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    • speed of light (Last post by Gisteron)
    • A fact is a point of data that is either indisputable in that it can through logical analysis be concluded from true premises, or undisputed because of the massive amount of evidence indicating it and no other in its place. The changing behaviour of light speed in a vacuum is not a fact. Indeed, almost all VSL hypotheses attempt to redefine the speed of light as a function of distance rather than distance as a function of that speed. In this way, most of the proposed hypotheses are mathematically equivalent to the constant light speed models. This is why in the main stream nobody has a problem defining the speed of light rather than measuring it; because it is a definition of units first and of relative quantities second. It is like if you had an empty vector space and you arbitrarily chose an origin point and defined directions and dimensions from it. There is no reason for picking the ones that you did over any other except that your choice may be more convenient for most calculations. Variable speed of light hypotheses propose a new convenience, they don't explain a discovery.
    • The World (Last post by Gisteron)
    • Quote: ... as is obvious, society is crumbling globally. Oh, is it? And that's obvious, you say? Please, go on. How so? Quote: I know there aren't a lot of Jedi that combine their beliefs with Christianity, but for me it makes sense because it describes in detail the idea that the world will come to an end, and that we will be saved by Christ himself. I honestly don't see any other way through the mess that is our world. In other words, there is no way we can improve anything, so let's wait for the end of the world like we've been saying it is imminent for milennia. Indeed, let Jesus take the wheel because we can't steer by ourselves, at least not to where anything actually improves. While we're at it, let's ignore the countless occasions where we have and still do and focus on the roads not travelled yet. Now, that may be your view and you are welcome to it. I would however, out of caution, attribute it to your personal frustration and not to Christianity, because yours is one of but many interpretations and especially because the implications of yours are such that I reckon many of your brothers and sisters in faith would not view as an inherent part of theirs.
    • love hurts: mental health (Last post by OB1Shinobi)
    • i almost said something to you when i read your post in the rants thread, but it was a rant and not an request for input here you are specifically requesting input this is based on my experience and there is no guarantee youre going to like it or be able to do it but i am speaking from experience and also with your interest at heart first, because of what you said in the other thread and what youre saying now i have to tell you that the relationship youre in is unhealthy i dont need to know anything more than what youve already said to make this statement youve communicated your feelings to this person and they treated the situation as if your feelings are not worthy of their respect in your own words they told you that your feelings are your fault theres only two ways this can play out either you are placing a higher expectation on them than is fair or realistic or youre expectations are fair but they refuse to ackowledge that they are fair because they dont want to have to meet them either way the relationship is a drain on your emotional stability and they are not going to change their behavior to meet your desires my last girl friend was a drug addict who would give my stuff away to other dudes like she told me one time her daughter was coming over and asked me to leave so they could visit and this other dude showed up.wearing one of my jackets thats one example of one moment with one guy she would bring dudes around that she was fooling with and introduce me to them as if they were just friends and then sit there and flaunt the situation she did these things because it entertained her, and because it entertained them the more i was miserable the more she would turn the knife and she would then tell me it was my own fault in my wish to believe in love i kept thinking that if i just explained it she will realize what shes doing is no good or if i just showed her i was better than these other dudes who only wanted sex and didnt care about her as a person then she would realize that i was offering something that should be valued and would last and that she would change how she treated me on the one hand the problem wasnt me it was her she would lie constantly and i would know she was lying about what she was doing but then i would tell myself that she was being honest when she told me she loved me i seriously could not belive that anyone would be so blatantly disrespectful and hurtful, i thought there must be something she doesnt understand and eventually i attached my sense self to the idea of getting her to recognise my value as a person but she was not interested in my definition of my value her valuation of me was not anything to do what i held to be my value and so i dedicated myself to something impossible so on the one hand the problem wasnt me it was her, but on the other hand the real problem was me i was fixated on this idea of getting her to see that i am a person with value and worth since this time ive done some research and ive come to the conclusion based on what ive read that she is a textbook case of a sociopath she simply does not relate to other people as having feelings which should be acknowledged that may not be your situation, but how ive come to get passed it still applies to you so the first thing you have to understand is that this is entirely a matter of attention and attachment youre attention is fixated on this person and your attention is fixated on the idea of being treated a certain way by them but you are not going to get what you want it does not matter of your expectations are fair or not fair by what you have said it is clear that they will not be met regardless of fair or unfair also, your emotions have attached the idea of love with the idea of them you had an idea of love before you met them but they maybe filled the role that love is supposed to hold in life so the idea of love has become associated with the idea of them what comes next is that you have to get to the understanding that its not a person you want, its a treatment its a relationship a certain type of relationship it the role of "love" being filled the real truth is that the person is expendable totally expendable! its not a person youre looking for, its an experience! this is the way its SUPPOSED to work; hi, im rugadd hi rugadd, im cool pretty girl awesome! ok cool pretty girl, this is what i want from a relationship and this is what i have to offer you can reasonably expect me to act this way and treat you this way and this is what i expect from you, generally speaking we both get some margin for error because we're both human but the standards are applied equally and the number one rule is honesty how does that sound? that sounds great rugadd thats exactly what im looking for too! cool, lets make out cool! blah blah blah and rose colored glasses does it ever actually play out this way? well im still looking lol but when people are honest about their expectations of each other and honest about what expectations they are willing to live up to then it can also that margin for error thing is important sometimes things happen that really test a relationship forgiveness can be tough but the process is still basically the same its about honesty and expectations we feel hurt when our expectations arent met im not even going to get in to the issue of what are reasonable and what are unreasonable expectations because thats not what you asked about the idea is to be upfront and honest and realistic about expectations also to be able to review and work together on whats happened and where to go next if that breaks down its either an issue of expectations being higher than the reality or of honesty being lower than reality sometimes expectations and feeling are so high that its difficult to be honest again thats not what youve asked but its important to understand this is getting too wordy lol the challenge you have is this first you have to reclaim your attention take back all that attention energy you gave to the person and give back all the energy they gave to you meditate on this every time you feel that pang of hurt give them back their energy and reclaim the power youve given to them feel your power filling you up as you breathe it back in its YOUR power; INTEND it back! feel yourself drawing your power from them and it returning to you, filling in your space breath out their power over you breath out all the energy theyve given to you or directed at you give it back to them, they can have it - you dont need it its not yours and it isnt doing you any good its holding you back it doesnt have to be any special feeling really, just have the intention that youre reclaiming your own power and your own attention and that youre releasing the other persons and as you do this ask yourself who it is most important for you to love? "who is it most important for me to love right now? who am i GOING to love right now? who do i want to love first? who do i want to love more? (hint, in this particular case, the answer should be YOUlol) because the old adage about loving yourself can really love someone else is true do this earnestly and constantly - youll be surprised next you have to disengage the idea of love from the idea of this person a connection has been made that doesnt actually work fortunately its a connection youve made and therefore its a connection you can unmake or remake somewhere else love is not a person and it is not even simply a feeling it is totally ok to be totally selfish in love (before you freak out let me explain what i mean) you cannot comfortably give the best of yourself when you see that youre being treated like garbage there comes a point where you become ashamed and afraid of every kindness and every tenderness towards the other person this is not love it is hell so understand that the person does not matter its an agreement you want you agree to this and they agree to that and furthermore if some this or some that turns out to be too much you agree to be open about whats going on and to find a mutually agreeable way to handle it and work through it together or if it just cant be worked out then to call it quits and move on with as little poison thrown at each other as possible every well intentioned adult agrees that this is basically the way its supposed to work - the way it should in the best world play out and theres nothing wrong with breaking it off and being the one to walk away if you cant walk away from a relationship then youre basically agreeing to accept whatever terms are imposed upon you by whoever lets you stick around and whoever takes you up on that deal is not going to treat you well at all thats not the relationship you want so now you need something else to focus on its sometimes easier to get over someone by getting involved with someone else the downfall of this is that when it does work its usually just a repeat of the previous pattern the pattern stays exactly what it was before the attachment stays the fixation stays they just switch over to the new person the healthy way is to stay focused on staying focused on yourself im willing to bet that in the experience of fixating on this person that you sort of lost touch with your own path thats what usually happens if thats the case then the absolute most important thing which you must do is to reclaim your path or redefine your path so that you have a new updated version which is more in line to who you are now but no matter what, youve got to put your focus back where it needs to be this is where it needs to be; ARE YOU DOING WHAT YOU ACTUALLY WANT TO BE DOING WITH YOUR LIFE? and if the answer is yes then the question is WHATS THE NEXT STEP? if your answer has anything to do with some other person and most especially with some person treating you a certain way, then your answer is wrong lol not to be rude about it but destiny as a force, is not romantic, its between you and the universe not you and a lover there is a love destiny, ok love is kind of the name of the game, in a real way but love starts with living your own life in a way that fills you up you have to fill yourself up so that you can give yourself out thats what your life path is all about and until youre moving towards THAT destiny, you wont be ready for the romantic love destiny some people disagree, and thats ok everyones got their own life but if the answer to the above questions is "no" or "i dont know" then obviously thats the next step; finding something awesome to do with yourself and if youve already got the basic answer then now its time to figure out and recommit to the next step if youd like some help figuring any of that out we can talk about it next basically thats the task youve got on your plate if what ive said is totally off base then i apologize if it makes sense and youd like to talk more then we can talk here or you can PM me no matter what i wish you the best and i can tell you that youll get through it in time the hurt will hurt less eventually (and in my experience, the stuff i just said helps!)
    • Mars One (Last post by a67)
    • We are going to revive Mars finally! Yeah it's a excellent idea. B) Mother Earth had suffer a lot already and she are going to be heal. We are not going far.. The same binary star of our constellation. . Only a timespace a little bit on the future from our perspectives. There are so many good things to go on Mars. I am sure this planet have a lot of secret to reveal. I am not going to elaborate on all the good things. Life goal it's to spread and thrive like Ryujin said. So when Mars get completely healed, maybe we go make a Jedi Temple there. :woohoo:
    • Stupidity as a religion... (Last post by Jestor)
    • Quote: we all suffer eventually I wouldn't say eventually, ;).... Id say "we all have, or will, suffer at some point"... Its a lesson that you can't realize without enduring.... I'm hoping I've moved beyond it... chuckle... But, I've more yet in front of me...;)
    • Cultural Appropriation (Last post by OB1Shinobi)
    • lol thank you its nice to be here, i hope you werent too lonely waiting for me to show up! neener neener neener you meanie meanie head!
    • Small Acts of Self-Love (Last post by Vusuki)
    • I've been reading a little bit of a book- Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Dummies recently and some of you've been writing Jamie reminded me of it (or vice versa!). Other elements of what I see as wisdom pop up like paying attention or recognising when we play the black and white game (Watts) in the book. I'm enjoying recognising ideas that I've heard before from other people... And so hence- I thought I'd add here a list of 'thinking errors' that we fall into. In quotinig part of the book and not all of it, I hope people will not take what i write as clearly right or wrong but just a set of ideas... I hope some find some interest and can enjoy it in any case! "... Questions that you might ask yourself in order to identify your thinking errors include: • Am I jumping to the worst possible conclusion? (Catastrophising) • Am I thinking in extreme – all-or-nothing – terms? (Black-and-white thinking) • Am I using words like ‘always’ and ‘never’ to draw generalised conclusions from a specific event? (Overgeneralising) • Am I predicting the future instead of waiting to see what happens? (Fortune-telling) • Am I jumping to conclusions about what other people are thinking of me? (Mind-reading) • Am I focusing on the negative and overlooking the positive? (Mental filtering) • Am I discounting positive information or twisting a positive into a negative? (Disqualifying the positive) • Am I globally putting myself down as a failure, worthless or useless? (Labelling) • Am I listening too much to my negative gut feelings instead of looking at the objective facts? (Emotional reasoning) • Am I taking an event or someone’s behaviour too personally or blaming myself and overlooking other factors? (Personalising) • Am I using words like ‘should’, ‘must’, ‘ought’ and ‘have to’ in order to make rigid rules about myself, the world or other people? (Demanding) • Am I telling myself that something is too difficult or unbearable or that ‘I can’t stand it’ when actually it’s hard to bear but it is bearable and worth tolerating? (Having a low frustration tolerance" Have a nice day/night, :)
    • No inner monologue (Last post by Alan)
    • Is it a monologue? Even when thinking in words (silently in our inner thoughts) are we not talking to ourselves? When we talk to ourselves using our outside voice it is a conversation that we hear. So, a dialogue. Theory: Only a being with a sense of self and language skills can have an inner dialogue. Younger children do not have this inner dialogue because they have not yet developed a sense of self, even if they do have language skills Suggested reading: Consciousness and the Acquisition of Language, Maurice Merleau-Ponty. Also of interest: The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind by Julian Jaynes. Before the form of consciousness that we now experience developed (evolved), ancient persons thought their inner dialogue was actually someone else talking to them. The silent voice of perhaps, a god or other invisible being.

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