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    • Rosalyn J, Knight, Announcement and Ceremony, 2015... (Last post by Rosalyn J)
    • I just want to say thank you to all who attended whether live or in spirit and all who congratulated me in this thread. It is truly an honor to be a Knight of this Order and I look forward to the new challenges that await me on this new leg of my journey. Yours in the Force
    • Jedi Realism - What else is real? (Last post by Kitsu Tails)
    • Quote: All but the Baran Do have been taught at my home order through 3-5 (depending on what time frame we're talking about) aspects (Light, Dark, Shadow, Independent, Universal, etc). Baan Do use to have their own group, but it looks like the site is completely down now. :/ Xhaiden re-opened the old Jediism Way and is running that full time now. Though I as well am a bit surprised he pulled Baran Do down. Im sure it is because of no activity.... To the OP There are plenty of things that got translated from Fiction to Reality. Even my favorite erotica books got translated into a real faith some people follow. Just have to know where to look :) Elves though wasn't really a religion....just a Race. You could say Elves would fit will in Druid practices.
    • Ouija - divination boards (Last post by Burn_Phoenix)
    • How interesting. Ouija boards have always interested me in the sense that I don't believe they are inherently 'evil' or work in the way they are portrayed to; yet nearly everyone I know, whether they are superstitious, religious or strict atheists and skeptics, they all say "stay away from Ouija boards". Just makes you wonder what happened to make people want to avoid them like the plague? I know with my parents generation there were apparently some media coverage of incidents relating to using Ouija boards and that's probably why they always said to keep away, but like I said, I've yet to meet anyone , young or old, that reacts differently (with the possible exception of some fellow Jedi here at the temple) plus we all know how unreliable the media are so I've always looked at stories skwptically anyway.
    • Rank (Last post by OB1Shinobi)
    • i feel i would be remiss if i did not add that the work necessary to achieve rank is valid work. i acknowledge and respect the work itself
    • How many do you have? (Last post by Burn_Phoenix)
    • Hi Guys, I don't know how this thread got to this point with so much negativity going round :( it's a shame because we all have our own opinions of things and as Jedi we should be accepting of that. Reading between the lines this appears to be something on going that's cropped up again in this thread, if that's the case then I have to support ghost dog in that none of us are under any obligation to view or respond to posts and whether we agree with their content or not it is unfair to mock or belittle what other users say. I understand that we are all human and things will get to us but we shouldn't be arguing and fighting between ourselves, it goes against what we are supposed to stand for in my opinion. Anyway, moan over, what I wanted to say in relation to the original post is that I am aware of at least 2 other people that look enough like me to cause confusion. One from south Africa (some random couple started talking to me as they'd met 'me' whilst on their holiday and seemed surprised when I not only didn't recognise them but had lost 'my' south African accent lol) the other person appears to live in a neighbouring city, at least he did 10 years ago (this resulted in a group of lads attacking me for sleeping with one of their exes and I held my own until my then girlfriend managed to convince one of them that I don't live there and it was in fact my first time there visiting her :|) so doppelganger or no, they have caused me grief lol.
    • "Jesus" was a Jedi (Last post by Connor L.)
    • I don't know Jesus. :unsure: But, his story as I understand it paints him very interestingly. He's got some good ideas. There is a difference, for me, between Monomythical hero and Jedi. He is a great example of the former, and not an example of the latter.
    • Rants far and wide (Last post by Try)
    • oh rock, why did you cut my hand? That wasn't very nice was it? I only wanted to move you a little. It's not your fault. I forgive you rock.
    • Thoughts of a simple man (Last post by MikeBudo)
    • Greetings Each In the beginning 'The Way' could be likened to that of an Orange. If you just bite into the pith it is somewhat bitter to the taste. It is in some cares then cast aside. If you take your time to fully peal back the pith the rewarding soft fruit is there for the taking and be savoured. The knowledge of such things should be passed on and not kept secret :)
    • The difference between what scientists think &... (Last post by Gisteron)
    • Quote: percentages of prostitutes who sell their souls, and so called research, to corporations So offshore drilling and facking are things corporations are fundamentally opposed to and pay their 'prostitutes' to speak out against? And human caused climate change is an idea those corporations want promoted? What are you talking about? Granted, you could bring up the pesticide or vaccine question, but, frankly, on the view that the scientific community is concerned with what is actually good for people it is easier to explain those poll results than would be to explain the drilling results on the corporate conspiracy view. The only point that is surprising to me is about the ISS, but that discrepancy is small and I suppose the answer depends on whether the question was if the station had any benefits at all at any time or if with all the investments considered it is being an overall worthwhile effort. If the discrepancy was bigger, a corporate conspiracy model might come into question but as such with the large discrepancies of climate change and drilling, more questions would be raised than answered on that model.

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