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    • To the Fatty on the Track (Last post by OB1Shinobi)
    • this has gotten some attention and i was wondering what people here think of it i personally thought it was actually really cool - i understand (or belive) that the heart of it is to express respect and encouragement - solidarity some view it as insulting what do you think?
    • a question about the value of human life (Last post by OB1Shinobi)
    • i apologize for not responding sooner my mother went in to the hospital last weekend and i started school on tuesday this particular conversation takes up time and mental energy that i couldnt afford until now Quote: at some point we either determine that we and our logic are the sole arbiters of what is right, (in which case having the capability to do the thing would be all the "right" one needs) or that we are a part of a meaningful whole, which has inherent worth as it is, even if we do not understand it, and which we do not have the right to break, and within which we may even find purpose and value the heart of the point that i am making, if presented in question form, could be "does an individual unit (unit meaning individual person or group or organization ect) have the right to destroy the whole simply by the fact of having the power?" at heart this is a yes or no question, but the ambiguity of language and the range of potential conceptualization makes it not only debatable, but worse, TEDIOUS im not really trying to work that hard now that ive started school so i will simply say that it is, and has always been what can generally be referred to as "religious thought" which functions to teach humans that it is "wrong" to murder everybody else and take their resources ethics have no foundation without religion even the idea of social reciprocity or societal harmony is completely moot once the individual unit gains absolute supremacy "tabula rasa" is rather appealing from a certain point of view i present the definition for religion as "what people belive to be true about life, existence, and their place within it" and i suggest that we all develop a religion irrespective of its affiliation, as a natural consequence of being thinking cognitive beings its practically inevitable i dont expect everyone else to adopt this definition for their personal inventory but for the sake of this discussion, going along with this definition, my question becomes; since people will develop a religion no matter what and since more than ever in our recorded history we have the capability for a small group of people to literally wipe out the majority of the species does it make sense that we should intentionally promote ideas which place inherent value on human life? and on us having a place with existence that we ourselves should not view as arbitrary or expendable?
    • This isn’t 1968. Baltimore isn’t Watts. And Hillar... (Last post by OB1Shinobi)
    • A grand jury has indicted six Baltimore police officers in the death of Freddie Gray, clearing the path for a criminal trial in the Maryland courts. Freddie Gray died on April 19 from his injuries suffered in police custody. The indictments came nearly three weeks after Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby first announced her decision to bring criminal charges against the officers. While some of the charges have been amended, the most serious ones — second-degree murder against Officer Caesar Goodson and involuntary manslaughter against four of the officers — remained intact. We speak to longtime Baltimore civil rights attorney A. Dwight Pettit. TRANSCRIPT This is a rush transcript. Copy may not be in its final form. JUAN GONZÁLEZ: A grand jury has indicted six Baltimore police officers in the death of Freddie Gray, clearing the path for a criminal trial in the Maryland courts. Freddie Gray died on April 19th from his injuries suffered in police custody. His family and attorney say his voice box was crushed and his spine was "80 percent severed at his neck." Gray’s death sparked massive protests nationwide. At a news conference Thursday, Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby announced the indictments. MARILYN MOSBY: Previously indicated, my office conducted an independent investigation into the circumstances surrounding the tragic incident with the death of Freddie Gray. On May 1st, our investigation revealed that we had sufficient probable cause to bring charges against six police officers. As our investigation has continued, additional information has been discovered, and as is often the case during an ongoing investigation, charges can and should be revised based upon the evidence. These past two weeks, my team has been presenting evidence to a grand jury that just today returned indictments against all six officers for the following offenses. JUAN GONZÁLEZ: The indictments came nearly three weeks after Mosby first announced her decision to bring criminal charges against the officers. While some of the charges have been amended, the most serious ones—second-degree murder against Officer Caesar Goodson and involuntary manslaughter against four of the other officers—remained intact. ----- this is not the full transcript click the link if youre interested in the rest :-)
    • In the News: I am A Jedi (Last post by Zenchi)
    • Quote: I want to say that I am astonished, but I really shouldn't be. Someone posts an article about a Jedi doing well for himself (fantastic!), and somehow the thread comes back around to the same, tired, dead-eyed straightjacket as always. There's only one way. Always, always, someone has to believe there is only one way. But that perspective, that position, is at the core of everything that is murderous, brutal, and blood-soaked ugly about all of the world's religions. Why plant that seed of the one right way? It's so damned poisonous. I am proud to be part of a Temple where so many seem inclined to spit that poison out. Thank you...
    • Does "love" work? (Last post by Alexandre Orion)
    • I don't "define". "Defining" chops things up into recognisable and manipulable "parts" which are not very useful when 'applied' to Life ; Life itself has only a nebulous "definition". It has some usual characteristics, but even those are just tendencies (meaning, we haven't encountered otherwise yet ...). Definitions restrict. They are useful reductions for being able to talk about things, but that is where their usefulness ends. This is also one of the reasons why such a wildly unreasonable and unpredictable feeling as Love (as well as some of the others, but I'll stay on topic here) is most aptly apologised in poetry and art -- it cannot be talked about with any certain, quantifiable, reducible or exacting logic. It defies rationality ... As it were, that is also why it gets under our skin so much. It is paradisal ecstasy, it is the most miserable desert of Hell also. We don't need a "definition" for it ; the media already brain-wash us enough about what it should look like, sound like and feel like -- because that sells stuff so incredibly well. But, it doesn't really do much for us on the existential level. Here's what you can do : When you feel that someone else is a little 'more special' than everyone else you know ; when you get just stupid about everything that person says or does or has touched, as though it takes on the sacredness of a relic (which, in a way it has) ... and you are so terrified that from one moment to the next you could be deprived of that person's existence, affinity or humanity ... ... then you're "applying" it. And you just enjoy it and suffer from it for as long as it lasts. :cheer:
    • Workout Check-In Thread (Last post by Edan)
    • Checking in... Feeling tired but managed 35 minutes of running... Zoned out of the music.
    • saber build (Last post by CryojenX)
    • Quote: venom claws arrived today, i already mounted them and modified the raven claws, the blade retention screw is hidden by one of the claws. and now until i get the internal parts i'm at a standstill on silver fang.... [attachment] Very impressive a build so far. :cheer: I currently know too little about custom sabers to get involved in something of this magnitude. I wasn't aware that the various companies parts were compatible with each other.
    • Wind Turbine Without Blades (Last post by ren)
    • It's doubtful it will beat the energy to waste ratio of nuclear or hydro though. I'd certainly love to see thorium on base load with engineered reservoirs for storage and peak.
    • Listening to our bodies (Last post by ren)
    • Sodium gives high blood pressure by first giving water retention. The rest of the time it is a necessary part of our diet. So are fats, by the way. What's really worrying are the carbs in the pizza dough and the sugar in the tomato base (both of which are just as addictive as the mtn dew). The cheese and pepperoni are harmless in comparison.
    • What Are You/We Looking For? (Last post by SilverWolf)
    • I will tell you why I joined TOTJO: All my life I belonged to a Baptist church, and then one day my mother stopped taking us. I never understood why, but I continued to read my bible and believe in God. My dad was a old-time movie buff : Top Hat, Easter Parade, Show boat, The King and I, so I guess you could say my first teachings of "how to be a gentleman" and treat women with respect came from watching those movies, with the help of my dad teaching me how those movies translates to real-life. As I got older, I watched movies like Star Wars, Camelot, Tron , Dragon Heart, and began going to National Geographic Lectures in Washington,D.C. with my parents. Though the lectures were long and sometimes boring, they awakened my mind to different cultures and religions and I began learning about religions of all types throughout elementary school, middle school, high school. Religions such as Mormonism, wicca, Satanism, Buddism. Basically, if it was a religion or belief system, I learned about it. When I finally started to play MMO games, I played "Star Wars Galaxies: An Empire divided" and was a Jedi, I was so helpful and kind, I gained a reputation that extended through two separate servers. I was kidded many times by people "Wow you really are a jedi" I laughed it off at first, but then I started to think about my life, and the friends I've made, the help I've given others in real-life and in the games I played. I am Disabled, I have epilepsy and cerebral palsy, I live on a limited Income, but yet I go out of my way to help others for no other reason other than it is the right thing to do. I then laughed and said "Oh My God! I'm basically living the life of a Jedi" However, In all fairness there are other religions that teach the same things as well. I believe the turning point for me was when my Son Aiden was born. I went to the pastor of each church within 50 miles and asked the same thing "Will you please just say a non-formal simple blessing over our son please?" Nothing fancy, just a simple "I bless this child so he may grow up strong and healthy and safe, may he learn the ways of right and wrong, and grow to be a kind, loving child. EVERY SINGLE PASTOR within 50 miles denied us a simple prayer over our son. That is when I began my search for churches in other states, and I found TOTJO. I had looked at other Jediism sites, but this one seemed to be the most forthcoming, and honest, and Though I sometimes disagree with certain members posts and beliefs on certain subjects. I find that the Majority of people here are very good, honorable, people and I have been very lucky to consider all of them "Friends". I am currently doing two types of classwork. The Jedi studies lesson ("The book" by Alan Watts) Though It is considered a very good lesson. I am also working on getting my Associates degree in Business Administration at Ohio Christian University. For my opinion and belief of what a Jedi is goes something like this: A jedi is not what is in the movies, a Jedi is like what someone would describe what a hero is "A person who helps another person for no reward other than just because it is the right thing to do" Jediism as far as I know has no rules on wether or not a woman can become a clergy, or a Jedi. Compared to most other religions they don't have many restrictions. I actually admire the Women of the Order, they can give very well thought out posts and can give as good as they can get sometimes too. They are just as formidable as any guy in this place. So that is my story, that is why I became a Jedi, and why I am staying with TOTJO and going to work on becoming clergy at some point. If you join a religion, it must feel "right" it must feel like family. Speaking for myself alone, TOTJO feels that way for me. So much so that my son wants to learn TOTJO lessons just like daddy ( he is 5) I only wish TOTJO had lessons for his Age.

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