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    • No inner monologue (Last post by Nicole Judge)
    • It isn't only with babies I think... just think about people who are born deaf. They don't have any language to think in. And not only with words, either... How do you explain someone who was born blind the colors? However, I just can't imagine these states. Hearing and seeing comes so natural that I cannot even think about a stage without them. :S Maybe these people associate things with feelings or certain patterns. Back to the main topic... From the books and resources I've read I've come to conclude that this 'inner monolouge' comes as we learn the words themself, and associate them with the object itself. If someone says 'chair' you'll immediately think about a kind of chair, maybe a wooden or a plastic one, an old or a new one, but you know what that is. And a small baby doesn't. However, with time s/he will also learn these labels that we put on everything around, and then s/he will live life like we do, mentally commenting everything. At least these are my opinions on this matter. :)
    • Jedi Community Action Group (Last post by Edan)
    • I don't have facebook so can't see this unfortunately. When you say 'in the Jedi community', do you mean specifically affecting people in the Jedi community, or for people who are in the Jedi community to participate?
    • Cultural Appropriation (Last post by steamboat28)
    • Quote: was it highly unnecessary because it was irrelevant to the topic or because you were personally offended by it? ... would you forbid him from saying what he wants to say in his own video blog because you feel his views are offensive or unecessary? I find it both completely irrelevant to the topic and highly offensive.
    • Changes to Simple Oath Wording (Last post by Akkarin)
    • On behalf of the Council and the KNights of the Temple of the Jedi Order. This is to announce that after changes to the Simple Oath outlined here, the wording of the Simple Oath is also to be changed from the current version: Quote: I profess before all my fellow Jedi that I, [name] born on [dd/mm/yy], without reservation, choose the Jedi path, until I am ready for Jedi Knighthood or I otherwise decide, with all its duties and responsibilities. I shall do that which is right and profess my allegiance to the Force. During that time I promise to do my utmost to uphold the Jedi teachings, and to live a life as is worthy of a Jedi." To this new version: Quote: "I profess before all my fellow Jedi that I, [name] born [dd/mm/yy], without reservation, choose the Jedi path with all its duties and responsibilities. I promise to uphold the Jedi teachings, and to live a life worthy of a Jedi." This change will come into effect from the 1st June 2015. After 1st June 2015 all Simple Oaths that are taken should be in this new form. Any Oaths of the current form that are taken before 1st June 2015 will be equally valid and recognised. This new oath was selected, by vote, by the Knights of the Temple after receiving the highest number of votes out of three possible choices. The main difference between these two oaths is that the new one removes the "until I otherwise decide" thus making it more binding than before. The Oath should be taken after due consideration and contemplation and with the taking of the Simple Oath now only required after one completes the Initiates Programme those taking it will be better informed of what the Jedi Path is and how we teach it at the Temple. No oath that is currently valid will become invalid after the change, though of course people are welcome to retake the oath if they wish, but people who have never taken the oath will only be required to take it in this new form after the 1st June 2015. May the Force be with you, Always
    • Temple Of The Jedi Order: Church Of Jediism - Ital... (Last post by Malmu89)
    • Traduzione e adattamento della pagina: Questa non è una comunità di fans/giocatori di ruolo di Star Wars, ma una Chiesa con una vera e propria Religione, chiamata Jedismo. Gli Jedi iscritti in questo sito non sono gli stessi di quelli ritratti nei film di Star Wars; Gli Jedi ritratti nei film di Star Wars sono personaggi di fantasia che esistono solo all'interno dell'universo letterario e cinematografico. Gli Jedi di cui si discute in questo sito, invece, sono persone reali, di questo mondo, che vivono o hanno vissuto la loro vita secondo i Principi del Jedismo, la vera Religione Jedi. I seguaci Jedi, i Ministri e i Leader, abbracciano il Jedismo e credono veramente e profondamente nei suoi insegnamenti. Il Jedismo non si focalizza sul mito e sulla finzione cinematografica di Star Wars, ma sulle questioni della vita reale e filosofiche che sono alla base del mito di Star Wars (la vera fonte del mito). Se vuoi diventare uno Jedi, se sei in cerca di una formazione o se sei solo interessato a conoscere e discutere sulla Forza, siamo qui per te. Noi crediamo nella Pace, nella Giustizia, nell'Amore, nell'Apprendimento/Formazione e nella Benevolenza: E' improbabile che questo sia in conflitto con altre religioni, credenze e tradizioni. Uno Jedi del Tempio dell'Ordine Jedi (TOTJO) segue la nostra Dottrina, anche se tutti sono invitati a registrarsi e partecipare come ospiti. Se desideri diventare un Membro ti preghiamo di Registrarti e di seguire la Procedura/Istruzioni. Se desideri continuare (o iniziare) la tua comprensione del Sentiero Jedi allora puoi iniziare il Programma di Iniziazione. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - I CREDI JEDI - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Gli Jedi credono: - Nella Forza e nel valore intrinseco di tutta la vita al suo interno; - Nella Sacralità di una persona Umana. Ci opponiamo all'uso della tortura e alle punizioni inusuali e crudeli, inclusa la pena di morte; - In una Società governata e fondata da Leggi ispirate dalla Ragione e dalla Compassione, e non dalla Paura e dai Pregiudizi!; - In una Società che NON DISCRIMININA sulla base dell'Orientamento Sessuale, o dalle circostanze della nascita come il sesso, l'etnia o l'origina nazionale; - Nell'Etica della Reciprocità, e di come i concetti morali non sono assoluti, ma variano in base alla cultura, alla religione e col passare del tempo; - Nell'influenza positiva che ha la crescita spirituale e la sua consapevolezza nella società; - Nell'importanza della libertà di coscienza e di autodeterminazione all'interno della religione, della politica e delle altre strutture; - Nella SEPARAZIONE tra Religione e Governo e nella libertà di parola, di espressione e di associazione. CHE LA FORZA SIA CON TE! - Tempio Jedi -
    • The World (Last post by OB1Shinobi)
    • if you develop an excellent character you will give an excellent gift if you develop a poor character you will give a poor gift it is as simple and as difficult as that the only thing i would add is that there is the obvious exception with things like discoveries or inventions or certai types of achievements but for most people, the influence we have on the world will be a direct consequence of our character running around "saving the world" without developing character is the most egotistical thing a person can do its based on the assumption that they are qualified to even recognise the real problems of the world much less to actually do something about them such people invariable demand conformity to their solutions of a type that serve to exacerbate the problem or at best trade it for another whereas character results in the humility needed to rethink ones assumptions on a regular basis and to change ones ideas and behavior when it is apparent that such change is appropriate character is the trait which gives us the perspective to realize that such change can be appropriate; without it we would almost never question that we are right even when our behavior doesnt get the results we want it also leads one to treating other people with respect - much more than does the crusade to "save" the world - which, without character, really means to change it to meet ones personal expectations and standards, which is not only arrogant and impossible, but often destructive
    • Making of a Jedi Warrior (Last post by OB1Shinobi)
    • a common translation of JUSTU is technique a common translation of DO is way ju is basically translated as gentle and aiki is translated as harmony so ju jutsu would be the techniques of gentleness and ju do would be the Way of gentleness aiki jutsu are the techniues of harmony and aiki do the Way of harmony the important distinction here is not about which style to train in one may walk a JUTSU path with WAY mentality or study a DO system with a TECHNIQUE perspective the importance is in understanding the distinction between the ideas and the function that each serves in the development of the warrior archetype to be good with a rifle or with a scalpel is a soldiers skill or a surgeons skill these are the JUTSU of a soldier or a surgeon and represent types of personal excellence to be fully commited to the development of ones skills and to being of the greatest service to ones field and through ones field, society or the rest of the world these represent the Do or the Way and are matters of personal character character in and of itself represents a type of skill and will invariable lead to the development of further skills skill by itself only perpetuates itself so the foundations of a solid warrior are first and foremost issues of character each individual has a unique blend of natural talent/potential and developed skill/competence in any given area the bridge between the two is character character is a result of commitment to excellence and respect for essential human dignity in the long run, the most effective people - in or out of the military - are the ones with the greatest commitment and the finest character it is an honor to follow a person of exceptional character, whatever the occupational field and it is shameful to follow a person of low character under any circumstances so the Way of the warrior is to cultivate personal character and dignity and the Jutsu of the warrior is to cultivate personal excellence and competence it is the love of dignity which translates these into the actual WARRIOR ethos because neither skill nor character per se result in courage but when character is infused with dignity it will not back down or give in to that which assaults dignity this is the type of courage that changes the world Dr King is an example of a totally non violent interpretation of the warrior archetype what made him remarkable is that he had that blend of character and competence and love of dignity he was not at war with anyone or anything- to think he was at war with racism or "the system" is to misunderstand his was a warriors mission of empowerment the kind of empowerment that only comes from the love of dignity
    • TotJO (Last post by Adder)
    • Yea, there are Jedi here who work with dark and light, and shadows and grey concepts, but like with a lot of the fiction - its not forced here onto people to become attached to something from the fiction (except maybe the 'Force' but that is open to interpretation?). I tend to view TOTJO as being less prescriptive in its approach for Jedi, where some other groups tend to focus on specific elements of the fiction to define their approach (sometimes for functional reasons and sometimes just for identity issues), we let the individual use what they want to work with, so long as it does not conflict with the spirit of the doctrine. The IP, Degree and Clerical Programs here do provide specific guidance, but its not based in the fiction so much, rather its to assist Jedi in how to best experience their Jedi path without actively prescribing to them what that path should be. This to me is the most inclusive method, as it not only allows people from other groups to enjoy the Temple, but it does still allow for like minded Jedi to form working groups or projects along cultural or functional approaches anyway. Thus the Temple grows based on the members interests and activity, rather then their adherence to its particular interpretation of the fiction (because we don't prescribe it). That's my personal view on it, hope I didn't confuse the issue for you :huh:
    • speed of light (Last post by Adder)
    • Still pondering the OP, I guess the relativity aspect is a way to move things from A-B at ultra high speeds, as in if you fly really fast here on Earth, your speed is (for this most practically) relative to the air mass - how hard your pushing the air out of the way (to move). The speed of sound's sonic boom is all about how the air handles that type of impact. Previously the design and construction of aircraft had failed before the air's uniformity had. In space obviously there is no air, so I wonder what other types of fields you might impact which associate some concept of relative motion..... gravity, radiation, dust!? So how do we design a 'spacefoil', something which creates not lift to defeat gravity like an aerofoil, but vacuum to defeat relative motion.... I think it might need to be a variation of a Star Trek transporter which operates a disassembly field to the front, turning all matter into energy, which then zap's it out the rear into a reassembly field. Overcoming the relativity by turning everything to energy and moving it through 'vehicle' at the speed of light!! I think what I'm saying is they did not need to blow up the Earth in the Hitchhikers Guide, they just needed to pass through it :woohoo:
    • Wearable Body weights (Last post by Rob78)
    • You could try a total gym xl, you use your own body weight for resistance, very good for toning and strengthening muscles, can also be used to increase agility.
    • Rants far and wide (Last post by Proteus)
    • Don't let me feel too wanted... or trusted... or needed now... we wouldn't want that. That would actually match what you say I am to you... and that would actually make sense... we can't have that now, can we? No. Of course not.
    • What it's like to teach evolution at the Universit... (Last post by OB1Shinobi)
    • this is just over five minutes and helps to explain whats going on this is not representative of the entire religious experience either of americans in general nor necessarily of southerners specifically but it IS a reality of the religious climate within a portion of the american society

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