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Hello Long Time 30 Nov 2011 15:11 #45244

Hello Fellow Jedi,

It has been awhile since I have logged on. Forgive me for my absence from the temple I went and took some personal time by myself and in nature. I've been in a lot of mediation, in service to others and reaching out to the Force. I've really been doing alot of personal workouts at the gym because in the past I haven't been plus, there is a sauna there and it's very relaxing after a good workout to go in there and unwind and mediate and be one with the force. Oddly, enough I had another person in there tell me that I had a very strong aura coming from me. I smiled at him and and said thank you. However, I've also been finding myself wandering into the forests near my home and finding myself mediating. I try to stretch out with my feelings to all things within my surroundings. The Rocks, the trees, the sound of the river crushing against the waves, the birds in the air, the gentle breeze. Another thing I have been doing is helping the salvation army this year with thanksgiving packages. It was really rewarding for myself to see that the human heart still cares even in these economic trying times. I tried to offer help at a local retirement home but they wouldn't let me because I wasn't associated with an organization that they were willing to except....lol the receptinist looked at me really weird when I said I was a jedi, "You...mean from like starwars???" (laughs) it was fun though. I understood not everyone takes our views seriously. Other than that working and enjoying life thought I would drop all my fellow Jedi and let those of you that know me know that I am still around :)


Sven One
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    • Great thread. I'm here for discussion and the resulting thinking. I embrase opposite opinion and challinging my thoughts. I accept some of us are different (and am glad for that) and we may never have a meeting of the minds, hearts or spirit. That"s all OK. I don't care how some things are written/said. I developed a low tolerence for: disrepectfull, offense, belittling and insulting statments no matter how subtle or sly they may be. Khoas and others I do enjoy the exchanges. You're smart but it seems you're making a game out of and try not to understanding other people or we are just so different you can't. Sometimes I think you're just looking for a rumble and feed on the energy of your posts extended discourse. :)
    • Loosing a Loved one (Last post by Senan)
    • You have my respect for sharing this with us, you have my empathy as I understand how difficult it is to lose a father, and you have my sympathy. The people closest to us exert a great amount of influence over our development as individuals. Every person you meet has the power to change who you are in some way or another, but those closest can have a huge impact. When they are suddenly gone, it is understandable that you might feel sad, angry, afraid, frustrated, lost, etc. These are feelings that you should willfully experience, and then allow to pass. In time, you will be content knowing that though your father is gone, his influence on you still impacts your personality and your decisions every day. When I feel lost, I make a point to remember the Jedi Code. Emotion, yet peace. Death, yet the Force. It is all there, and it brings me comfort. May the Force guide and protect you through this difficult time.
    • Cathedrals of Utopia (Last post by rugadd)
    • I want Jedi retreats that can be called temples, but I'm pretty sure you can get ALL of what was described above at your local library. The Jedi in the mythology had a HUGE library that took up most of the temple. We don't need to build anything, we need to go treat our libraries like temples. My own personal project will be a Temple and the number of books I can stuff in it will be as massive as I have space for.
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    • I have found one of the biggest personal downsides of tredding the darker avenues such as the Left Hand Path, is that without proper will training, the ego takes hold ands creates inner chaos that ultimately manifests in the practitioner's personal life. The will must be broken down, and then built up only to repeat the process. It is not a path for the mentally ill, or weak as it all too often unlocks hidden atravisms within the individuals subconscious mind...
    • Jedi Lightsaber (Last post by RyuJin)
    • Quote: I would love to build my own lightsaber, I just don't even know where to start. I'm sure I could do it I just need to do some research on them. Start with a sketch of what you want, then visit the hardware store (lowe's or home depot have a large selection of parts)look for parts that closely resemble what you want, then go to work...you can also visit some sabersmith sites for ideas and browse the forums here for some of the saber pics already posted...even the internal electronics are fairly simple, just requires a bit of planning beforehand so you don't wire an internal switch externally :lol:
    • Quick Question (Last post by Jestor)
    • I've ask Akkarin, the Librarian, to use that link tzb provided, to make a text accompaniment for the audio...:)
    • People Killing Each Other (Last post by RyuJin)
    • It comes down to beliefs vs ideas...an idea is easily changed with new information, beliefs don't change easily....no one is willing to die for an idea and therefore unwilling to kill for one, people are willing to die for a belief and therefore willing to kill for one.... 3 prophets are at the center of a good deal of the current tribulations, moses,muhammed,and jesus...their ideas twisted into beliefs....
    • Elite: Dangerous (Last post by Adder)
    • No I haven't played it yet, I think I watched a dev conference video a few months ago... not sure if it was prompted from a post here or just random interest. I have a question, does the initial purchase allow unlimited play, or do you have to buy the program and pay a subscription? I've got a Saitek Joystick (X45), but the throttle died, so I use a racing steering wheel (as throttle) and pedals (for yaw) to add the required control inputs. Its rough and ugly, but it gets the job done if I can get the axis' to match.
    • Connor is back (Last post by Connor L.)
    • Yes absolutely! You can start a career at a lot of times. My friend is 65 and he's starting a Bass career now! He's performing too.
    • Helping the Homeless? (Last post by peace)
    • Where I live, California has homeless shelters and homes where they have volunteers who help feed the homeless. I on the other hand, helped upgrade one by changing it to a luxurious, fancy hotel lobby style. This place now has added chandeliers, no dirty smells, the floors and polished and cleaned daily, in house bathrooms with showers and even tables for you to sit in. This place is now hoping with homeless people. It is now visited by 10,000 homeless visitors daily. All thanks to me, the world is a little brighter, happier and nicer.
    • Pop killed the Rock star (Last post by Arcade)
    • I listen to music throughout 99% of my day (if at all possible) :) and buy a fair amount of music, and good rock bands are definitely still out there and abundant (in fact, I have a number of friends in relatively successful local rock bands). In many ways, the music industry has moved from the television and radio model (which is quickly becoming antiquated) to the internet model of music distribution. A large percentage of bands and musicians are now on labels of their own creation because they want to skip the greedy middlemen. Sadly, pop culture has always been about what they want you to listen to (as Senan well knows). I worked at a Top 40 radio station throughout high school and they really did have 40 songs they played each day (with few exceptions). Rock will never die. There will always be people, like yourself, with a love for the classic rock sound. ;) Rock will probably continue to evolve in some ways, and at this point in pop culture that means integrating electronic sounds. I love electronic music, so I initially came at this from a slightly different point of view... where electronic musicians introduced me to rock. I now listen to hybrid bands (rock and electronic) and bands that only use instruments (along with the necessary amplification equipment when they perform). Personally, I think there's room in the world for all of them. :) It sucks that the TV stations you like have changed their focus so dramatically. For better or worse, you may have to change your focus to find what you're looking for online or at live performances.
    • Best star wars movie/scene (Last post by Luthien)
    • I also like the scene where the two Skywalkers, father and son, duel it out and the father's love of his son empowered him to save the son.

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