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    • Terra Prime Temple Learners (Last post by Connor L.)
    • Hi! So, my non-TOTJO apprentice, Lars, was talking to me about his Lightsaber studies. After listening to his arguments and looking at the research, I have decided to look into it as a possible discipline. I got a tiny primer at the Jedi Gathering, and I did have a good time. Baru was an excellent instructor. I know we have lightsaber threads every now and again, but I thought I would make one for those of us who practice the discipline of the Forms. The main argument that I found beneficial is that Shii Cho (Form 1), is firmly grounded in Kendo. When I began to realize that these "real world" forms are being developed based on historical forms with a history of success, then I felt more comfortable getting involved in the project. I have a battle saber that I bought a while back. My first desires in this are: 1. Get some foam practice sabers. 2. Learn the form of Shii Cho. 3. Get a sparring partner(s) in Indiana. I have candidates. :P I believe the form that will best suit me in the end will be Niman, Form 6. Of course, that's extremely subject to change. lol. I guess this thread could be used to talk about those of us who are working on such things as part of a spiritual discipline.
    • Light bubbles dont work (Last post by OB1Shinobi)
    • i dont SEE energy, typically in my more sensitive moments my body jumps involuntarily when someone looks at me or addresses me i have a game i like to play where i determine the gender of the person driving the car coming up behind me by the feeling of their attention on me as they pass its much more than just an idea to me, it is a bodily experience, though not a visual one
    • Free online course: Making Sense of Climate Change... (Last post by Adder)
    • Wait what, the 'myth of the sun causing global warming' (from their About this course page)!? The Sun is responsible for nearly all of the warming on Earth AFAIK, be it gravitational subterranean activity or radiant energy more generally. Plus I've also seen a pretty good correlation between solar activity and global sea temperatures dating back to about the 16th century - but I agree it would seem obvious pollution would drive local climate change and potentially systematic change too, as pointed to by the increases recently and apparent divergence from solar activity since the 80's.
    • Martial Arts: Your interest? (Last post by OB1Shinobi)
    • Quote: ...I like to say I know just enough to be a danger to myself. lol yeah i used to say i know just enough to get my ass kicked real good ive learned since then, but i still say it because, really, thinking otherwise is a good way to get ones ass kicked real good
    • List of scientists who became creationists after s... (Last post by TheDude)
    • Gisteron, rather than supplying a bunch of quotes and continuing that method (which would likely result in extremely long posts), I'll address the points you made which I think are most important. You say taking the bible literally isn't required of Judaism, and that not turning the other cheek is required of Christians. While you're correct about the first (in regards to some sects of Judaism, such as the reform movement), I wonder how you can say the second with a straight face. For you, yourself, seemed to be dubious of those who would differentiate between "true Christians" and others; but the same criticism applies for the Jews, as there are many sects of Judaism which would refer to the reform Jews and others who aren't biblical literalists as false Jews. Frankly, most Christians I know would not refer to such a person as a false Christian; and so I have no reason to believe that someone taking revenge makes them any less Christian, and am confused as to why you think so. You say: "Science, in this context, on the other hand, is defined exclusively as a process of examination and conclusion drawing and nothing else." While at the same time, you assert that the belief that testing and retesting giving us knowledge is not required of the scientist. Well, alright. Science operates on a belief, necessarily, that conclusions can be drawn based on examination in some, most, or all cases (depending on how much you drink the Kool Aid). More often than not, scientists engage in the scientific method. I am inclined to say that a belief in the validity of the scientific method is required of science and scientists, unless you can give a good reason against it. If we use your definition of prohibited or required beliefs -- which I take to be, based on your reasoning, "beliefs which conform with the majority of the most dedicated group of people in a particular group (science, religion, political parties, etc)" due to your "True Christian" argument -- then there are a number of required and prohibited beliefs in the sciences. For example, we could say that Behaviorists in the subfield of Behaviorism founded by Skinner are required to believe in operant conditioning. We can say this because that particular field is defined by its use of operant conditioning, meaning that in that particular field it is a required belief. And as for electrons, you haven't seen electrons with your bare eyes; if you had, then you cannot prove that you were not being deceived. If you saw electrons with the help of a machine, you still cannot prove you were not being deceived. So you believe that you have seen electrons, and there is no reason that you can see to doubt that, so you will not engage in doubt-inquiry-belief. The same can be said of those who believe in God. I still do not see the validity of the claim that one belief is superior to another in this situation.
    • Elliot Hulse on your Legacy (Last post by OB1Shinobi)
    • i think Elliot Hulse is a jedi really - he gets into a lot of energetic and esoteric sorts of ideas in his videos - so in addition to being super knowledgeable about anatomy and the science of physical development he is also very focused on the larger, more holistic picture of overall psychological and spiritual development as well
    • Addiction Check-In Thread (Last post by Edan)
    • Checking in.. So I'm back at the office this week with my decaff coffee... no sugary tea in sight. The longer I do this the harder it gets. I'm not doing very well with this 'cold turkey' thing.. I went out for dinner Thursday with my dad.. I ended up having ice-cream for dessert.. however it actually tasted pretty sickly and I didn't eat all of it. On the other hand though, right this moment, I want chocolate. I just want it. Damn that sugaryness :/
    • US Supreme Court Rules in Favour of Gay Marriage (Last post by OB1Shinobi)
    • ----- EDIT hellisforhorses already said most of this - i hadnt read that post until after i made this one and im pretty much not adding anything but it is how i feel and i want to express it ----- Quote: But having no say in something that happens here is mildly insulting and robs us of our right to vote. It's when things are decided for me that I am bothered. and this is the crux of the problem gay people want to be able to decide for themselves if they are married and not have that issue decided for them by the votes of people who dont have anything to do with the relationship anti gay people want to decide for themself that total strangers are not allowed to be married and then claim that their rights are being infringed on by those strangers if you dont support gay marriage, then dont have one your rights are not under attack at all the ability to limit other peoples rights is what is "under attack" and rightly so im not intending to be rude to you personally, i just feel it important to point out the inherently biased position here that many people take when they say something like "i should have the right to vote on someone elses marriage because if i dont get to deny their right to be married then my right to __ is being denied" no a straight persons rights are not being denied in any way by allowing gays to marry this is just absurd freedom means that we respect the fact that free people will use their freedom in ways we dont really like, and that we support their right to do so because we want to keep our own right to act in ways that others may not like so we determine what is actually HARMFUL and what is not, and we say "anything on this side of the line needs to be left alone"
    • Workout Check-In Thread (Last post by Edan)
    • Checking in... Ran my first full 8k of the year today in an hour... Now to get my time down ready for the cross country race in October, and the road race in December. Can only get better from here :)
    • Today I.... (Last post by Kamizu)
    • As much as I like hearing about the big stuff, it's the little day to day moments that I love the most. Thank you both for sharing! Gave me a smile and I bet you made their day!

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