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Hello Long Time 30 Nov 2011 15:11 #45244

Hello Fellow Jedi,

It has been awhile since I have logged on. Forgive me for my absence from the temple I went and took some personal time by myself and in nature. I've been in a lot of mediation, in service to others and reaching out to the Force. I've really been doing alot of personal workouts at the gym because in the past I haven't been plus, there is a sauna there and it's very relaxing after a good workout to go in there and unwind and mediate and be one with the force. Oddly, enough I had another person in there tell me that I had a very strong aura coming from me. I smiled at him and and said thank you. However, I've also been finding myself wandering into the forests near my home and finding myself mediating. I try to stretch out with my feelings to all things within my surroundings. The Rocks, the trees, the sound of the river crushing against the waves, the birds in the air, the gentle breeze. Another thing I have been doing is helping the salvation army this year with thanksgiving packages. It was really rewarding for myself to see that the human heart still cares even in these economic trying times. I tried to offer help at a local retirement home but they wouldn't let me because I wasn't associated with an organization that they were willing to except....lol the receptinist looked at me really weird when I said I was a jedi, "You...mean from like starwars???" (laughs) it was fun though. I understood not everyone takes our views seriously. Other than that working and enjoying life thought I would drop all my fellow Jedi and let those of you that know me know that I am still around :)


Sven One
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    • Quote: So, how to react, when there is no "legal ways" to do anything, and violent reactions will not bring peace? What you are already doing is a great step, that is, defending people in a non-violent capacity. Treating wounds, fending off attacks; being the voice of reason in the heat of the situation - these are not always as satisfying as crushing the throat of some smug git in a uniform, but they'll probably lead to a better situation all around. If you really would like to begin working on a larger scale I would suggest 'workshops' designed with the intent of aiding protesters in tense situations. Teach them non-violent tactics to achieve their goals, and most importantly - help them learn how to control, their emotions and responses in the face of aggression. As someone with that ability, and training to back it up, you are in a unique position to help in such a way. As others here have said - remain centered in yourself, and only take action through that. Not as simple as it sounds, but very important if you want real progress. I would say that illegal responses are warranted only in such situations where there is no other option. Don't give them fuel for their fires, you understand? In a situation where your choice is to step in and defend someone being attacked violently - step in - if you can do so with some certainty that it will do good. That's something that is more difficult to judge. I don't think that violent responses will solve much in the long-run though - that always leads back to the same place. But perhaps a large enough, peaceful movement will stand some chance of effecting lasting change. I tell you though, in my opinion any police officer who uses force like that (and especially who does so gleefully), should be strung up by his gonads and left in the sun until crisp.
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    • A few days ago I saw a quote by Albert Schweitzer: “Example is not the main thing in [teaching] others. It is the only thing.” substituted influencing for teaching Thanks you :)
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    • The more arts you study, the more options you have... I'm skilled in several grappling styles, several striking/kicking styles, several weapons styles, and a few styles that would be considered "excessively violent"....for those nasty situations...what ever it takes to come out on top...I prefer the immobilizing techniques, but can/will use harsher techniques if I feel it necessary...
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    • Quote: Quote: "(...)all the paths are empty (nothingness), do not born, do not end (...)", as the Heart Sutra says.. True (to a point), it's what we do with it that matters. Jediism as a path is essentially nothing until it is molded and wielded into a workable philosophy that instills it's followers with the awareness that they each possess the power to better their lives and the world around them... Exactly the point! All the phenomenons are "empty of inherent meaning". When we say "all," that means everything, including the the path. We see a phenomenon as something with characteristics, and as an object that is conceived by a subject. To hold that an object is something external is ignorance, and it is this that prevents us from seeing the truth of that object. The truth of a phenomenon is emptiness, which implies that the phenomenon does not possess a truly existent essence or nature: we (our minds) construct and give meaning to the phenomenon...
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    • I'm having a difficult time with this. Every month there is a new Missing Teen Age Girl poster at bus stop cross walks and store door way. I'm not sure if its just a Tucson thing but it's starting to get to me. Never have I felt so useless. May the Force Be With those that are lost missing or in a dark place. How I wish I could be your light.
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    • If you are in:Memphis, Somewhere close to Murray, KY, Chicago, or in Arizona, there are offline chapters established. They are not necessarily ToTJO affiliated, but they each have great Jedi running them, and it will help drive home the ideas and concepts you learn here. You can even bring some of your knowledge from here to these groups and help them grow. ToTJO also has a map around here that can help you connect with others in your area if there happens to be someone near you ;)
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    • What makes fear or lack of fear unnatural? Who is to say what is "not part of nature"? Is fear not a symptom of ignorance? And yet, death to this day is the biggest mystery in this world of "hard facts"... There were civilizations and eras where many people were rarely afraid of death, but instead, looked quite forward to it, due to setting aside some lack of facts for decided beliefs. That may sound dumb in common contexts, yet that empowering belief gave them incredible power over the life they did have, giving it a great meaning. The difference between the common person of today's society and one of them, is that they spent their life learning - not hard facts about the tangible world so much, but about matters of the spirit which taught them to be less attached to their physical bodies, and not so concerned with losing it in death - which is the common issue for us: attachment to the tangible experience of life, and not knowing (tangibly) what lies beyond it. "There is no death, there is the Force", is an affirmation, that the physical, tangible realm that we experience in this life is very likely but a grain of sand on a beach of further experiences beyond it.

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