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    • Blaming God (Last post by Tarran)
    • Streen - I like how you think ;) Quote: God gave us free will. But God is also all-knowing (omniscient). If God is all-knowing then God knows what we are going to do before we do it. If God knows what we're going to do before we do it then our actions must already be known and decided. If our actions are already decided then we cannot have free will. Similarly God already knows what we're going to think before we think it. If what we are going to think is already known and decided then we cannot have a choice in thinking it nor agreeing with it (since agreeing with a thought would also be pre-known). This is a well known philosophical problem for believing in a platonic God such as the Christian God. I'll tell you now both Saint Augustine and Saint Aquinas tried to grapple with this problem and with very limited sucess - that's why it's still a problem ;) I've known/known of those who think *almost* this way... although they would put it that God's omniscience is that which allows himself to *potentially* know all, should he wish to, but not necessarily automatically know *everything all at once*, and perpetually, and all the time... unless/until he chose to access it all. In other words, they seem to suggest that he likes to watch things unfold. Like where, in the bible, Adam became aware that h was naked, and hid... and when God was ambling about in the Garden, he was all like, "Adam! Where... where are ya, man??" It's one of those things that seems to mirror my mental image of Eawawonaka, the Great Creator Spirit, and his personality... which I find kind of nice, because it allows me some sense of common ground when speaking on spiritual matters with those of a Judeo-Christian background. But I digress... Quote: I'm reminded of a comic I wish I could find. A man sits on a park bench with God and asks Him, "Why do you allow such suffering to exist in the world? Why do so many bad things happen? Why aren't evil people stopped? Why aren't the hungry fed, and the sick healed, and the poor clothed? Why do we live in a world where evil is allowed to run rampant?" And God looks at the man and says "I was going to ask you the same thing." THAT was bloody brilliant! :D
    • The Reiki Thread :-) (Last post by OB1Shinobi)
    • wow that gives me a ton of questions i want to ask - probably way more than you would like to answer so i want to throw out a bunch of stuff with the preface that if theres nothing here that doesnt strike any chord as maybe being relevant then dont worry about it but if theres anyting that does give you second thought then maybe explore that at least experiment with it on your own if not discuss it here also, i havent practiced actively in years and i am very likely forgetting something important so hopefully someone with more recent experience might jump in anyway here are the first things that jump to my mind i present them as questions because thats the way they came to me but dont worry about answering anything unless something particular stands out as being maybe relevant how many attunements have you had/what level? how well do you adhere to the reiki principles? are your fingers together or open some or splayed out and are your thumbs poking out like a hitch hiker or lined up with your hands? do you lay your hands flat or are they cupped? do you experiment with the space between your hands andthe treatment surface? how close are your hands to the surface? do your hands touch each other? do you wear jewelry? do you only use reiki on yourself or do you treat others? do you recieve reiki from others? do you ever put your tongue to the roof of your mouth? how do you breath when you access reiki? do you use or regulate your breath in any specific way? internally, do you keep your inner dialogue going or do you silence your thoughts? do you have any visualizations that you use? do you have any particular FEELING that you access or any mood that goes along with the treatment experience? do you drink alcohol very much? since you sing i would guess youre not a big cigarette smoker? do you ever fast? do you smudge or use any kind of energy purification ritual on yourself and/or your room before doing treatments/using reiki? do you do any other energy activities like qigong/tai chi or chakra meditations? especially with the idea of chakras, do you focus on any chakra area when you access the reiki energy? do you use the symbols? does it actually matter enough to be worth answering a bunch of questions? is this too many? who IS keyser soze? is it better to have one 10 or ten 1's? who would win in a fight between bill gates and bill murray? how much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? when you eat macarroni and cheese do you prefer a spoon or a fork? if pete and repeat go out on a boat and pete falls off then who is left? does anyone else have any awesome ideas?
    • From time to time a poem (Last post by Raikoutenshi)
    • Awake At Night: A Poem from a Dark Time Have you ever lain awake at night while the voices whisper in your ears Staring into nothingness as they voice your deepest fears Inadequacies, doubts and all your flaws Your reminded of your past The happiness fades so easily and pain is all that lasts ~Rai
    • Rants far and wide (Last post by Peej16870)
    • There is a testing process for a reason! it spends OVER a month in development before it spends a month in active testing before it goes into Production! If you code isnt working in development or in active testing DONT PUT IT INTO PRODUCTION!!!!!!! 1) it breaks my platform 2) I get blamed for your crap code! 3) your code ends up costing the company MANY lost hours trying to fix on the fly what you signed off on after NOT ACTUALLY CHECKING YOUR CODE 4) It ends up costing actual money to the card holders, banks and merchants who process though us and see number 2 as to why i REALLY dont appreciate that CHECK AND TEST YOUR CODE BEFORE YOU PUT IT INTO PRODUCTION DONT JUST LET IT RIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GGGGAAAAAHHHH okay i feel better. sorry bout that.
    • Hoth battle analyzed (Last post by Kitsu Tails)
    • I want to say that...there is actually a book that leads into the Hoth Battle. Though it's been ages since I read it so, I could be wrong.......
    • Kabbalah Course Discussion Group (Last post by OB1Shinobi)
    • the definition of mysticism has sort of evolved - or maybe itsjust become more open essentially mysticism as the word is used today is the unification of the individual with the whole of reality or at least the sublime ostensibly the sublime experience is in effect tje divine experience and so to be unified is an ecstacy from which we draw not only happiness but also wisdom and purpose every now and again i like to look up the definition of the word "sublime" the path of the mystic is imo simply one linguistic interpretation of the path of knowledge lol or is it the other way around? i think mysticism is great its referenced with "occult" and often (in new age) its associated with "alchemy" which i dont know a fig about what the old alchemist "mystics" really did or belived but its presented now that the word of the day in the alchemist tradition is "transformation" which i dont know of a system that ISNT about transformation, including our exciting (IM excited!) forray into what ive always heard described as "jewish mysticism" the kaballah oh and again im not sure which video its in but kabbalah as its explained here DEFINITELY has a yin/yang concept of giving and recieving i dont recall if he mentioned this but the word itself actually MEANS "to recieve" and he explains that is part of our nature i dont want to say more because i think im talking about videos ahead of where we're at in the convo but imo its not possoble to develop a system that will.actually work for elevating consciousness without pretty much hitting on the same ideas that have always been used to develop consciousness the awesomeness for me is when i find something which offers new (to me) way of explaining something which i relate to more meaningfully than what i had before
    • Terrible Idea (Last post by Alethea Thompson)
    • *shrugs* I'm more curious as to who it is that feels they have to hide behind a new account and one with a name that resembles that of a respected member of ToTJO. Let's see the first time you came in you posted something asking about how people identify themselves with regards to "Jedi"- is it Jedi, Jediist, Jediism. You indicated that you have no real working knowledge of who we are, you are still learning. That was 28 March 2015. Earlier this month you commented in a humor thread regarding televised news agencies. And then commented on a thread regarding Pacman vs. Pong. So just a point of curiosity- why do you think anyone here respects your ability to make a judgement on anything you've just stated? You've not even taken the time to get to know any of the people on this board or how ToTJO has helped them take on their own Hero's Journey.
    • Jedi First Responder – First Aid for the Jedi byst... (Last post by Locksley)
    • I think that this is a really great topic. Having a clear and solid understanding of proper emergency responses is one of the most important and solid skills anyone can have. As someone living in California, I know that in the event of a serious earthquake EMS may not be available immediately - or at all, for an unforeseeable amount of time. I've had basic first responder training through lifeguard training, as well as an introduction to firefighting class - but I can safely say that it wouldn't be enough in an emergency. If you want to really do some good, you definitely need to go through the official training courses - and heck, take more than one. Keep your ID up to date, and when practice seminars come into your area, attend! Also, as other people here have already mention, the "Good Samaritan" laws vary greatly from location to location. Here in CA for instance the law is basically worthless, as evidenced here. Definitely make sure to do your reading. When in doubt, get the certified training, and it will be likely to protect you in most circumstances. If you live in the US, check out the American Red Cross website for information about local training opportunities. Usually the price is relatively affordable, and the benefits are a very useful skill set. That said, remember that one course will not prepare you for everything - nor is it enough to only take the class once every renewal period. Keep your muscle memory sharp by taking refresher courses whenever possible.
    • Workout Check-In Thread (Last post by Exarchias)
    • 10 x 2 x (2 hands) 3 kg triceps 20 x 3 x (2 hands) 3 kg biceps 20 x 3 push ups 20 x 3 air squats 20 x 3 x (2 hands) 3 kg biceps 10 x 2 x (2 hands) 3 kg triceps
    • What Are You Listening To Right Now? (Last post by OB1Shinobi)
    • "WRONG! Compton was a NATURE PRESERVE for BUNNY RABBITS!" "aint nothing like a man that can do what he wanna" if i say something that you dont like there aint nothin to it gangsta rap made me do it!
    • Cultural Appropriation (Last post by OB1Shinobi)
    • im not missing the point this is the point what can you do to make things better? what can you do to stop the world from offending you? what can you do to stop people from doing what they ought not to do? people do these things because they do not know better at a spiritual level they do not know if you have some wisdom which is truthfully beyond the wisdom which they understand then all you can do is share the wisdom or accept the fact that people will not know better than what they already know only in knowing better will a person do as they ought to do if you do not help them to know better then you cannot say "do not do this" or "do not do that" of course they will do it! and if you understand why they do as they do then you know that you are no better than they are because you have done the same! you have been where they are - do you really think you have not? HA! it was only in learning better that you grew beyond that and so you cannot stay resentful at them forever because they are just YOU from before you are not better youre just older with more experience and especially the benefit of having learned from the experience of those who were older than you and have been willing to help you to know better for those who dont want the wisdom but only the attention or only the money even these are the ones i am talking about they do not know every person can change every person can grow and none of us has the power to say "you must this" and "you must that" of course it is offensive that people act certain ways maybe some do not want to do the work of changing maybe some do not want to EARN wisdom but we all die and in that is the key to understanding no one wants to die a fool people will work when they understand the value of the work the ones who do not want to work do not understand why? because they do not know! did you always know? NO! lol and are you better now than they are because you know? NO lol its not in any way that you ARE better only that you KNOW better that is the point

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