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    • Quote: Quote: Quote: Akkarin announced the newest update in these changes a couple pages back. It hasn't received much attention interestingly. Here it is again: I'm just taking a guess...but the reason why its not receiving attention is because the "Flow" is here. Im sure all of us has already read it though. Thank you *bows* I only mention it because the flow here has not really mentioned it. Some are still rather hung up on what they did not like about this threads OP. It was seen, and appreciated. But personally it was almost 3am here and I'd said more than enough on this topic. As has been pointed out already, the continuing posts are discussing other concerns that the experience has raised. But perhaps its time to move those concerns elsewhere and present them a little more coolly ;) Becoming "unglued" wont help :whistle:
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    • Recently as a starting point for my training as a Jedi I thought the Force would be the best place to start. The fundamental chunk of what defines a Jedi in my opinion. So I have been putting together a lot of work and speculation as to what the Force is and how I can move my progress with it. I must stress that the work I have done so far is incomplete and so there is much improvement to go. I appreciate all feedback questions etc so feel free to fire away. ____________________________________________________________________________________________ The Force "The Force is a loosely adapted term to explain something which all cultures agree exists, but disagree on exactly what it is. As such, a Jedi dedicates themselves to understanding of all things within and through the Force. As a rule, no Jedi can set down in law a concrete definition of the Force for all to follow, only for themselves.":- Jedi Compass There is a power greater than all comprehension. There is never a time that is does not exist. Never a place beyond its reach. Never a being separated from it. It is endless and timeless. This power was never created, and so it cannot be destroyed. In its simplest form it is energy. Everything is made up of atoms and molecules. These atoms are mostly space and energy, and everything is made up of these atoms, and so everything is energy. This power is beyond any term of expression or description. It has been called many names and yet none have sufficed. We have called it joy, love, unity and even freedom. It is all of these things and yet none of these things. The symbols we have placed upon it have distracted us from the truth. The image distracts from that which has none. One cannot point to it, for in doing so the rest would be rejected. It cannot be sought out, as it is already with us. No practice required, for there is nothing we lack. It is everywhere and everything. It is all thoughts, all words and all actions. It is inescapable. It is the source of all things, the path on which we all walk. It is the un-named that sustains us. I call it The Force. Inside each being there is inner power. This power is what links and connects everything together. This power is consciousness of not only each person but infinite consciousness and all within it. It exists beyond the cycles of life and death. Beyond the cycles of light and dark. It flows through and within everything. It is thoughts and feelings. This power is the source of all things and all existence. It is everything as one. It creates life, makes it grow, evolve and flourish. It is the death of life, the transformation, the decay of all and the changing of all forms. It is the nature of all things. It is all knowledge, wisdom and all information. Everything is The Force. The Force does not arise from anything. It is everything. You cannot escape it any more than you can exit the universe. It needs no religion, no philosophy and no ritual or tradition, only awareness. All around you is The Force. In the sunlight, the wind, the animals, your breath, the feeling of love. Every single thing, every emotion, ever spiritual experience. All reality is the Force. Like a fish living in water, it is the destination before you even leave your origin. The Force contains all knowledge, and thus one should keep an open mind to its insights. It can prove wisdom in times of difficulty, and answers when there are so many questions. One needs only to look within, for we are the Force. It guides us through our inner being. Dreams, visions and feelings are only a few examples of this guidance. It is everything and there are no limitations within it. It can speak to us through symbolic messages and meanings in different forms reflecting our inner energy. When we receive such guidance it is done by means of energy manifestations in forms that in our minds we can comprehend. The form is part of the message and is only symbolic. The form it takes is not it's true form, nor is it really a form at all. The guidance and symbolic forms are illustrations of a subtle message. Thus The Force can take any form yet still remains completely formless. The Force can also give guidance through intuition. By looking within at inner feelings and intuition one can receive simple guidance and direction. The Nature of Reality and The Force To understand the great mysteries of the Force I feel it is paramount to understand the nature of reality. The Force is everything to a Jedi as it lays down the very foundations of which Jedi philosophy is built. All too often to we wonder the meaning of life or why we are here however not so often do we ask what is the nature of reality and what reality really is. Reality in its simplest form is energy on vibrational frequencies. As many scientists have established energy is the building blocks of every single thing in this universe. All is energy and that energy vibrates on a range of frequencies. To look at it from this simplistic view reality is only a frequency in which we do not detect directly to in its base form. The Force is this energy that creates this reality that we experience. It is not just within everything but rather it is everything. Reality that we experience is the energetic frequencies of the Force that we have decoded and the way that they have been decoded. Like advanced technology in the world today we create three dimensional things in a virtual reality, an illusory reality that we see and believe is real. When you look at an atom the majority of that atom is empty space. It has no solidity, how can you create a solid world out of something that is not solid. The answer is simple, it is not real, and it is an illusion. "We are perceivers, we are awareness; we are not objects; we have no solidity. We are boundless ... We, or rather our reason, forget this and thus we entrap the totality of ourselves in a vicious circle from which we rarely emerge in our lifetime." We create a world, a reality from the energetic frequencies of the Force that functions just like a virtual reality only more sophisticated. We take the vibrational information and decode it into a reality that appears to be real but is really an illusion. All the time we are decoding this reality in this apparently solid state. It is possible to draw a picture in a certain way that the brain decodes it as three dimensional. This is tricking the mind and since the mind is decoding all the time you can manipulate it to decode in a certain way. The Force is the energy frequency that we decode and this is why it is possible to use the force in various different ways. To do things others say impossible. The Force isn’t magic it is only decoding reality in a different way when used to do certain things. However this reality only exists within the mind. This world, this reality exists only in the mind. This is why no religion is wrong but no religion is true. Those who believe strongly in heaven can indeed decode reality into creating that and the same goes for any other belief. The Force is limitless and no person is bound to possibility. All possibilities are simply self-made limitations that can be removed. There is no such thing as miracles, there is only understanding reality and the Force more than you are when you perceive them as miracles. A person can walk through fire in one state of consciousness and not get burnt yet in another state of consciousness can end up in hospital within minutes. It is just simply your connection. Your interaction with reality and the Force that is the difference. If you believe that you will get burnt then you will. But if you go to another state beyond that then you could very well not get burnt. All you are doing is decoding it in a different way and we have the power to program ourselves a paradise. “What is real? How do you define real? If you’re talking about what you can feel, what you can smell, taste and see, the "real" is simply electrical signals interpreted by your brain." When you take a holographic print and cut in half, you don't get half of the hologram, but rather a half sized version of the whole print. It is just a smaller version of the whole thing, and as such as above so below. We are holograms, we are the all, we are the force, we are everything, but just as a smaller version, and so everything is just a smaller version of the whole. Every person holds the all within themselves. Every cell in the body carries the whole universe within it. The human energy field mirrors that of the earth’s energy field. As above so below. Just as we have chakra points in the body, the earth too has chakra points as does the rest of the universe. The Force We are living in a holographic internet which I call the Force and if you look at what we call the internet which we use on our computers we begin to see a very similar relation. The only place the internet exists in the form that we perceive it, is on the computer screen. Websites, graphics, colours, texts and documents etc. All that is only on the computer screen. It only exists in that form on the screen. Everywhere else it is just electrical circuits and signals along with the mathematics etc. This is the same with television, the only place it exists as we perceive it is on the screen. And like the internet it exists everywhere else only as a frequency field. The Force is not different. This holographic internet we exist in is just energetic information and we decode that information and what we decode and how we decode decides what our experienced reality is. The body is essentially a computer that taps into the Force. What we are living in, and where we are is a holographic internet/the Force and it exists everywhere around us. We are decoding it mostly unknowingly into the reality we think is real and universal. Like real computers if manipulated and programmed it can firewall off certain things so that the user can only access that which suits the one controlling it. We can decode huge and vast amounts of this holographic internet but the majority of that is being firewalled of just like the computers we use at home. “If the doors of perception were cleansed, everything would appear to man as it is - infinite." The Force is the energetic sea. Frequency is everything because everything is a frequency. We live in the energetic sea of the Force and its vibrational information in which we decode into this illusory reality. There is not empty space between everything they are different projections and expressions of this energetic sea. We decode this energetic sea into a reality which is a projection and expression. If you want to affect all the fish in the sea at the same time you affect the sea. If you want to affect all beings at the same time you need to affect this energy sea. Everything is the frequency of the Force, vibrational energetic information and the reality we create depends on how we decode that information. That is why there are no bounds to what we can do unless you put bounds on yourself. If you want to change something that seems impossible all you have to do is remove that bound and decode the information that changes that reality. The force is everywhere and everything, it is energy and energy can be manipulated. If you want to walk through fire without getting burnt you need to simply decode reality in that way. If you want to make things move with thought you need only decode reality in that way. However if you tell yourself it cannot be done, it's impossible all you are doing is decoding a reality where you cannot do these things. We have the universe in the palms of our hands and yet we limit what we can do with it. We have the ability to create for ourselves a paradise and yet we decode reality to be limited and disruptive. Beings and The Force Every being is not there body but the consciousness. All that is, has and ever will be. The consciousness/the Force is having an experience within this reality that we decode. We live in a shell a vehicle which is the body to interact with this reality. If you want to go on the internet you need a conduit. An interface in which you can access that collective reality. We can all access the world wide web but you need a computer to access it. The consciousness is doing that same thing but more sophisticated. It takes on the biological computer which is the body as its interface and its immediate energy field which is the mind. The "The" part in that is important. Many people talk about the mind, his or her mind, mine or your mind. That is not how it is. There is "The Mind" which is the interface between consciousness and this reality. You can be a banker in America and a Politian in Britain and still have the same mind. People are pulled into a point of perception, into this vehicle into the mind and out of consciousness. The mind is great because it allows us to interact with this reality. Mind operates through thought and that is a low level of perception. Consciousness operates on something called knowing. It is all knowing, it has all knowledge. It is all, has been and ever will be and therefore it doesn't need to try and work things out, which is why in a state of consciousness one is in a state of silence. When you get stuck in mind and interacting with the mind it chatters all the time, whereas if you are in consciousness it's silent. We live in a world of things and everything seems to be things. This is not the prime reality we think it is. The prime reality is consciousness, silence. It doesn't have to work things out because it knows. Many think silence is nothing. Yet everything comes from that silence and goes back to the silence. Consciousness at its highest level is all possibility and in that silence is all possibility. When one starts to talk they pull through sound one possibility out of all possibility which then through the senses becomes one possibility. When one starts to talk noise comes from silence and when one stops talking it goes back to silence. This is why the importance of nothingness and oneness is important with using and building a connection with the Force. “The Tao is like a well: used but never used up.It is like the eternal void: Filled with infinite possibilities. – Tao-Te-Ching, Verse 4 This is the same for space. What is space? Space is nothing and yet it defines a lot of things. A container without space is not really that useful. This reality here is things and yet what defines things is also nothing. In this reality of things, things come out of nothing and then go back to nothing. A person is born into the world of nothing and once they pass they go back to nothing. We are infinite consciousness having an experience and we have been made to think that we are a body with two arms and two legs that exist within certain regulations. The body is just a vehicle, for the consciousness to experience this reality. We are not living a life, but living a program. Each person is simply an expression of the Force, an expression of the infinite consciousness. The Will of the Force One of the benefits to having a higher state of awareness is being able to witness vibrational magnetism or the will of the Force. Seemingly random and coincidental events that the really aren’t random or coincidental at all. Many times people can have a question that they will either stumble across the answer later or it’ll just pop into their head and just know the answer. And typically when that happens within hours or days they will come across something that will confirm that answer. And this is part of how the will of the Force works. “Nothing happens by chance” The will of the Force happens as a result of ones intentions and state of being regardless of if it was intentional or not. It happens for everyone but it's just that the practitioner is constantly aware of it. It is the way in which someone’s energy is going to manifest. Things don't just spontaneously appear suddenly in front of them. The way that a result of your intentions and energy comes into life is through that of synchronicity. If you had an intention to get more money, seemingly random coincidental events would happen that would bring you more money. And it would seem like a normal part of life but except for the fact that you know you had the intention to get that to happen. This is because of vibrational magnetism. When you have that intention which is a frequency and other frequencies that relate will attach and be pulled into your life. The time it can take can differ. Even if I didn't practice using intention I should still be aware of synchronicity, as people are always making intentions and putting out energy whether they know it or not. It's important to look at the things that are coming into your life. Look back every so often see if you can trace it back to something that was said or done either by you or someone else. It is very easy for another person to influence another’s life through what is said and read even just picked up by the sub-conscious mind. This is why it is important to seal the mind and guard the gates of the mind. If I'm not controlling my energy someone else will. Once one is aware of the will of the force/ vibrational magnetism and the way these things come into one’s life they can start to be able to foresee it. This is what is meant by being the centre of your own universe. When I’m in my circle I am the centre of the universe because I'm orchestrating it all. Synchronicity now serves me. But synchronicity is what is happening not the how or why it’s happening. The state of being of a person is also partially responsible for what comes into that person’s life. State of being is a frequency as is everything. When you’re in a state of being whatever it is the frequency that is put out will draw in other frequencies that relate. Being aware of your frequencies, state of being and intentions will make it easier to control what comes into your life, if your frequency is relating to something you don’t want coming in, it is your responsibility not anyone else’s. Vibrational Magnetism doesn't care about what you see as good or bad, if you put out a frequency, a thought or intention, that frequency is going to draw in those things into your life. It is the simple law of attraction. Every thought is a frequency and the more you think of that thought the more consistent that frequency becomes and the stronger that frequency becomes. If you think about something you don't want you’re still putting out that frequency and those things will be drawn to you. You have to understand you are the magnet and you attract that in which you put out. Put out a frequency of illness and you will end up ill. Put out a frequency of love and you will end up with love. What you focus on becomes frequency and that frequency does not reject but draw into your life. This is my understanding of the quote “it is meant to be.” Light, Dark and Polarity Polarity is displayed throughout many paths and in many ways. Boaz and Jachin, the pillars of severity and mercy, yin and yang are just a few of those displays. These displays are examples and representations of polarity. Duality is built into the fabric of this reality, up and down, left and right, on and off, day and night, being and non-being, and so on. Two things that are seemingly opposite and yet are not separate at all but rather one in the same. Everything in this reality is dual, has poles and its equal opposite. They are identical in nature however different in degree. This is also where the light and dark side of the Force reside. Whilst the energetic frequency of the Force is neutral it does have duality in the way that we perceive it and the way we intent upon it. “Many of the truths we cling to greatly depend upon our point of view.” What may seem right for one person might not be right for another. This world and the way society has been manipulated falls greatly on polarity. It has been very easy for those in the know to manipulate society through polarity for profit. If you look to things such as politics or religion this manipulation is very noticeable. People are manipulated into choosing a side and it has to be this side or the other side. The reality of it is that a Satanist can be just as extreme as some of the Christians they are claiming to be rebelling against. They are both identical in nature but different in their degree. As stated it has become very easy to manipulate those people who are polarised. More often than not all a person needs to do is make a statement to a large enough audience and a war among them breaks out. The same person who created the statement profits from one of those “sides” whose focus turns to supporting the statement. For example a food company might say something for gay marriage, the battle breaks out and the opposing side boycotts the company but everyone for it ends up walking through their doors to order their food. So even if the people have been split into opposing sides one can still profit. Polarised people are easily moved and it is as simple as creating an opposing side to move them, either by repulsion or attraction. This is why it is important to de-polarise and become not so easily moved. To walk the middle path or middle pillar as some refer it to. It is about de-polarisation and to bring balance to these two seemingly opposite sides or as the common Jedi saying goes, “bring balance to the Force”. Reach a state where you’re not for one or the other but stand in the middle and understand both degrees of the subject’s nature. In this state of being it is a lot harder to manipulate or control that person however that person will find they have trouble relating to those who are polarised. The Force is neutral in polarity and it I feel it is a Jedi’s duty to reach this state of de-polarisation within the Force. “The polarised will have trouble relating to the other side, the de-polarised will have trouble relating to either of them.” Now even if a person walks the middle path/pillar and becomes de-polarised they still cannot completely remove themselves from duality. Without duality this reality would not work. If I take one pillar of the human tree of life away the whole thing would collapse. So in this reality both degrees are needed. Each degree of duality is like terminals on a battery. I need the positive and negative terminals to get the flow of electricity and without it the flow of electricity stops. We need this difference in degree as without it there can be no movement. This is no different in the biological computer. The electricity is the Force and we need the terminals for it to move and flow through. Polarity is the framework on that tree of life. We need the terminals, the pillars for the great electric flow of life and it is needed to complete the circuit. The aim of the middle pillar/path is to become grounded and de-polarised. To stand in the centre and not lean toward one degree or the other. To sit in neutrality and work in neutrality. Being de-polarised gives one a deeper understanding of the degree in nature. The de-polarised can bring balance between the poles and bind them into one unique state. Everything begins with the work of the mind be it the consciousness or “the mind”. Understanding the perspective of the mind is key. If you start with a polarised through, that which follows will be polarised. However start from a neutral thought, that which follows will be balanced. When one starts to get into the habit of this, things don’t become good experiences or bad experiences. They just become experiences. The Tao and The Force The Force to a Jedi can be put in relation to many other different beliefs from other systems and philosophies. Some Jedi relate the Force to God, others to Magick or Qi, ever Jedi has their own views on the Force and a lot of the time it is common to find an explanation of ones understanding of the Force in relation to something else. I find that the Tao fits with my personal understanding of the Force. “The Tao that can be named, Is not the universal Tao. The named that can be named, Is not the universal name.” Chapter 1 - Tao-Te-Ching. In this verse of the Tao-Te-Ching it embodies the concept that the word Tao is not the universal name for what is being described. Whilst a Taoist may use the term Tao in discussion the actual word is not the universal term. This is because the true "Tao" the one that is referred to has no name however attempting to discuss something without a name becomes more difficult and confusing. It embodies the truth that there is a big gap between the unnamed (Our intuition) and the named (our words and reasoning). The Force like the Tao cannot be described by words. You cannot make a person understand Tao or the Force by words or reasoning. In order to understand Tao one must experience it, must feel it and develop their own personal connection with it. This is the same for the Force. Whilst words are a great method of expression every word spoken about Tao/The Force is in itself understated. This does not mean that words are useless or unnecessary, discussing Tao/the Force can build the foundation of possibilities in which one can attempt to explore. I could tell you the Force is everywhere and within us all but in order to understand that to the same extent one would have to go out their way to experience the Force in that way. In the simplest way in order to understand the Force/Tao we must feel it and experience it. A fundamental ideal in developing an understanding of the Force/Tao is to attain the ability to go beyond words. Although we cannot understand the Force/Tao through our words that does not mean we cannot gain opportunities to investigate by them. The curse of words is one thing that holds many people back when studying any spiritual path. If you were to ask someone a question such as "Do you believe in God?" nine times out of ten you get a straight answer of Yes or No. People usually have already made up their own mind about God even if your definition may have been completely different. If you ask that same person "What do you believe God is?" you are sure to get a very different answer. The point to this example is that it is not the concept they do not believe in but rather the word that carries assumptions of a universal definition. If you can go beyond that assumption of a universal definition one can begin to explore the many definitions of God, Tao, The Force etc and develop their own definition through their experience with it. This is where the benefit of this verse comes into action. By not taking anything at its face value word or symbol one can go beyond and uncover key elements that may help develop their own connection with belief. Going beyond words opens up the mind to more and all possibilities and understand more of the unnamed. "Act without doing; Work without effort." Chapter 63 - Tao-Te-Ching. This verse of the Tao-Te-Ching is perhaps one of the most misunderstood concepts in Taoism but relates fundamentally to the understanding of the Force. Nonaction or Inaction as some call is an action at the highest efficiency possible and the most spontaneous. The action is not lazy but rather requires little effort with the best outcome. These actions come from the intuitive self where they come from no thought or calculation but are done perfectly. This is not the same as doing nothing as the word nonaction suggests. "The master does nothing, Yet he leaves nothing undone. The ordinary man is always doing things, Yet many things are left to be done." Chapter 38 - Tao-Te-Ching. The effortless action, without calculation or though. Combining the inner nature of a being with the natural laws of nature that operate around them. In essence it is the result of becoming one and in harmony with the Tao or in a Jedi's case The Force. For one to reach this harmonization with Tao/The Force one must feel the Force. Develop a natural connection so that one can be aware of its presence and its influence. A Jedi should be able to feel the Force flowing through them, penetrating their body and in order to have that strength of connection one must devote time into development. A Jedi's strength flows from the Force and so when one becomes harmonized with the Force actions become "nonaction" in the smooth flow of the Force. "not-knowing is true knowledge. Presuming to know is a disease. First realize that you are sick; then you can move toward health" Chapter 71 - Tao-Te-Ching. I was always taught by my master Streen that "He who thinks he knows doesn’t know, he who knows he doesn't know knows. For the wise accept that they know nothing". I would say that this is one of the most fundamental teachings of the Tao-Te-Ching in relation to the Jedi path and specifically building a connection with the Force. The Force is beyond comprehension and thus there is always something to explore and something to learn within the Force. When it comes to the Force there is no such thing as mastery but only endless learning and exploration. To truly deepen understanding of the Force a Jedi should be encouraged to accept that what they know is fractional to the whole picture. The Force is endless and boundless and a Jedi should strive to constantly deepen their understanding and connection to the Force. One who accepts that they know little is likely to progress further than one who thinks they understand fully. This is why I would say a great asset to being a Jedi is to be humble and practice humility. Pride while can be great can also limit ones learning and development. I would say it is good to be proud of discoveries and achievements but also to be aware that one can still do more to progress and thus accepting that accepting of not-knowing is the key to further understanding one can move towards deeper levels. The Phases of The Force When delving into the Force and beginning to place the foundations of understanding many Jedi break down the Force into different phases to understand different functions and part to the Force. Whilst these phases are in no way seperate parts to the Force the serve only as a method of disecting the whole picture into easier to understand chuncks. Depending on which Jedi you talk to you may find that these phases differ. Some Jedi break it down into "Personal, Living, Guiding" Force whilst another might break it down to "Neutral, Living, Unifying". Regardless of the name put onto the phaes of the Force they share similarities. The Living Force The Living Force is the energetic sea of all. It all the energetic vibrational frequencies that creates all that we know, the information that we create our realty with. The Living Force is all that we feel and experience. It is omnipresent and resides within all things, living and non living. The source of all things and in it's base form is the energetic molecules and particles that make up everything in existence. Without the Living Force nothing would be, and so it allows us to experience what we experience in whatever reality we create. My old Master refered to the Living Force as a huge pool of snow everything in existence is a snowflake within that pool and as a result all have a certain uniqueness to it but also a common connection. I would say this is a great example of what I believe the Living Force is. Every persons personal energy has come from the living Force. A portion of that energy is taken from the living Force and given an interface to experience life which is our body. The Living Force is that which connects all things together. Within everything is a portion of the Living Force and so with training a Jedi can learn to feel the living Force within other beings. As science has discovered everything vibrates even inanimate objects. This in result means that all things have movement and so posses some quality of life, many cultures and philosophies consider movement in itself to be life. When one becomes attuned to the flow and feel of the Force one can learn to feel these vibrations. This is how Jedi feel the Force in other beings. We are all the Force and so we all have the potential to feel it in others. There are many times people say that they can feel "vibes" and this is common not just in Force sensitive people. These vibes are short bursts of experience of the Living Force and the more one is attuned to the Force the stronger one can feel it. To pick up the vibrations and Living Force of another and many of the keys skills a Jedi can learn from the Living Force is that of sensing. As established movement is a fundamental key of life and especially the Living Force, however movement only occurs in one time and that time is the present. Living in the moment is a key principle of Jedi Philosophy as the now is the only time in which movemt is always happening, the past is done the future is yet written and so in the present it moves from moment to moment in action. The Living Force is present in the now and thus to be naturally intune with the Force is to be living in the moment. To embrace ever passing second and flow with the movement of the Force in the Now. The Personal Force The Personal Force is the portion of the Living Force that resides within a being. The snowflakes of the Force that make that person unique. In easter religions and philosophies this Personal Force can be related deeply to Qi. That inner energy that is our life force and the essence of our being. It is our direct link to the Force and to the rest of the Living Force which is everything. It is that which allows us to be Force sensitive and without it we would have no connection and no feeling of the Force. In the early stages of Jedi training this is the first part to develop. A Jedi will deepen their connection to their personal Force and learn how to control it, feel it and expand it. Many of the skills associated with Personal Force is that of control. Being able to access the constant flow of energy and practice that of nonaction when it becomes second nature. The Unifying Force The Unifying Force or also called the Cosmic Force is that which shapes all reality. If the Living Force is all the snowflakes the Unifying Force is the pool that they sit in. The Living Force is the water but the Unifying Force is the cup. It is the laws of reality and that which contains all knowledge and purpose. It is that which I associate with consciousness, the Living Force is the base materials and the body of the Force but the Unifying Force is the mind to use a simple example. It contains and encompasses the Living Force and connecting to the Unifying Force is done through methods of Oneness and related experiences. This is where the Will of the Force resides in my personal understanding. One thing that is vital to my understanding of the Force is that the Force is neutral, it does not take sides nor is it drawn to any side. This is my personal reasons for training in de-polarisation. The Force is not Dark nor is it Light, the intentions of people are perceived as Dark and Light but the Force does not take sides. It utilizes destruction and birth in order to fulfill the natural order of things and as a Jedi I feel it important to embrace both but not to hold one over the other. The Force and The Law of Attraction Every time we focus on something like getting something, reaching a target or even experience something we put out an intention a focus. That intention is an aim and a focal point into which ones energy is put into achieving. Someone who wants to be a Pilot will put their energy into that intention and pull toward them the steps needed to do so. The power that intention is very powerful and can make a big impact and change on a person’s life and state of being. This is especially relative to the Force and how it can manifest things in one’s life. When we put out a focus/intention, "I want to do this, I want to do that," what will happen is, the things you need to achieve that intention will be pulled towards you. Intent is a frequency just like everything else and as the Force being a frequency it is rooted deeply in the ways of the Force. That focus has its own frequency and so when we put it out other frequencies that relate synchronises with that and starts attaching to the initial frequency. We put out energy that attracted other related energies to it which then manifest into one’s life. These frequencies, vibrations, places, people, experiences etc will be pulled toward you as it synchronises with your focus. So when you put out that energy what will come back is what you need to achieve it, and almost every time what is needed to achieve it is deprogramming what’s already programed in the mind. So what often comes back are your worst nightmares. You will get people who are a pain in the backside, you will get disruption. If you see these experiences in a one dimensional sense of the experience alone, you end up just feeling sorry for yourself. "I just want to do some good and my life’s falling apart." So what is happening when these things come back is you are getting what you need to get the insight that you want. You are the onion getting the skins removed that are keeping you from the understanding you’re trying to get. It is not a case of seeking enlightenment and being enlightened, you have to experience what is needed in order to reach that level. The Force is something that needs development and the kind of development that strips away previous preconceptions to build a real understanding. Wise people take experience and learn something. Your greatest teacher is your last mistake. Foolish people take experience, don't learn from it and so they keep repeating the same things. People have the habit of judging every experience in and of itself. If you look back at an experience that gave you the most insight, wisdom, expanded awareness. You will find that there will have been something in the moment of that experience you didn't like. This is because to progress we need to deprogram that which is keeping one from going further, and so going through what seems at first like a bad experience is seen as bad because it's challenging the person to deprogram and realize the insight. Some say the darkest moments of our life give us the most value and there is some truth in that. If we are always right we don't need to learn and it is from our mistakes that we learn and gain a higher level of understanding. We can look at that in the same way. Mistakes are problems in the program our mind is in, and when we deprogram it which seems difficult, we re-program to a higher level which is undoing the mistake and we look back and go, "Oh, I'm glad I did that even if I went through pain and struggle to do it". "If you always do what you have always done, you will always get what you've already got." This is why it is important to deprogram which at first seems like struggle and hardship but is actually part of our initial intention. To get what we want we need to change and that change is the deprogramming. The peeling of the onion skins. If you can't get to the intention because you can't learn from the experience you will get more experience that will do the job of removing that same programming. Taking an experience at face value and saying poor little me, the intention will not be achieved. "Frequency is everything, because everything is a frequency." Frequencies attracted frequencies and this is called vibrational magnetism. The Force will present that which is relative to your focus even if that focus is on something you do not want. Focusing on how little money you have will only bring less money toward you. Focusing on depression will bring more depression into your life. Focusing on progression and happiness and it will come into your life. The Force operates with that law of attraction, every thought that is put out is a use of the Force and when you do that you put the energy out onto whatever that thought is. What you put out is what comes back. So when you put out an intention, whatever the intention is, it's represented as a frequency. That frequency draws in other frequencies that relate to it. This is why I feel it is the duty of a Jedi to live in the present, live in the moment where movement is in motion. To focus on the now and so you can maintain a focus within the flow of the Force. We at any point in our lives depending on our state of being, attitude, emotional states, we are vibrating to a particular frequency and that frequency is going to represented in our body energy field or personal Force. With that we draw in people, places experiences with relate to the same frequency we put out. So our focus draws in these things which relate. A simple intention can bring about great opportunities and to some great struggle. All progress demands sacrifice and to reach those intentions we need to sacrifice that old programming. There are no shortcuts to understanding the Force and so understanding the Focus and intentions of your being can greatly change the way things manifest in your life. Every thought is using the Force to some degree. Feeling the Force Feeling and using the Force is something I would say every Jedi strives to do. The Force is a fundamental part to the Jedi path and so training oneself to feel and use the Force is natural. Whilst it is not as glamorous as lifting rocks or star ships in a swamp feeling and using the Force in reality is much more subtle although if a lot of time is put into it maybe one could lift rocks with the Force. The key in feeling and using the Force is energy. Energy is everywhere and everything is energy. Feeling the Force in essence is feeling energy and using the Force is that of manipulating energy. Meditation is the most common practice for feeling the Force as a Jedi. It is simple, easy and offers a great range of techniques to do so. Focus is a key element in this all as the more focus you put into something the more energy you put into it. Focus is in itself energy and so clearing the mind and focusing on that one task with the Force will attain better results. While most work with the Force is experimental the more you practice the easier and more efficient it becomes. Like most things learning to use the Force takes time and patience. It is not something that will happen overnight and this is why Jedi train for many years if not decades. It takes a lot of time to refine skills with the Force and have them become second nature. My goal with the Force is to end up with nonaction where Force work becomes intuitive and in harmony with the Force. Visualisation is also a key aspect in feeling and using the Force. Visualisation is quite simple, it is creating a mental image. However the deeper the visualisation the more energy goes into it and the better results. Picturing a fruit in your mind is one thing but putting more depth to it by adding smells, tastes, feel makes for better results. Thoughts are energy and so every thought produces energy in which can be used in practice. The deeper the visualisation and focus the more energy that will be available. Ever Jedi is different when it comes to visualisation as there is no universal way to visualise the Force, the best thing a Jedi can do is to do what works for them.
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    • Quote: I am unable to see it also, and I'm a novice. Is that something I'm supposed to be able to see? Yes, not being able to see it is an error that will be corrected shortly, though at this time there aren't actually any posts in there lol.
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    • Quote: I've put this is the humour section, because I wasn't sure whether to laugh or cry :P :unsure: Sadly the NUS (National Union of Students) is a complete and utter shambles I am ashamed to have "representing" me. Wow, I can not believe what I just read. And as an American, and a former soldier in the US Military, our "attacks" are laughable at best. In my personal opinion its just used for political approval to make it look like to the voters that our Administration is doing something about the situation.
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    • Acceptance means nothing on its own. It can only be applied when there is a reference point. So, I can only speak to it in a context. Lets talk about a context, then. I just recently found out I might be gay. After another failed relationship, I keep finding myself coming back to the same conclusion: maybe I like men, not women. And, I can't just jump on the bandwagon, I have to look at the evidence. 1. Ok, Dr. Wilson on House is really cute... OMG. I guess that's all one needs really. It's abrupt, but I can picture that in many different scenarios. I can see my attraction towards men in many of my male friends I find attractive. But, there is a problem: Why would I spend so much time denying something that is so clear? Easy! Because I've been taught to be straight. I've been taught to have a wife, two kids, a nice house. This is what I was taught to want. But, for as long as I can remember, I have had internal conflict about it. I have always felt "something" wrong about being in a relationship with a woman. And, I've had 3 serious relationships (I'm only 21, that's pretty good for my age!). Why, oh WHY would it take so long to accept this? ALL of my friends would tell me they think I'm gay, and I ignore them. My last girlfriend told me repeatedly that she thought I liked men, but I denied it. Even my mother has been asking me since I was 13-14 if I was gay. I have been assaulted by repeated evidence of my homosexuality, but because it was uncomfortable... Sometimes, I think we refuse the truth because it isn't as neat and tidy as we'd like it to be. Homosexuality comes with a lot of problems (then again, so does being Straight, yeah?) that are unique to the situation. There are stigmas, there are legal problems, there are ___. It's neverending. Some of my family might hate me. Thankfully, my parents are supportive if I decide to tell them. But, then again, for as long as I can remember, ever since I started becoming sexual, my life has become more bland.. More gray. Less interesting and more formulaic. It became easy to become a shell sexually and just move through the motions. Find a woman, let her hurt me and soothe me... and that's it. But, my long-term girlfriends eventually saw through the ruse. They accused me of not loving them, no matter how much I thought I was... I was so un-selfaware that I didn't know what was happening. Acceptance is tough because denying it is safe, sometimes. You can try the whole ignorance is bliss thing... but, all you're doing is dying while you're alive, as Mark Twain would say.
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    • Quote: In my opinion he is referring to the characteristics of one self. For example: a compassionate person that turns malevolent, or an honest person suddenly acts as a liar, then they are betraying what they truly are, which is sad. I do think that we do what we are, in the sense I said before. I guess I had originally thought the quote to be about proffession, but I like this more. It makes me feel a bit better to think of 'do' as how you behave and act rather than your job. I'd hope people think of me as more than a banker. lol
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    • I once had a disturbed young man come to a meditation class I was teaching in Edinburgh. As we’d gathered and during the meditation instruction I’d noticed that he was unusually intense and that he had noticeably poor personal hygiene, but in most ways he seemed like a fairly typical young man. In the discussion following, however, his conversation started to veer off into more bizarre areas. He’d had “cosmic” experiences during the meditation session — experiences whose details I no longer recall but which sounded very off-balance. His girlfriend was apparently an Iranian princess. He was being shadowed by various security forces. Later still, as we were winding up and preparing to leave, and he was able to talk to me more or less alone, his conversation became more delusional still. He had developed special powers through his spiritual practice and could make things happen in the world around him. As we talked a housefly smacked noisily into the glass door we were standing beside. “See!” he said, excitedly. “I made that happen.” He was obviously ill and suffering, and I experienced that pang of knowing that there was little or nothing I could do to help. I’m no mental health professional, but his behaviors reminded me of what little I knew about schizophrenia and so I suggested as kindly as I could that he might be misinterpreting his experiences and that he might want to talk to a doctor about what was going on. He was clearly having problems with his mental health, but here’s the thing: according to the Buddha, so were the rest of us. “All worldlings are mad,” he said. “Worldling” is a translation of “putthujana,” which is simply anyone who isn’t enlightened. That’s me, and you. The Buddha had his own ideas about what constitutes mental health, and by his definition anyone who isn’t well on the way to Enlightenment is insane. Quite how literally he meant it when he said “All worldlings are mad” is hard to say, but when he looked at ordinary people like us going about their daily business he saw a world out of balance — and a world that by necessity is out of balance, because it is composed of those same off-kilter individuals. He had a term for this imbalance, which was viparyasa in Sanskrit, although the less-well-known Pali equivalent vipallasa is a bit easier on the tongue and the eye. Vipallasa means “inversion,” “perversion,” or “derangement.” Specifically, in using this term the Buddha was talking about the ways in which we misunderstand the world we live in, and the ways in which we misunderstand ourselves. Just at the young man at my meditation class was constantly misinterpreting what was happening (“See! I made that happen”) so too do the rest of us live in a virtual reality of delusion, confusion, and distortion. What’s more, we largely share the same delusions, which means that we don’t even realize that our minds are disturbed. And thus, as Krishnamurti suggests, it’s possible to think that we’re spiritually and mentally healthy because we share our mistaken values and understandings with those around us. Collectively, our ill minds create a society that is itself ill, and we consider ourselves healthy because we see our values reflected in our fellow worldlings. When I think of the vipallasas in modern life I’m overwhelmed by examples, but the one that springs most to mind is to materialism. We keep thinking that the answer to our sense of existential dissatisfaction is to buy more stuff: more stuff, and better stuff. I guess I notice this most with gadgets, but for other people it’s houses, furniture, shoes, clothes, or cars — none of which I care about at all. I get a new gadget — the shiny MacBook Pro I’m writing this article on, for example — and I feel a sense of pleasure just looking at it. It’s better, faster, prettier than any computer I’ve had before. But then what happens over time? Newer, better, faster, prettier computers come on the market, and I start comparing my machine unfavorably with them. My gadget starts to look a bit old-fashioned (after only six months!), less cool, less capable. It feels less fast. And I’m no longer so happy with it. I now start to hanker after something new. And I’ve been through all this craziness before. (Don’t they say that insanity is doing the same time over and over and expecting a different result?) Even knowing that I’m on a materialistic treadmill doesn’t entirely blunt the craving for a new computer, although to give myself credit I live without a television and rarely make impulse purchases. But on some level I really believe that the answer to the discomfort of my cravings will arrive in a box carried by a UPS truck. I work with these cravings in my meditation and in my daily life, because the Buddha suggested that there was a better answer to the problem of craving. His advice was that we need to look deeply at our craving itself, and to realize the many levels of delusion that come packaged with it. The new gadget (or pair of shoes, or that lovely sweater, or sexy car) doesn’t contain a magical ingredient that will make us happy. The object of our craving is impermanent and therefore incapable of giving lasting satisfaction. Our craving itself is impermanent! We can watch cravings arise and pass. As we watch them come and go, choosing not to act on them, they begin to develop an unreal appearance. As we start increasingly to see through them we no longer take them so seriously, and they become weaker and less frequent. And in the end we come to see what the Buddha himself saw, which is that the answer to the problem of our cravings is not acquiring the object of our cravings but letting go of craving itself. It’s through abandoning craving that we will finally find peace, that we’ll come back to our senses, stop seeing things in a distorted way, and find true health and wellbeing. And having done that, to whatever degree, we can look around at the imbalance that surrounds us — really seeing it — and then compassionately reach out to others so that we can help them bring about their own healing.

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