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    • Everyday Spirit (Last post by Competent)
    • Beautiful quote. Thanks for sharing! I will definitely be adding it to my many tao quotes. :)
    • The Grateful Thread (Last post by Arcade)
    • Echoing what Edan and others have said previously, I am grateful for the friends I've met at the Temple. This community is made up of some of the kindest, most sincere and genuine, loving and caring individuals I've ever had the pleasure of spending time with. I appreciate everything each of you has offered me and am optimistic that the bonds we've created will remain strong and honest as time carries on. To those with whom I've had misunderstandings in the past, I hope you will find it in you to move forward without resentment, and when thinking back on our time together remember the positive and joyful moments that we shared. Many of you may not even realize the influence that you've had on my life or how your words and actions have changed me. Thank you from the deepest part of my heart. I will be forever grateful and appreciative of all of you and the friendships that we've built.
    • Scientists Create Holograms you can Touch (Last post by Mareeka)
    • Is it just one laser that makes the fairy? The various parts are in the program? Or is the fairy comprised of multiple micro lasers? That it has a discernible texture to touch is interesting. I had lasers hit my skin to line me up for radiation, but I did not feel the laser. Different types of lasers? The possibilities for these holograms is vast.
    • The Whole? (Last post by Adder)
    • Quote: Where in YOUR life do you find yourself compartmentalize? And, what would it mean to see the whole picture? If you had to imagine one. I'm looking for as specific as YOU. It's my natural instinct to compartmentalize perception, but that is a predictable answer given my answers above... :silly: ... another one is to define myself as separate from everything else, and probably also as being more important :ohmy: These then evanescent as the circles of trust grow bigger (or just the boundaries more remote from centre (me again no doubt)). Examples being partner, family, groups etc etc. Conveniently doing so probably as a result of those original sins base instincts imperatives!! I'm not sure what you might mean though, I'll have to sleep on it....
    • A shot in the arm and the next 24 hours... (Last post by Dessel761)
    • The first line has really hit home with me. Lately at work there is someone who has displayed all the qualities listed and has angered me greatly with his actions/words. I am going to commit to this as my new way of looking at things. There will of course be slip ups, but i will re-read this and try try again. Thank you for sharing Cabur!
    • Forest and Trees (Last post by Mareeka)
    • Does she laugh at the impractical side of metaphysical discourse? Like when one recognizes what an illusion means then dismisses unwanted experiences or experience that the one can't explain as "just an illusion anyway" LOL to the point there is no meaningful relation with anyone? Perhaps there is an example of forest and trees here . . lol
    • Elliot Hulse on your Legacy (Last post by Khaos)
    • Elliot Hulse is a huge source of inspiration for me. Not just his talks, but watching his videos of training are better than a pre-workout supplement.
    • EVE Online? (Last post by Akkarin)
    • Quote: Flying the chimera was actually fun, I was able to use it for a few l5's briefly before there was just always people watching the area to gank it A friend in an old corp (who once just gave me 1 bil ISK :ohmy:) used to run L5s, he used to run 7 accounts with salvagers and scouts everywhere lol, he made silly money each week... Quote: The wyvern supercarrier, I put in 21bil isk into that thing. lol I wish I had that amount of money :P Quote: I had a suicide group come after my golem once, but I was omni-tanked and they didn't expect that at all, I actually managed to kill the tackler(cause they only had 1 there for some reason), but for the most part they left me alone. I try and keep my l4 ships around a bil or less for that reason, I also only hang out in mission hubs that have about 50 pilots in them on a good day. Well you see I think they target mission hubs, because they know they can be sure of lots of people being there (which sucks), but if I was ever to do it again I would probably fit a Golem because the EHP is so much higher than an active shield fit Tengu. Quote: I think they just changed all that crafting and factory stuff again too. I haven't looked at all the recent changes yet. Yup, they released an update for it 1/2 patches ago, that's when I decided to give it ago so I never experienced the old system but the new one is really easy and straightforward to use so I am greatly enjoying it! Quote: Again if there was a group here that wanted to do hi sec op's for awhile I may re-sub both my toons, at the very least I can plant my perfect buff orca outside a station in a system and buff the corp on one of my monitors while I'm programming all day, maybe do some mining too(which is what I was doing last time). I have the tech 2 cargo expander rigs on it so I can do the full 191k m3 of storage, and I think with buffs my main mining with his near perfect setup I was filling it up in about 1.5hrs at the slowest of ore. Sometimes 50-60minutes if I was on top of the mining and had some big roids where I wasn't constantly switching targets(a pain in the butt with strip miner 2's) Well I'm always up for whatever lol, but Incursions running would probably be a good pursuit to do, except my igh-sec alliance is currently in a war :P Yeah whenever I mine it's because I'm doing something else at the same time lol, for myself it's normally writing essays or reading or something, because you only have to pay attention once every few minutes lol. That being said my skills aren't amazing so I do it much slower than yourself!

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