. Here is an interview/debate between Max and Ray, and discusses things like the singularity.
    • Userpics and nicknames (Last post by Peej16870)
    • I have honestly never been one to mess with the default avatar and my user-id is the same one that I have used for years. It's my childhood nickname (peej) and my childhood zipcode. I've used it for so long that it is second nature to use it anywhere I go on the web. It also makes it alot easier for logging in anywhere because I don't have to think about what my user-id is anywhere because it is always the same.
    • Jedi Altar (Last post by Tk768)
    • When I priced them some where higher/some lower on both ends. Both are awesome companies, but the had been some negative talk on other forums about Ultra ( mostly their conversion and commissioned work). But I will still stand by both being awesome companies, fair priced, and still the most recommended. You can't go wrong either way. Ultra does have some cooler custom pieces though.
    • Anyone see this? (Last post by SeventhSL)
    • Quote: Edit:... you might not want to know what I believed (and still think of often) before coming here Ha ha. :) Well if my post proves anything it is that I like to know what people believe and why. Even if I disagree. I figure there is enough people out there who only want to hear information that reinforces their own opinions without me adding to the list.
    • Workout Check-In Thread (Last post by Exarchias)
    • 15 x 3 x (2 hands) 3 kg biceps 20 x 3 push ups 20 x 3 air squats 15 x 3 x (2 hands) 3 kg biceps And Meditation. 14# day without coffee.
    • Happy Thanksgiving! (Last post by SilverWolf)
    • Happy Thanksgiving Revan! I am thankful for you and all the Jedi of the Order, I am also thankful for my family and my life! Do not eat too much revan! Enjoy time with your family! May the Force be with you! SilverWolf
    • Jediism and non Jediism, (Last post by Aqua)
    • Quote: One might argue that a Jedi would think a bit differently because they think in Jedi terms, use Jedi language. But that would be about it. Identifying as a Jedi does not grant insight right off top. It does not guarantee that one treats people well or makes good choices. To better or worse, Jedi are subject to the same set of human failings as anyone else. What makes a human being insightful is work, experience, and the ability to reflect. Jedi do not have a trademark on that in any way. Nor do I think it is necessary to be a Jedi in order to live well. I figure Jedi that are insightful and live a good life do it in a way that aligns with their approach to the Jedi path. This may not address your question precisely, but it needs saying now and again: being a Jedi doesn't make you better. I am most sorry for my first post, I did not want to make topic with the intention to say Jedi are ''better'' I should hold my head in shame if I would believe Jedi are, I am just curious if there are differences in global way of speaking. Maybe I should ask the question in a different way.. :blush: If Jediism is a religion with a wide range of teachings. How to know the difference between Jedi and non Jedi?
    • Jediism Book (Last post by Akkarin)
    • Quote: So yeah... There's this... Printed as a thank you for Brother John sharing the file. Don't worry TK768, its going in the mail soon! An excellent piece of work!
    • here's a thought. (Last post by ren)
    • Steam as I said before there is indeed no formal classification system for humans. It does not exist, the subject became taboo before geneticists existed. So no, I can't use formal taxonomic terms, THEY DO NOT EXIST. There has never been a proper genetic classsification of humans, the only species that seems exempt. Only very few fields have been studied because they are linked to health issues, and when categories are created they usually carry the name of the particular gene being studied. Why you keep on pushing this on even though there are pretty good grounds for you to have guessed by now that this very probably affects my family is beyond me. You keep mentioning this social race nonsense, which I consider racist because it links genetic heritage to culture and social status. I have zero interest in it and plan on continuing to have zero interest in it. Why you seem so worked up about it is beyond understanding. Maybe you ought to read about what "phenotype" actually means, and how genotype is actually part of it. Quote: So that example is not a good example I don't think for gender discrimination of that type being introduced in part by OP, also especially not the breast example specifically, as in western societies female breasts are usually considered private. Quite a few men only club's had to close up or allow women, but I notice there are women only gym's etc. I always thought it was only religious institutions that were allowed to bypass certain anti-discrimination law. So on reflection 'health' must have an angle in there also.... I do not mind a bit of positive discrimination so long as it's transparent and available to both genders to meet the same types of need. I consider all parts of my body private, and would normally be pretty pissed off if random people touched me the way a doctor touches my neck, puts stuff in my ears, my mouth, etc. But the way I see it doctors can do it because I trust them as professionals doing professional things. What about putting needles inside people? Isn't that supposed to be a BDSM thing? The same goes for people who have little or no training. Those healthcare assistants havent been through 10 years of medical training and have no PhDs, but still wipe bums for perfectly reasonable reasons and should be respected as such. I mean, if it' all about making the patients feeling comfortable, why don't we always get sexy hot nurses? If sexy barmaids cause patrons to drink more, surely recovery times could be improved by sexy nurses, right? :D Etc lol I digress. Men get mammograms also. Excellent point about the women-only gyms, though apparently women don't like them this much. Those who go to my gym (private health club) often clearly are there to show off. Someone mentioned lululemons in another thread, I swear some people stacked up on those "faulty" transparent ones as they never seem to run out. We have more women than men during the day and some clearly are competing. All of this of course is excellent news for men, as apparently staring at breasts for 10 minutes is just as good for men's health as a 30 minute workout.

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