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Hello Long Time 30 Nov 2011 15:11 #45244

Hello Fellow Jedi,

It has been awhile since I have logged on. Forgive me for my absence from the temple I went and took some personal time by myself and in nature. I've been in a lot of mediation, in service to others and reaching out to the Force. I've really been doing alot of personal workouts at the gym because in the past I haven't been plus, there is a sauna there and it's very relaxing after a good workout to go in there and unwind and mediate and be one with the force. Oddly, enough I had another person in there tell me that I had a very strong aura coming from me. I smiled at him and and said thank you. However, I've also been finding myself wandering into the forests near my home and finding myself mediating. I try to stretch out with my feelings to all things within my surroundings. The Rocks, the trees, the sound of the river crushing against the waves, the birds in the air, the gentle breeze. Another thing I have been doing is helping the salvation army this year with thanksgiving packages. It was really rewarding for myself to see that the human heart still cares even in these economic trying times. I tried to offer help at a local retirement home but they wouldn't let me because I wasn't associated with an organization that they were willing to except....lol the receptinist looked at me really weird when I said I was a jedi, "You...mean from like starwars???" (laughs) it was fun though. I understood not everyone takes our views seriously. Other than that working and enjoying life thought I would drop all my fellow Jedi and let those of you that know me know that I am still around :)


Sven One
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