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    • Did KOTOR teach you anything? (Last post by ren)
    • Quote: I am writing a long, long treatise on KOTOR. Did anybody find the Force through it, or was anybody improved by it? Kotor 2's kreia converted me to existentialism / shadow jediism. I just finished playing the game light side though and she seems more annoying than when playing dark side.
    • Well done, feminism. Now men are afraid to help wo... (Last post by ren)
    • To be fair feminism has helped men in this area. By making the workplace so hostile to men, it has made contracting more popular. I certainly would never bother with an employer ever again. Instead of having relationships with colleagues which are regulated by all sorts of laws and company policies, you have relationships with clients. Not only does it mean you deal with the top guns and have very little contact with their employees (who must put up with your antics), everything you do is money-driven: you only have to put up with their nonense if they pay you the amount you demand to do just that. You have more freedom with your working hours and therefore have a lot more control over who you spend your days with too. On top of that contracting is more tax efficient, so the extra cash can be used to make up for the discrimination men face with state pension and healthcare. Quote: It is only the legal domain of equality and equal rights which is real feminism, as its its purpose/intent/action. I assume in this mirror universe you live in the purpose/intent/action of blackism is the inclusion of all colours?
    • Duty sword advice (Last post by TheDude)
    • Well, from my experience with both bokken and shinai, the shinai is a much better weapon. It's easier to handle and hurts just as bad when you get hit with it. The more flexible nature of the shinai means that less stress is put on your joints, which means you'll be able to use it longer and hit harder with it. You whack someone with a bokken, the bokken can easily break or you can lose grip, but more importantly it's much harder to deliver the same amount of damage and recoil for a second attack. You whack someone with a shinai, you can pull back immediately and whack again with little to no problems. In addition, they're about the same length, and the shinai generally has a better grip, meaning that you'll have more control and be able to do more with it. I would at least suggest trying both of them.
    • Questionnaire: Why did you choose the path? (Last post by TheDude)
    • What is Jediism to you? Belief in the Force and all that comes with it. How did you find the Jedi path and how did you find other jedi? Hm... Google! How much did you have to change or what changed when you started the path? Ex diet, clothing, relationship with animals Started meditating more and reading more often. How active are you in the Jedi Community? I post on here and try to talk with members of the community often, especially while bouncing ideas. But I haven't gone to any gatherings or anything. What does being a Jedi mean to you? Belief in the Force and all that comes with it. What are the difference practices in the Jedi path? Some people care about the fiction, some don't. Some try to emulate the fiction, some don't. How has being a Jedi improved your life as a whole? I am more at peace now. I meditate more often. And my conflict resolution has gotten better. Do you consider Jediism a religion or more of a philosophy? The two are inseparable in my opinion. Do you practice alone or with a group and why? Is it about community ? Alone and sometimes here at TOTJO. Community can help, but isn't necessary to follow the path. Do you identify with any other religion and how do they view your path? Dudeism. But Jediism allows for many things. I'm generally a bit of a mystic as well. How do you meditate? Many ways. Either zazen or being involved in things. Drum beats can help, and I do a lot of vision-based meditation. Sometimes water helps. I generally either focus on being a blank slate or focus on taking in as much as possible... or vision-based stuff. What did others think of your decisions? My decisions are my own and I don't tell others unless they ask. People generally don't ask.
    • Jedi Charity (Last post by Slebo)
    • Any chance to organize by region a time and place to perform an act of charity? I know that as long as there is enough notice to my bosses, I could make something work. I would also like to follow up on the can food donations and making contact with a food back and ask what they are short on. I also wouldn't mind wearing a Jedi hoodie or shirt to show the people that we Jedi are here and here to help.
    • Workout Check-In Thread (Last post by JLSpinner)
    • Quote: Hey all I wish to start working out because I need to drop the weight. My problem is that getting started for me. Its just hard to motivate myself because I dont really like working out and lack transportation most days. Does anyone have advice or work out plans that work from home mostly? Does anyone have advice on getting yourself started despite not really liking the idea. Motivation is temporary. What you need is desire. To want to change. If you're interested there are some websites/apps you can do. The 20 pull-up challenge. 100 push-up challenge. These are great places to start a fitness journey from at home.
    • Justice in the Force (Last post by Corwinani)
    • Well, we are all connected in the force, even with the animals and the plants and everything else .... Of course i do not mean that eating meat or killing animals for meat is wrong, because we are part of the nature and its FOOD CHAIN , but we should have some respect and not look at the animals just as a can of meat, but always be aware of living breathing being. (some people could disagree with my opinion and there is many, but it doesnt make me wrong)
    • Doctor Who's Sonic Sunglasses - really? (Last post by RyuJin)
    • i liked eccleston's dr.. but felt it was too short of a run...he left due to the writing...i really enjoyed tenant's dr....i think he was the best of the new who's....and i'm old enough to remember the dr. of the early 80's...with K-9....and i was able to watch the repeats of the older episodes back then too...i haven't seen capaldi's dr, but have read that his "grumpy" dr is not too popular and now the show is facing cancellation....he may end up being known as the one that killed dr.who...
    • On War & Religion (Last post by OB1Shinobi)
    • about your piraha, who are fascinating, and i thank you for referencing them because i had never heard of the culture before "they have no words for colors or numbers; nor do they even have any memories, art or even stories from their ancestors." interesting anomalous even "they do believe in spirits that can sometimes take on the shape of things in the environment. These spirits can be jaguars, trees, or other visible, tangible things including people.[4](pp112,134–142) Everett reported one incident where the Pirahã said that “Xigagaí, one of the beings that lives above the clouds, was standing on a beach yelling at us, telling us that he would kill us if we go into the jungle.” Everett and his daughter could see nothing and yet the Pirahã insisted that Xigagaí was still on the beach. ...their culture is concerned solely with matters that fall within direct personal experience.. of the strongest Pirahã values is no coercion; you simply don't tell other people what to do.." now, you may regard the piraha as irreligious, but i do not The Reader’s Digest Great Encyclopedic Dictionary, 1966: 1. The beliefs, attitudes, emotions, behavior, etc., constituting man’s relationship with the powers and principles of the universe, especially with a deity or deities; also, any particular system of such beliefs, attitudes, etc. (note that the word "especially" does NOT mean "exclusively") Webster’s Third New International Dictionary, 1971: 7a. a cause, principle, system of tenets held with ardor, devotion, conscientiousness and faith, a value held to be of supreme importance, 7b. a quality, condition, custom, or thing inspiring zealous devotion, conscientious maintenance, and cherishing. 2. An essential part or a practical test of the spiritual life. 3. An object of conscientious devotion or scrupulous care: e.g. His work is a religion to him. The Oxford English Dictionary, 1971: [4] Devotion to some principle; a strict fidelity or faithfulness; conscientiousness; pious affection or attachment. my personal definition: OB1Shinobi, 2015: 1. what one believes is true about life, existence, the universe, and ones place within it now, you dont have to recognize this definition if you dont want to - i am OK with living in my own little bubble while the rest of the world goes on and believes whatever it believes - my bubble is shiny and its full of pretty colors, and the walls are USUALLY thick enough to keep us floating but imo this is the best/most functional definition of religion that youll ever encounter, and it is consistent with established academic articulation and anyway, academia itself makes no bones about admitting the difficulty of a solid definition for the word religion (probably because atheists refuse to allow for a definition that would include them as being religious - heaven forbid they be lumped into the same category as those superstitious and ignorant hillbillies with their bibles and their goat blood - but thats just my conjecture) whatever morality you ascribe to any animal - which i can allow that they may have morality although this is debated among researchers - this morality cannot be demonstrated to be founded on anything more than immediate self interest - if you give a dozen rhesus monkies kingdoms and armies that are capable of burning down a dozen villages you would probably find that some of them do exactly that you might even come to the conclusion that someone needs to teach these monkeys about jesus so that they stop burning down peoples villages or teach them about ahimsa, or karma, or the noble 8 fold path, or whatever other religious doctrine might work to keep them in check but the point behind this is that any morality which does not appeal to a higher power or a supreme or ultimate reality will be negotiable in relation to individual power and personal consequence that is to say, if we attain supremacy and can escape the consequence, the morality is no longer necessary but religion presents a morality which is inescapable i would not want to be a fat rhesus monkey surrounded by angry electric shock monkeys that all know i was the one who frazzled their hair, UNLESS I WAS THE KING RHESUS AND MY ARMY COULD KICK ALL THE OTHER MONKEYS ASSES at that point it wouldnt matter (heres a link for those interested in hungry monkeys and birds that beat their wives now i want to make sure that i am clear here - i understand full well that a person may be loyal to some moral or ethical code or idea without ascribing to any particular religion, and yes compassion is something a person may feel without any religious upbringing, the position that i take is that religion was the first organized and codified moral authority - religion presented a morality which was beyond personal temperment or achievement or power one that says "this is RIGHT and this is WRONG and these lines are drawn by reality itself, which no human can overcome" the king or chief was just as bound by the morality of the religion as everyone else (theoretically) going back to: jesus said "love your neighbor as the self" if your hypothetical villager were a christian and knew that jesus told him to break bread with sinners and to love his neighbor and never to cast the first stone, and he had the interpretation that i choose to use in order to answer your question, then he would be obligated not to kill me Quote: establish exactly WHY it is wrong to burn down a dozen villages If it benefits me, if it simply entertains me, and i can get away with it, and my life is just as good after burning these village as it was before, maybe even better because the villages smelled bad and they played their music too loud, why shouldnt i do it? what is WRONG about it? can you do this without appealing to an ultimate reality or authority? ----- lastly - if i seem arrogant, it is because i am :-/ in truth i assume myself to be much smarter and more capable and better informed than i ought, and i am aware of this and make conscious effort to curb it, but it still manifests and causes me trouble by turning off people whose ideas and input i enjoy - and even in the case of offending those whose input i DONT enjoy, when i see that i have done it because my mouth (or fingers) is/are faster than my brain, i always regret it i am really not here to battle, with you or anyone else, though it may not always seem the case all i say for myself on this note is that i am making conscious effort to control the way that i present myself and speak to others it doesnt always work, and for that i apologize

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