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    • Discussion 0 - Introduction to the Monomyth (Last post by Esquire)
    • Discussion 0: Introduction to the Monomyth Question 1: Re-read Campbell's four functions of mythology. Now think about a myth which is important to you (feel free to use Star Wars, another example I gave, or any other beloved myth). Does it satisfy the four functions? How so? In Star Wars Episode IV Luke Skywalker has a sense of awe to the before the nature of being awakened in him when he discovers the message Princess Leah sent to Obi-Wan Kenobi via R2D2. This awakening is deepened when Obi-Wan tells Luke of the Force and calls him to the adventure by encouraging him to become a jedi. This discussion also introduces Luke to the shape of the Universe. This knowledge is deepened once Luke accepts the call after seeing his home and family destroyed and he embarks on the adventure on board the Millennium Falcon. The existing social order is validated and supported as Luke rescues Leah and joins the rebellion. He is taught and guided through the stages of life both by Obi-Wan’s mentoring and by facing the trials of his part in the rebellion. Question 2: Homer wrote the Odyssey around 700BC. George Lucas wrote Star Wars in the 1970s, over 2500 years later. Both were successful in creating enduring, beloved myths. Why do you think both followed the same structure? What does this tell you about the writers? How about the audience? These stories followed the same structure because it is a pattern which spans time through humanity’s collective unconscious. This tells me both authors were aware of this pattern and their audiences are also in touch with the collective unconscious, which speaks to us all to follow our own Way through the pattern of the hero’s journey. Question 3: Read this article on the collective unconscious. How do you feel about it? Does the collective unconscious seem like a realistic idea to you? How does it relate to a belief in the Force? After reading this article I feel grateful to Jung, Campbell, the authors of the stories given as examples, and the men and women who have lived to share the treasure discovered on their journey. The collective unconscious does seem like a realistic idea to me since it spans time and applies to us all in our own Way. This relates to a belief in the Force by revealing a timeless pattern which speaks to us from within and guides us along the Way. Question 4: The Hero's Journey tells the tale of a single person undergoing challenges and becoming something greater than they were for the benefit of that which they believe in. How does this relate to the Temple of the Jedi Order, and your personal path as a Jedi? This relates to the Temple of the Jedi Order and my personal path as a jedi by making us aware of the pattern and inspiring us to persevere and succeed through the examples given which follow this pattern.
    • How can we be taken seriously? (Last post by Adder)
    • Most of your posts Alan leave me wondering whether it should be used as a new discussion topic or a sermon for the Seminary :lol: which is a good thing, thanks!!
    • American Jedi (Last post by Alethea Thompson)
    • *grumbles* I have faith in those that attended the gathering that got filmed- I just hope psychox647 (the name he use to go by) doesn't kill it for us.....
    • Jediism, connect multiple communitys and orders. [... (Last post by Alethea Thompson)
    • Its not that simple, when you get deeply rooted in the Force Realist Community (there is the Jedi Community and the Sith Community, then you have individual sites[or in FA's case an additional council] which ascribe to a different philosophy than these two groups, such as Baran Do or Ashla Knights[eh, well.. They're Jedi...but that's a story of its own, lol]) as I, Khaos and Connor have- it's a lot easier to understand the sheer differences between the philosophies. It is difficult to describe, and took me meeting one in person before I could understand how he appeared to be Jedi in spirit but ascribed to the Sith Path. It's not something I can tell you, but rather you have to experience to understand fully. I know you were looking for an actual answer, but this one truly is something I cannot convey, even after meeting 3 in person (Sarith D'Moren, Lady Qadira before she became light, and Miles).
    • Return and Confusion (Last post by jedi_roz)
    • Welcome Back Silvermane! When it calls you time is irreverent. We are here when you need us. Take a deep breath, know you are among friends and find solace. Good luck with your journey!
    • An Answer for Unification- please read I know it's... (Last post by Alethea Thompson)
    • An individual is an individual- but the question isn't how can individual Jedi be taken seriously, it's "How can Jedi be taken seriously". Tell me, if someone that were a Scientologist were to run for office, do you believe people would take him seriously? As it stands, I know a Jedi (he's even got works in the Great Jedi Holocron) that is running for Congress- in order to do our best in supporting him, we've ensured his real life name has been wiped from the records. He has also pulled out of the community since he started down a political path. He is still Jedi in every sense of the word- and only a select few will ever know what he has accomplished as a Jedi. With any luck, maybe one of the old guard will survive him and log the story in our history- who knows it might be me. But don't you think it a bit of a tragedy that by just being affiliated with the community might prevent them from achieving some great things? Things greater than you or me? Or maybe even that a Jedi running for Congress?
    • My vision for a United Jedi Order (Last post by Targeran Arynal)
    • Is it generally accepted that justice is a phenomenon specific to human consciousness, or are there arguments that justice is present in higher orders of the universe as well?
    • Course Comms (Last post by tzb)
    • Discussion 0 - Introduction to the Monomyth now available: PLEASE DO NOT REPLY TO THE COURSE COMMS THREAD
    • HAPPINESS (Last post by MikeBudo)
    • Greetings Each Bows Some more :) The Magic Of Positive Thinking/The Power Of The Subconscious Mind The magic of positive thinking is real. Adopting behaviours like positive self talk and daily positive affirmations can change the brain's structure and ultimately influence the subconscious mind. So how does the power of positive thinking work its magic in your mind? Together, the conscious and subconscious minds direct the show that is your life. So altering their function will lead to new and different ways of being. Let's begin with a few definitions: The Subconscious Mind: It's worth noting that the "subconscious mind" I'm speaking of, is what Freud called the "unconscious mind". There is no subconscious mind in psychoanalysis. It is more of a new age, self development term. So when referring to the subconscious mind, I'm talking about that part of the mind that stores feelings, perceptions, complexes, beliefs and desires that are all outside of our conscious awareness, yet have a powerful influence over the actions and behaviours we take in every moment. The unconscious mind is associated with the dreaming, reflecting, meditating and sleeping state. It is intuitive, easily making associations and connections between thoughts, ideas and feelings. It does your perceiving and feeling. The Conscious Mind: The conscious mind is the antithesis of the subconscious mind. It does all of your intellectual thinking. It's the part of your mind responsible for your self-talk, the endless stream of mind chatter that can on occasion almost send you crazy. The conscious mind likes logical order and sequential information. It likes things to make sense, to have reason. At any one time, the conscious mind can manage awareness of about seven or eight bits of information. The Magic Of Positive Thinking: The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind While we like to think we have conscious control over what we attract, what we do in life, and how we behave, the truth is, the subconscious has most of the control. So when you aren't attracting what you want in life, it's an indication that unconsciously you have low expectations for yourself. Even if on a conscious level you make every effort to achieve something, unless your unconscious carries synergistic expectations, then it will be difficult to achieve. The Magic Of Positive Thinking: Programming The Subconscious Mind Information is received by the subconscious mind from the conscious mind. Your conscious mind perceives the world through your senses. It then attaches a judgment to these thoughts that creates a feeling. The feeling is then lodged into your unconscious mind as a belief. Since all of your unconscious beliefs were first conscious thoughts, it stands to reason that you can change or reprogram your subconscious mind by actively adopting new thinking. This is where the magic of positive thinking comes into play! Using The Magic Of Positive Thinking To Impact Your Life Become aware of your negative programming and beliefs. For example, perhaps growing up you were teased (as so many kids are) about a facial feature or your sports ability. And now, no matter what you do, you cannot see yourself as anything but ugly or anything but a klutz. In each of these cases, the negative beliefs you want to reprogram are "I am ugly" and "I am a klutz". Activate the power of positive thinking: start feeding your conscious mind with new beliefs. At this stage, it's not important that you agree with your new belief, what's important is that it's motivating to you and you'd like to believe it to be true. So in each case, the new beliefs you would want to instill in yourself are "I am truly beautiful, inside and out" and "I am good at sports/I am comfortable in my body". Continue feeding your mind stimulus that aligns with these statements. Meditation (especially binaural brain beat meditations and hypnosis are like super vitamins at this.) They help you achieve a relaxed state where its much easier to accept and integrate positive self talk. You can also incorporate positive daily affirmations and visualization exercises to help make change more rapid. Overtime, as you keep feeding yourself new positive stimulus the negative thoughts you've become so used to hearing will become quieter. Through repeated exposure to your new beliefs, you will start to change your perception of yourself in these areas. At first you'll notice the change in small things. Perhaps you'll decide to take up a sport or if you're belief was that you are ugly, perhaps you'll notice that you suddenly feel more sexy and confident and you might start to dress differently to reflect this. The main point to remember is that you can practice the magic of positive thinking in your life by controlling what thoughts you focus on. It's not an over claim to say that positive thinking is one of the best self help solutions available. It can do wonders for your life.
    • Jedi and Padawan in the fictional Star Wars univer... (Last post by Goken)
    • I'd probably pick Obi-Wan. I like his saber style and his personality. You can see his loyalty to his friends while he remains detatched. He was patient and smart, avoided confrontation whenever possible but was no push-over. I almost have to force myself through an episode of the Clone Wars if he's not in it.
    • Jedi Prayers / Psalms / Invocations (Last post by Phortis Nespin)
    • I as the Force (a mantra) I breath in the Force; I breath out the Force I move with the Force; I am motionless with the Force I think with the Force; I am empty with the Force I am Kind with the Force; I am Compassionate with the Force I defend with the Force; I heal with the Force I Serve with the Force; I Love with the Force It is the Light in the Darkness; It is the Darkness in the Light It is All Things; It is Nothing It is Life; It is Lifelessness The Force as I; I as the Force
    • MTG prerelease tonight!!! (Last post by rugadd)
    • I used to be a judge for that. Got $85 store credit for the last few boxes just last week. I just can not afford it anymore. Crack the Gathering for sure.
    • "The Way of the Knight of Jedi Realism" ... (Last post by MJ Hannigan)
    • Quote: That's one of the things I enjoy about you most, Hannigan. I never feel like I have to worry about how your self esteem is doing. When am I going to be a guest on your show? Well i am taking this sunday off from "Jedi Realist Radio Presents" and i will start my new Series next sunday where i will be talking about concepts from Living the Martial Way book. I will give you a outline of dates times and subjects and you are welcome to jump on any show you like. This goes for anyone if you want to call in I would love to have you.

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