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    • D&D (Last post by babyblueyes247)
    • Any day works... but I'm not a morning person because of one of my jobs (steamboat you'll know what hours I mean) BUT BUT BUT. I'm busy Saturday the 26th and so is Itachi. Also... Itachi is busy Tuesdays
    • Confused (Last post by ryangoan)
    • "I profess before all my fellow Jedi that I,Ryan Goan born on 09/07/1984, without eservation, choose the Jedi path, until I am ready for Jedi Knighthood or I otherwise decide, with all its duties and responsibilities. I shall do that which is right and profess my allegiance to the Force. During that time I promise to do my utmost to uphold the Jedi teachings, and to live a life as is worthy of a Jedi."
    • The Order of the Good Death (Last post by Phortis Nespin)
    • Suicide has nothing to do with conquering fear. I have dealt with many suicides in my profession. None have been about conquering fear. Suicide is the end result of a life not understood. It is a rape victim who cannot deal with the shame. The anger of a son against his father. Wife against husband. Suicide is the last resort of a enfeebled mind. Until you see and hear the cries of the children who found their fathers body swinging in the garage, you must be careful of what you say here. There are many of us here that deal with this subject on a professional level and know. There are some here who may have tried to commit suicide and thankfully failed.
    • Language learners (Last post by Edan)
    • Quote: I have a strong desire to learn languages, but they never stay with me...I spent 4 years on spanish in highschool, and 2 years in college, passed the classes with a B and can't even hold a conversation. I started again with American sign language. Useful if I can't talk at all, which could mean a lot of different scenarios. I'm working on translating all of the doctrine into video as a project to help me improve. It also comes naturally being a martial artist and an Italian. I used to be like this. I took (read, was forced) to take French and German at high school and was terrible; grainy audio recordings and outdated text books meant that when I left school I immediately forgot everything. I did a German exchange though and discovered how much I loved Germany, so as an adult I've become determined to learn and I'm getting there slowly, even managed to visit Germany three times in the past few years. I've never thought about how learning sign language could benefit from other movements like martial arts but now you mention it it seems completely obvious.
    • Assigning the Deity (Last post by Akkarin)
    • Quote: Quote: Quote: The assigning the deity argument really just boils down to the extent to which you can justify your opinion etc... That's exactly right. My assertion is that you can never justify your opinion using religious sources. I disagree rather completely. It's no different than justifying your opinion using other sources you didn't author. Appealing to divine authority is a very specific form of the more general 'using other sources you didn't author' so it isn't quite the same. Think of the difference between moral views and scientific views, both use sources other than your own but they are very different.
    • The Union of East & West through Pop Culture (Last post by Arcade)
    • An excellent Oxford Union address by Chinese-American singer-songwriter Wang Leehom about discrimination, perspectives, stereotypes, thinking for yourself, and removing the artificial borders that separate the East and West by promoting a world music culture. I've always enjoyed his music, but gained more respect for him after viewing this. [video] (Leehom's Mixtape)
    • Workout Check-In Thread (Last post by Tripp Borz)
    • I started the insanity workout program this week. I think the hardest part wasn't the work out, it was getting up at 430 in the morning to go to the gym... :blink: So far I have the desire, I just hope it sticks around!
    • How to Post a Sermon (Last post by Alexandre Orion)
    • Quote: Quote: Your article will be saved for a revision. As I said it needs a revision. An admin or a publisher must approve it - unless you are one. Alexandre was faster than me.... :( Go ahead and keep answering people's questions though, Sajjad, please ... Alexandre gets things wrong pretty often too ... :blush:
    • "Empire Ideology" and Jediism? (Last post by RyuJin)
    • Quote: Quote: A true democracy would be nice, but impractical as the sheer effort of getting the masses to vote on anything of significance has proven too difficult for any democracy....even America's democratic republic... Not really, it's entirely possible to have everybody vote on every issue using computers. You could even use open source, transparent code so that it wouldn't get election-rigged and if it did then you could do a recount with updated software after someone found the flaw. Things like that. I've been saying that for years...what I was referring to in my previous post was getting the lazy masses off their rumps to actually Gabriel Iglesias pointed out we have higher voter turnout for stupid crap like american idol than we do for political offices etc
    • Jedi and Bushido (Last post by Alan)
    • Some questions come to mind that a Jedi Apprentice might consider when expressing their opinion. How does a Jedi Apprentice express an opinion that contributes to the quality of the discussion? What is the clearest and most constructive manner in which a Jedi Apprentice could express an opinion? How does a Jedi Apprentice express an opinion that helps strengthen our temple community? How does a Jedi Apprentice express an opinion that adheres to common guidelines for argumentation, such as, correct facts, proper attribution and clear reasoning? From the Jedi Creed, how might a Jedi Apprentice express an opinion that addresses the problems of hatred, injury, doubt, despair, darkness and sadness? How does a Jedi Apprentice express an opinion that builds upon our commonly held Jedi teachings? How does a Jedi Apprentice express an opinion that shows an appreciation for the maxims of humility, nobility, motive, discipline, discretion, and integrity?
    • Jedi Swords and Inner Alchemy (Last post by Streen)
    • I would LOVE to forge my own sword. Not sure what would be involved... time, money, location, method, etc. I wouldn't know where to look for a teacher for this sort of thing, but if I had the opportunity, I would do it. :cheer:

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