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    • Moral Fact (Last post by Gisteron)
    • Quote: if we are looking at things from the Earthly state of things, morality is fluid and relative to the situation. No, I'm sorry. That doesn't follow. Here, have a look: Quote: If we look at this from a spiritual stand point, then morality is eternal and a "fact". No, I'm sorry. That doesn't follow either. First, because 'spiritual' is an ill-defined term and can mean just about anything, and second, because there is an infinite number of different spiritual belief configurations none of which are sufficient for moral realism. Well - unless moral realism is one of those beliefs, of course. Quote: We know what is true. No, we don't. We still have our way all ahead of us to show that we even can. Quote: We know what truly makes us feel good about yourselves. We do know what is accurate. Nope. Another non-sequitur. Only by hedonistic and arguably naive utilitarian standards are one's personal or at least immediate collective feelings a sufficient criterion to make a moral judgement, and even then it is still logically impossible to derive a moral truth without massive reservations. Quote: Due to external things, we question or doubt these universal truths. No, that, too, is simply not true. Many of our doubts come from within because we catch ourselves in hypocricy, but even more importantly, what we doubt is ourselves and our own attitudes, not any universal truths; because even if our perceptions coincided with any universal truths, we would have no way of knowing so and would still be struggling with ourselves or at best our fellow people. Quote: We surrender to what is easy in our life verses holding true to what is accurate in spirit. Did you not just say that what makes us feel good is (at least) close to the accurate? So either you are saying that the easy way is to torment ourselves or you are contradicting yourself. I'll leave that choice up to you ;) Quote: If a person is connected up to the Force, there is no doubt about the truth of morals. Are you now being the arbiter of who and when is 'connected up to the Force' or do you have any evidence to back this up? Quote: Only when we are challenged by choices in our material lives do we resist or reject these moral facts. First, you can't just assume there are any such facts - you have to actually show that there are before refering to them. Second, while our choices in our material lives may be of a significant interest, if you are going to say that they are the only factor, you have to demonstrate that there either are no choices outside of it or that all of them never make us reject or resist the moral facts you speak of. Quote: Are you willing to risk your life in order to uphold what you know to be accurate and true? No sooner than there is no more good I can do with it. But after that, sure, why not?
    • Questions (Last post by Adder)
    • Well for me its like stirring soup, you work the handle but all the action goes on underneath the surface. So how a day is managed represents the nature of ones path but since we try to be almost the opposite of cloistered, its going to be dictated by external conditions mostly I'd guess. In my quiet moments I can knuckle down and focus on specific topics which help me grow and perhaps develop some new ideas or learning. What do you do for your meditations? How long? It varies, mostly forms of yoga to connect to perception of a higher spiritual energy. I originally used periodic calm abiding and compassion meditations (they were always about an hour long) to generate a form of continuous meditation, which I punctuate with emptiness meditations with deity and structural yogas, much like mandalas. During your week, how often do you do things that pertain to your religion? I'm a Forum Moderator so there is that... but otherwise for the physical side, just exercising of the body side of things. Internally its pretty much ongoing as much as possible. Are there any celebrations unique to your religion? If so, what is it and what do you do for it? How often? I find astronomical things useful to connect outside of my own routine perception, such as planetary alignments, significant transition points (solstices, equinoxes) and phenomena (eclipses)... not in an astrological sense though (which I have no opinion on). Seeing the Moon is always a celebration for me. Dreaming is also important so I try to view them as internal celebrations. The other more conventional celebrations I tend respect and participate in as well, but they seem more cultural and so less about my Jedi path and more about those who it means a lot too. Does one gender have a responsibility that the other does not? No. For me, Jediism transcends concepts like gender, sex, race, or even species!!! I tend to view all life as equal in spirit, but that has some practical problems when it comes to other species of life... while its obvious not all things are equal in capabilities - I don't think we should define someones responsibilities based just on their capabilities, as Jediism is much more about growth and creativity wherever that might be found. What do you do to become higher ranked? If your active within the various systems here then the systems can recognize this and provide you opportunities to extend that activity to better help others. I'm not sure rank offers any benefit though, its just an indication of progress, commitment and often duties here. Do you have a right of passage? The Temple has levels of commitment. When I joined it was an Oath to 'be' a 'Jedi' as loosely outlined by the doctrine but open to the individual variations, and later a Vow to be a representation of the doctrine and Temple, as a Temple 'Knight'. But saying that, all this is just my own path and in my opinion of course!!! Good luck with your assignment.
    • 5 rights women have that men don't (Last post by Edan)
    • Quote: 2 - The right to blame men for everything wrong in the world..including PMS and how her cloths don't fit! It's alright, it goes well with 1. of the rights men have.. 'the right to blame PMS every time a woman is angry' ;)
    • Is questioning one's faith inevitable? (Last post by baru)
    • Yes. Question everything - when the question come us. This is a part of life. This is inevitable because we are evolving. We are constantly changing. We either adapt or resist the change. If a person holds onto a faith or a belief to the point that this person resists the obvious change that the Force is offering, suggesting or implementing, that person is stagnant. that person is "dead". And that person is out of touch with what is moving within the world. If a person's faith is truly "strong" and accurate for the present state of things, no matter the intensity of the questioning, it will not waiver. Look into the doubt, allow for the shifts and welcome these questions because this process should affirm the reasons behind the faith. If things are true and accurate, questioning will only demonstrate why the faith is in place. If this period of doubt "destroys" the faith, then use that opening to let go, adapt and create a new faith. Forms constantly change. Spirit is eternal. All things in the material world change. Since we are material beings, we need to allow for this change inside and outside of ourselves.
    • The Imperishable Gem (Last post by Cyan Sarden)
    • An einem offenen Paradiesgärtchen geht der Mensch gleichgültig vorbei und wird erst traurig, wenn es verschlossen ist. (Gottfried Keller) ("Man walks by the open paradise garden and doesn't care. Only then does he get sad when said garden is closed.)
    • Workout Check-In Thread (Last post by Jedi_Roz)
    • 15 mins on wiifit, yesterday five min meditation. ;-) it's a start. Finally starting to feel better again.
    • Jediism and Psionics (Telekinesis, ESP, Empathy, e... (Last post by GalUnDrux)
    • Namaste Jedi, For many of my years i have been fascinated by the possibility of TK (Tele-Kinesis) and other forms of PK (Psycho-Kinesis) and whilst growing up through my teens and early 20's i would search and search for info related to the development of TK.. amongst other things, i found Qi Gong energy cultivation exercises and a few videos related to whats called a Psi-Wheel but nothing really tangible, until i found this website the other month.. I have always had a telepathic connection with my family and close friends and over the last couple of years i have noticed an increase in my creativity and my ability whilst meditation to access what feels like a higher creative zone has really helped understanding the "layout" of the metaphysical universe, specifically how thought works on the higher dimensions, aswel as doing energy cultivation techniques daily, i feel TK is very much within my grasp.. although i have not had any success yet with a Psi-Wheel, i have had some success with sensing the energy of inanimate objects, more so my crystals and my lightsabre :)... So, i highly recommend that forum - even if just for fun! :)
    • TotJO Programming Thread (Last post by den385)
    • Thank you, Adder! I know the main thing I love in programming: building healthy systems of relationships. But this goes beyond code. Now I got a job of a developer in a sense that there'll be more high-level design issues. I hope to find some aspects that will allow me to use my humanitarian skills more. Pure programming is way too rational for me. I am 50/50 humanitarian/technical and I suffer when the balance is 90% technical as it is in programming. Also, for me it is important not only how to work (Jedi Way) and what to work (career choice, balance between skills), but also where to work (an opportunity to make Jedi Way more substantial in job). I do think it is hard to be satisfied with a job in helping people, in purpose. But purpose is one of aspects of productivity. I do not think we can ignore it - neither as professionals, nor of course as Jedi.
    • Real World Jedi (Last post by OB1Shinobi)
    • this interview is about 45 - 50 minutes the link says "economic-finance" that's incorrect this interview is about being awesome
    • The Grateful Thread (Last post by Ratcliffe)
    • I am grateful for today or perhaps more to the point I am grateful that, thanks to the temple, I finally get that all I have is now. The peace that brings me is perhaps the first I have ever know and for that I am not able to language my appreciation.
    • Your meditation routine (Last post by Kitsu Tails)
    • Quote: I'm interested to discover what routines others here have for meditation Step One: Put the Kids to bed Step Two: Plug up the Tub and turn the hot water on hot as possible. Step Three: Go get a towel, candle, book and bottle of water Step Four: Dump a bunch of Bath Salts into tub Step Five: Get in, adding cold water until water is comfortable Step Six: Take off my glasses and sink under the water until ears and eyes are covered (But still able to breathe above the surface Step Seven: breath in deeply Step Eight: Breath out completely Repeat until relaxed and content Step Nine: Read a book and drink the full bottle of water (Completely) Step ten: get out when the water is too cold to be comfortable anymore :laugh:
    • "Soteriology" within the Jedi Path (Last post by J. K. Barger)
    • Well made points gents. I like what you have brought forth. We all seem to be familiar with the idea of a reward for our actions, and how we can be motivated (or not- maybe even downright anti-authoritarian :evil: ) based on a future idea of what is to come. I also like how we've mentioned the contrast between "salvation" in the Abrahamic sense and "enlightenment" in the Dharmic sense. While both share the noble aim of making our immediate lives better, they both have slightly differing orientations- after embodiment and during embodiment. As a Zen practitioner, Death is often employed as the "Great Matter" to teach us how to make the whole of Zen applicable to ourselves now- IMMEDIATELY. Aligning with the Taoist tendencies in Zen, we could almost say (in hindsight it seems), that "we are already enlightened" or that we "are already saved"; but this begs the question, just as Dogen himself asked, "If we are already enlightened/saved, what is the point/purpose of 'practice'"? If we already ARE..., why would we...? (You fill in the blanks according to your preference) Now seeing how the Jedi Path holds both of these as valid soteriological goals (that is, Enlightenment and Salvation), do we use the respective traditional terms of "suffering and enlightenment" / "Sin and Salvation" to expound the Jedi Path, or do we use different language? How do the Jedi in fiction describe their path? What is the Point, the Great Matter of the Jedi/the Force? ----- On a persoanl note, I tend to follow a non-dualist stance. While soteriology looks like it is an introspective method for Dualists, as a non-dualist, I still see its value in a "catch-22" way; that is, both "salvation" and "already saved" are essential unified and that one informs the other. Take Dzogchen teachings for example; it initial teaches you about the innate luminosity of mind (we are already enlightened), but "further training" is used if you miss this fundamental teaching, i.e., the subsequent teachings are more gross, tangible, and 'further' from the truth, but nonetheless ARE the truth and it's path. This method of training recognizes the limits of soteriology and its methods while simultaneously valuing its contributions as a necessary part of the Path. As a Jedi, I think this helps us identify what we are working "towards" in our tradition as a whole Order and as individuals working out our own paths. I think if we can answer this in distinctly "Jedi terms" (whatever those come to be or are), we have the nuts and bolts of both Jedi training and the clerical imperative- both of which are closely related. MTFBWY

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