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    • 10 Tips for Dealing with Introverts (Last post by Edan)
    • I definitely agree with Arcade about number 6.... it took me 4 years at work to be able to deal with small talk without wanting to cry.. Currently this is one I feel the most! Quote: 8. Many introverts, though not all, find it difficult to express themselves through spoken conversation. It’s much easier and more comfortable for them to get their point across through ancient runes that appear in the middle of the night carved into your forearm, pelvis, and back.
    • How many do you have? (Last post by Alan)
    • In Hero with a Thousand Faces, Campbell discusses the mythic symbolism of the ‘spiritual double’ within the context of The Ultimate Boon. The hero journeys to that special place where she might obtain power. Sometimes the boon is stolen, for example, Prometheus and fire, sometimes earned or procured through trickery. One of the many symbols of the boon is, “the inexhaustible dish, symbolizing the perpetual life-giving, form-building powers of the universal source, is a fairy-tale counter-part of the mythological image of the cornucopian banquet of the gods” (Campbell 173). The boon is sometimes a kind of “indestructibility represented in the folk idea of the spiritual double – an external soul not afflicted by the losses and injuries of the present body, but existing safely in some place removed” (Campbell 174ff). The symbols of doppelgangers or clones are a kind of boon of immortality where the hero is more than one person. They possess a kind of immortality because of the difficulty of destroying both souls. The science fiction plot device of countless clones is one form of this mythic immortality as are the fairy tales of doppelgangers. “It is obvious that the infantile fantasies which we all cherish still in the unconscious play continually into myth, fairy tale, and the teachings of the church, as symbols of indestructible being…But the circumstance is obstructive too, for the feelings come to rest in the symbols and resist passionately every effort to go beyond” (Campbell 177). On our own hero’s path to spiritual maturity is the temptation to hear such stories literally. The adventure leads us to enter into the power of the symbol remembering that ‘the menu is not the meal’.
    • Dalai Lama Pizza Order (Last post by Loudzoo)
    • So the Dalai Lama goes into a pizza restaurant and the waiter asks him "What toppings would you like on your pizza? Ham, cheese, mushrooms, onions, pineapple?" and the Dalai Lama replies "Just make me one with everything!" I like this joke but watching a news anchor actually tell it the man himself is even better. Awkward doesn't even come close . . . the joke (of course) was on the news anchor not the Dalai Lama!
    • About the lack of water in Brazil. (Last post by MrBruno)
    • Yes you are right. The problem in general is the lack of water, associated with the mismanagement of funds by our beloved governor (possibly will soon face some protests by people not very happy.). Long ago he was told by the technicians of the country about the problem, but ignored. The even worse is that most of the electricity is generated by hydroelectric here. We are all concerned about the fact but wonder that the news has not been published in any external media. (The government here often stifle all)
    • General reading question (Last post by carlos.martinez3)
    • I went ahead and bought it, I'm halfway done and it is a very easier read than that of its before comers. Lol I'm actually impressed and actually laughed at the LOR references lol
    • Rants far and wide (Last post by steamboat28)
    • I'm getting really, really tired of presenting a sociological, anthropological, historical, research-and-fact-based opinion and being called a racist white boy because someone on the Internet doesn't want their precious notions challenged. Why is it so much easier to attack people than ideas? Also, you're not allowed to call me blanket terms like "white person" and then try to blast me for "appropriating" a "white" culture that I actually belong to, just because you didn't stop talking long enough to ask what sort of "white" I am. White people come from varied cultures, too, y'know.
    • Video Games Promoting Nationalism and War? (Last post by MrBruno)
    • I believe that all games should be seen as RPG, just a make-believe. Of course the games as well as poetry, music and movies make us think in situations that are beyond our reality and that's the beauty of them. If there was a war, we would run the weapons or would do part of the peace movement? So as well as any artistic expression the games, take us from our reality and make us embody other characters make us reflect on what we really believe and what is ethical. A soldier of war is a hero in war, but in peacetime people can see it as monster. Just think of everything that happened in World War II. Of course it is only my opinion. In war there are no winners, only survivors.
    • Jedi Knight in one word (Last post by Kitsu Tails)
    • Quote: For me the word would still be 'Knight' I know, kind of a cop out haha no more than my first answer "Jedi" :-p
    • New Star Wars comics (Last post by Goken)
    • Is anybody reading the new Star Wars comics from Marvel? I read the first issue of Star Wars and, while I normally think that Jason Aaron is overrated as a writer, I loved it. I feel like he really got the dialogue right. I could hear the actors saying those lines and they fit. It made sense and was really well done. I forget who the artist was (typical, I know) but the art was fantastic, way better than the Dark Horse artist. I'm very excited for more. I'm intrugued by the idea of solo Darth Vader and Leia serieses. I think that Leia is a mini series written by Mark Waid (current writer for Daredevil) which means it could be good. She could be good in a mini but an on going series when she's a main character in the main comic might be too much. Vader is really cool but I'm not sure what they're going to try to do with him as the main character. I'm worried that they'll try to make us too sympathetic towards him at a point in the timeline when we don't yet know his history (the new comics take place between episodes IV and V at the moment).
    • Is it possible to change so that you don't recogni... (Last post by Goken)
    • It's entirely possible, in fact, I think its a good thing. If my child self saw me and could tell instantly that I was him grown up then my life didn't branch out much. (unless I was much smarter than I think I was and could figure it out. LOL) My fiance and I frequently talk about how much we've changed in the time that we've been together. How much we've grown as a couple and as individuals. Then we look at how much we've changed since we met (seven years prior to our first date). We both know that there is no way we would have worked out back then because of who we were. (I was rude, she was weird). Even something as simple as clothes. If you had told me two years ago that I would wear a tie five days a week, and enjoy it, I'd have laughed my head off. Now I feel weird on casual days at work when I don't have to wear a tie. Some times I do anyway. Change is growth, stagnation is death. I hope that I constantly surprise my past self and become different than I expect.
    • Do you have a loved one that has a mental illness?... (Last post by Goken)
    • My fiance has been diagnosed with anxiety issues (I'm sure there's a better word) and ADHD. The toughest part for me is that growing up my father taught me (not explicitly mind you, just through actions) that both of those things are simply weakness. That people with anxiety just don't have the strength to deal with their problems and ADHD is an excuse for bad parenting. This causes a lot of tension between my fiance and myself when she has anxiety attacks because, as much as I know in my head that it's a real problem that she can't just make go away, there's still that part of me that just doesn't understand what's going on and still sees it as a weakness that should have been trained out of her long ago. My reaction to people I meet with depression is somewhat similar. Please note that I do know that that view point is wrong and I am currently doing everything I can to train myself out of that feeling. What I've learned from dealing with this is that the best thing that you can do is be there. Sometimes they don't want you to be, some of those times you should leave and some of those times you should stay, the hard part is figuring out which is which. That's different for everyone. You have to find triggers, both good and bad. Then you can avoid the bad triggers and try to set off the good ones. Example, my fiance absolutely hates seeing dirty dishes, even if I'm abviously still eating the dinner that was made in those dishes. She's also convinced that shes the only one that ever does the dishes even though that's not true. If I know that she's had a bad day at work the first thing I do when I get home is do the dishes. Also, if we've been at home all day on a weekend she freaks out, so I make sure that every time we have a full day off we get out of the house, even if it's just for a walk. (I think that she's mildly claustrophobic and being enclosed for too long freaks her out). One of the hardest aspects of this is that your efforts will not be recognized every time, but you have to remember that you do it for them and not for yourself. Seeing them feel better should be it's own reward. I also hole heartedly agree with Burn Pheonix. Be sure to take time for yourself. Good luck.

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