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    • What Do We Mean By "Temple"? (Last post by Zenchi)
    • Was My Temple, as I stated in my last forum entry right before Kaos left. It slowly stopped being that special place over time when the site changed over for the sake of membership numbers over quality. No, of course it's not just the site changing, apparently the old site wasn't able to continue due to problems. It ultimately was the members who wanted nothing more than to stroke their fragile egos claiming to be experts or the massive amount of members who continue to be nothing more than Star Wars fans....
    • Caterpillars Blowing Smoke (Last post by ren)
    • Quote: I don't enjoy constant petty semantic debate, or to be made to feel like an idiot for having a new or unformed idea See, whenever I come up with the crazy stuff i regularly come up with, whenever people are acting touchy-feely or go into that "oh ren is being gross again" mode I just shove it in their face even more. I discussed this with arcade before actually. He's the kind of person who likes to adapt his speech to his audience, to uh, protect their feelings and such... Not realizing that to me, it's probably one of the most offensive things he could ever do.
    • Healthcare Consumerism (Last post by Edan)
    • This is probably a different topic so I may be highjacking my own thread, but I wonder sometimes how doctors see the hippocratic oath intersecting with health profit making. If someone is in hospital and very ill and can't pay for their surgery, but not doing so could end their life, how can a doctor who could do that surgery walk away with the 'do no harm' intact. Is doing nothing where you could harm? Why should money make the difference... Perhaps we should make institutions take the hippocratic oath.. Anyway!... moving on... But you're right, Senan, if we need an ambulance, we just have to hope they're going to do their best. I would hope though that as people in the medical profession they would have some care for humans in the first place.
    • Favorite Art (Last post by Edan)
    • Outside of the Dali Universe exhibition, London [image] Photography from:
    • What form(s) of magic(k) do you practice? (Last post by Arcade)
    • Quote: Everyone uses soap! Well, that's debatable. haha Quote: I really want to! It's a funding thing again. Understood. I think he got everything he needed for a reasonable price, also from an online source. Quote: How does your husband enjoy it? :D Loves it. He's a very hands-on kind of person, though. He works with everything from robotics to amigurumi. :) Quote: Hush you! I have enough projects to finish hahahahaha. Whoops! ;)
    • The Gallon Challenge (Last post by Kamizu)
    • Both times I deployed we were restricted to "Combat Showers". I've heard that refered to as using baby wipes but in this instance it was about turning the shower off between wetting yourself down. But I've gotta say, besides sidewalks, long showers and baths were right at the top of my list of things I miss while deployed....and on top of my list now that I'm pregnant XD Blousing at the ankle is a new one on me though. I prefer to tuck my ABUs into my boots anyways now that it's permitted. I thought this was going to be the milk challange too hahahaha. That's one I won't try...
    • Emotional Meditation (Last post by steamboat28)
    • Quote: Has anyone else used this or other methods to explore their emotions and would you agree it can be beneficial? This is actually how I process most intense emotion. Unlike most people, who want something happy to take their mind off the sadness or anger, I kind of dive deeper into it. It's almost as if others tread water, and I swim to the bottom to pull the plug. I learned a long time ago that is best for me, personally, so I try to do it as often as I need to stay balanced, and to remember that emotions aren't bad--it's what we do with them that makes our lives difficult.
    • Best star wars movie/scene (Last post by tzb)
    • Quote: Anakin: From my point of view the Jedi are evil! Oh man, I'm sorry to do this after saying you were getting old the other day but... for me this is one of the worst lines in the whole saga. It's a perfect example of bad writing... it embodies the opposite of the classic advice "show, don't tell". It's Ep III's equivalent of the toe-curlingly awful "No, it's because I'm so in love with you!" The other ones you mentioned are all pretty great. Ep III is seriously underrated.
    • Steamboat (Last post by steamboat28)
    • Quote: I don't know the guy but when someone says they're nice when you get to know them I always think that what they really mean is they're an ass but you get used to them! :laugh: In this case, that is precisely what it means.
    • Elite: Dangerous (Last post by Streen)
    • That's cool, Adder. Nothing wrong with jerry rigging your controls. I actually dusted off an old track-ball mouse to use for Head Look mode while I'm flying with the joystick, as long as I don't need my hand on the throttle. That's a really good question, as to pricing. From what I've gathered, no one has ever mentioned a monthly fee. I don't think the game is technically an MMO. I hope there isn't a subscription though. Now you've got me worried Adder! :huh: LOL
    • Gisteron and Khaos, (and everyone else..:)..) (Last post by Luthien)
    • Quote: Thats nowhere in the question though. The question was whether or not I had seen something pretty. Mmm... true. I jump ahead of myself, at times, because I move past what's asked and go into other avenues of thought. So, my own participation in this, though not specifically called for, is as so: I speculate, or come to the conclusion, that I think things are pretty or beautiful because of experiences that gave me positive feelings. I find disgust in things that gave me negative feelings. That's not to say that these things couldn't swap places in future experiences, because things that I used to find ugly or obscene are now marvelous, somehow. I choose to see beauty in things based on a particular aspect that I find pleasant. It could be caused by triggers, as you mentioned, created in my earlier experiences. But, as I grow in my walk with the Force, I've been examining every thought and feeling to try and understand why I feel these things. It hasn't been easy, though. Being mindful during a time of complacency is difficult when distractions come my way. There are obviously things that I need to think more about. Thanks, Jestor... :laugh:
    • This Week In Science (Last post by Khaos)
    • INVENTOR DEVELOPS SYNTHETIC LEAF WHICH PRODUCES OXYGEN Julian Melchiorri, a graduate of the Royal College of Art, claims to have developed a silk leaf that could create oxygen for space travel as well as make the air nicer here on Earth. The leaf was developed in conjunction with a silk lab from Tufts University The leaf is created from a matrix of protein extracted from silk and chloroplasts, the organelle that allows plants and algae to perform photosynthesis. When provided with light and water, the synthetic leaf allegedly acts just like a real leaf and produces oxygen. “It’s very light, low energy-consuming,” he explains. “It’s completely biological and my idea was to use the efficiency of nature in a man-made environment. I created some lighting out of this material, using the light to illuminate the house but at the same time to create oxygen for us.” Malchiorri isn’t content to just think of a few small fixtures within the house as the only use for this product. His dreams for Silk Leaf are out of this world. "NASA is researching different ways to produce oxygen for long-distance space journeys to let us live in space,” he continued. “This material could allow us to explore space much further than we can now." In addition to meeting the breathing demands of astronauts and the first colonists of Mars and beyond, the material could be used on the facades of buildings and inside ventilation systems in order to generate fresh oxygen. All of this does sound pretty great, but does not account for photosynthesis in its entirety. Let’s take a look at the equation: 6CO2 + 6H2O + --(Sunlight Energy)--> C6H12O6 + 6O2 The Silk Leaf accounts for the input of carbon dioxide, water, and light as well as the oxygen product, but what about all the sugar? Plants don’t perform photosynthesis purely as a public service; it is done so they can create food for themselves. There isn’t an explanation as to what happens to the carbon and hydrogen that the leaf takes in. Silk Leaf lacks the vacuoles, stems, and roots that store food in plants. The video also claims that plants don’t grow in space, which isn’t true. There have been concerns in the past that roots require gravity in order to develop properly, but experiments from the ISS have shown that plants can grow in space. However, it would take a considerable amount of soil, water, and plants to generate enough oxygen for astronauts or a, so a lightweight alternative like Silk Leaf would be beneficial in that regard. Read more at
    • Cathedrals of Utopia (Last post by RyuJin)
    • Why does all the cool stuff happen far from me....the first thought when I saw that pic alan was one day far in the future historians/archeologists will find this and try to figure out what it is and how it was done....much like current views of stonehenge...

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