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    • Rants far and wide (Last post by Goken)
    • I am the bank, not the information desk! Does it say Information Desk anywhere near me? No! What does the sign behind me, all the little signs on the counter, and my name tag say on them? BANK! I know nothing about the event going on in the building today! I don't know when/where your seminar is. I know where I work, where the bathroom is, and where the closest place to get food is, THAT IS IT and quite frankly I don't want to tell you where those things are so that you don't think that you can come to me with non-bank related questions. I'm going to because I'm still a nice person, but I don't want to. phew!
    • Questions (Last post by Luthien)
    • I'll do my best. :) Quote: Describe a typical day and week for an active member. Typically engaging in discussions, studying new things, re-evaluating what we think we know and readdressing it if anything changes; the list could go on, but it really depends from person to person and from time to time. Quote: Describe typical monthly and yearly religious events (holidays, traditions, rites of passage, etc.). I typically don't hold religious events as sacred, but I respect other people's right to have them. Although, I will say that Mustache March and Talk Like A Pirate Day are things I enjoy partaking in. Quote: ...Describe rituals you may perform, daily tasks you must do, any paraphernalia you need to wear or carry around with you, religious celebrations, or anything else you can think of. My daily ritual is nothing out of the ordinary: Wake up, ready myself for the day, work, come home, help kids with homework, clean house, and sleep. Everything else is accessory. Quote: What do you do for your meditations? How long? Is it encourage or required to meditate every day? if not, how often? My meditation is an active one, though I do sitting meditation here and there. My active meditation is my workouts. I kind of have to be mindful of my body and feelings throughout, or else I would fail quite hard. I pretty much listen to my body and feelings: scanning my body for imbalanced tension throughout the lift, being mindful of my breathing and heart rhythm, being right there in that moment. Quote: During your week, how often do you do things that pertain to your religion? Daily. I scan the forums for discussions to take part in, though it doesn't happen often enough, I suppose. Quote: Are there any celebrations unique to your religion? If so, what is it and what do you do for it? How often? Knightings and Apprenticeships are all that I can think of, though I'm sure I could find celebration for life, everyday. Quote: Does one gender have a responsibility that the other does not? No. Just like in my home, we don't do gender roles. Quote: What do you do to become higher ranked? Study the Initiates Programme (IP), become an Apprentice, become a Knight through Apprenticeship; that's really it, though higher rank doesn't necessarily mean anything other than what they've accomplished. Quote: Do you have a right of passage? Registering to become a member and then training through the IP and Apprenticeship. I think that pretty much sums it up for that. One just has to be genuine and sincere in their Jedi-ness. lol I hope that helped. :laugh:
    • Workout Check-In Thread (Last post by RyuJin)
    • door mounted fitness bands w/ 180lbs resistance.. pull downs 3 sets until exhausted upright row 3 sets until exhausted tricep extension 3 sets until exhausted bicep curl 3 sets until exhausted trunk twist w/ full arm extension 3 sets until exhausted abdominal crunch 3 sets until exhausted knee lifts 3 sets until exhausted shadow sparring with bands 15 mins handstand push-ups 3x20 nearly everything i do is until exhaustion...i have to use all 4 bands to feel anything...180lbs of resistance isn't enough for me, but it's the best i could find...
    • Why Do People Believe Stupid Stuff, Even When They... (Last post by OB1Shinobi)
    • i think mostly its that we choose to pay attention to the trash certainly theres no shortage of it and sometimes i get pretty frustrated that i cant look up song lyrics without some weird advertisement taking over the whole screen - like the whole idea is to literally force me to read the ad against my will, like i feel ive been textually assaulted - but if i dont eat it the effects of the force feeding are that i realize i was not forced at all really, just inconvenienced
    • 5 rights women have that men don't (Last post by OB1Shinobi)
    • Quote: I don't believe that every behaviour has a positive start, only that it escalates. For example, someone with a controlling personality doesn't start out by physically harming their spouse in order to solicit the desired behaviour. It normally starts off with small verbal and emotional manipulations that the spouse is more likely to let slide. Controlling behaviour is never a positive intention. i saw something today while i was out and about and it remided me of thos comment at the time that i posted what i said yesterday i was only thinking of "normal" (ha) people who despite the natural flaws of being human still really mean well and care for others i guess it wasnt necssaily what you were getting at, so my bad for reading more than was there, but i was reminded of a couple of people that i have known who, far as i can tell, really dont value anyone and really dont see anything wrong with that so i guess i was responding to myself
    • Victim Blaming vs Personal Responsability (Last post by OB1Shinobi)
    • Quote: to be responsible means that we accept that our existence is precarious that we are in the midst of a world which can be utterly unforgiving and impersonal and that it is our responsibility to empower ourselves to handle the implications of that i feel like this is the important part ive had my car broken in to ive had my belongings stolen i was homeless and the police cut my tent to shreds in the middle of winter one time in fact it was a RAINY winter im not gonna go all sob story but i understand real well how it feels to get dumped on i still maintain responsibility is the empowering option
    • Beyond Carnism and towards Rational, Authentic Foo... (Last post by RyuJin)
    • in any case...nothing will change me from eating meat. my dietary needs require animal protein...i've tried vegetarian/vegan...all it did was make me physically weak...occasionally i'll go a couple of days without meat just to see what happens, i eat other sources of higher amounts of protein and still end up feeling weaker...sometimes it gets so bad i barely have the strength to stand, and still feel hungry despite having a full stomach...the moment i eat some meat the hunger is sated and i feel my strength return... they could discover a meat free diet that causes immortality and i'll still eat meat....just because one person doesn't feel comfortable about the methods, doesn't mean they have the moral high ground to tell others they're wrong... generally i don't buy meat from the grocery store because it's of lesser quality than from the local butcher...and the meat of highest quality is from freshly killed (hunted) animals...being part native american, hunting is a spiritual experience for me...
    • unconditional love (Last post by baru)
    • Quote: I am sitting here thinking that you all have turned 2 words in something like 10-12. Here is how I would define unconditional love...MOM! Kind of says it all. ;) Motherly love is a unique type of love - is there a word for that? yes, since words are so limited and specific, I am looking for a specific word that expresses my sensation of eternal, complete, divine, Force, bound, binding, abundant love in one word. I do feel that confusion comes from the fact that there is one word for so many feelings that people attribute to this word. I am discovering the limitations of words in expressing feelings. I am discovering the importance of images for expressing emotional and universal sensings. This could be why Egyptians used Hieroglyphics in stead of "letters". Images hold so much more than a letter. This is why I prefer comic books and movies to traditional novels. I am finding this thread inspiring. I am enjoying that some many people are interested in exploring this concept.
    • The Grateful Thread (Last post by Edan)
    • Got a lot of grateful to get off my chest today.... I'm grateful to my parents and grandparents, who do more for me than they should, and more than I deserve, who taught me to work hard but be generous. I'm grateful to my fiance, who taught me say 'f*** it' and be myself. I'm grateful to my year ten history teacher, who taught me that one voice can change the world. I'm grateful for my record player... even though half the disks have been played to death, there's something more soulful in the music from a record than from any mp3 or cd.
    • baru, RyuJin, Apprenticeship, 2015 (Last post by baru)
    • Thank you all for your support in this process. I look forward to the growth and evolution that begins with this first single step. Blessings and love.
    • Let's Talk About Runes (Last post by Kamizu)
    • I was thinking of making a set from slices of antler of some kind, carving them in and maybe painting. Although I do like the pretty stones ones I think I like the idea of the antlers better. I have a friend of mine who makes dog chews from naturally shed antlers. She can slice some up for me :D I just have to decide what kind of antler I want to use hmm... I was worried about getting into them and getting distracted for a time lol. My Tarot deck doesn't like it much. They always give me attitude when I start using them after a long absence. :blush:
    • Is questioning one's faith inevitable? (Last post by Gisteron)
    • My objection was not so much with the content as it was with t he phrasing. Being a scepic I do not myself think that there is anything to guarantee one's being correct on a synthetic proposition, so I reckon we are on the same page here, Jestor. However, to boldly (both figuratively and in text format ;)) declare that "nothing" could ever do so I cannot. That is not something I can show to be true so I cannot assert that it is, even if I suspect so. If you wonder, the reason I asked for 'proof' in this case rather than evidence as I usually would is because no amount of things we can exclude as preventives against being wrong, we will never be able to conclude that we have covered an exhaustive list; therefore, the truth of the proposition can only be demonstrated by a logical analysis that concludes that it is not even in principle possible to prevent oneself from being wrong. Point in case, it was the power of the proclamation and the absoluteness of the statement, really... The wording, rather than the message was what I responded to, knowing you and understanding that what you meant wasn't quite exactly how you put it. On that note, lest I be rightfully called out on hypocricy, I must stress that absoluteness itself is not necessarily a problem. When for instance I say that "no amount of faith can prevent one from being wrong", I actually do mean "no amount" and assuming there is a way to map faith to something more quantifiable and maybe also monotony of the resulting function I can actually prove that. It was similar in the second response also. Since in the statement I quoted "any" can mean both any one thing and all things, it is, for someone who doesn't know you, not clear whether you mean that there are people who do grow in some areas despite their faith in it or in others or that there are people who grow in all areas despite their faith with some. My suspicion is, and as of yet I have no demonstration of it ready, that faith in the definition we ended up agreeing upon is a hindering factor to growth in everybody who has it; that is not to say people with faith don't grow, rather that there is for each a non-empty set of areas in which the faithful doesn't grow, grows slowly or only grows little in comparison with someone who has no faith pertaining to the considered areas. It's quantifiers I tried to add. Semantics. We are otherwise on very close pages on this one, it seems.

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