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    • What Is a Stereotype? (Last post by Luthien)
    • Quote: What Is a Stereotype?[1] Feisty. Seductive. Intelligent. Used to describe individuals, these adjectives pose no particular problem. Used to describe groups of people, however, these adjectives may constitute stereotypes. What is a stereotype? Stereotypes are qualities assigned to groups of people related to their race, nationality and sexual orientation, to name a few. Because they generalize groups of people in manners that lead to discrimination and ignore the diversity within groups, stereotypes should be avoided. Stereotypes vs. Generalizations While all stereotypes are generalizations, not all generalizations are stereotypes. Stereotypes are oversimplifications of people groups widely circulated in certain societies. In the United States, racial groups have been linked to stereotypes such as being good at math, athletics and dancing. These stereotypes are so well-known that the average American wouldn’t hesitate if asked to identify which racial group in this country has a reputation for excelling in basketball. In short, when one stereotypes, one repeats the cultural mythology already present in a particular society. On the other hand, a person can make a generalization about an ethnic group that hasn’t been perpetuated in society. Say a woman encounters individuals from a particular ethnic group and finds them to be excellent parents. Based on her encounters with these folks, she may oversimplify and conclude that anyone from this ethnic group must be an excellent parent. In this instance, she would be guilty of generalizing, but an observer might think twice about calling her conclusion a stereotype since no group in the U.S. has the distinction of being known as excellent parents. Stereotypes Can Be Complicated While stereotypes may refer to a specific sex, race, religion or country, often they link various aspects of identity together. A stereotype about black gay men, for example, would involve race, sex and sexual orientation. Although such a stereotype targets a specific segment of African Americans rather than blacks generally, it’s still problematic to insinuate that black gay men are all a certain way. Too many other factors make up any one black gay man’s identity to ascribe a set list of characteristics to him. Stereotypes are also complicated because when they factor in race and sex, members of the same group may be pegged very differently. Certain stereotypes apply to Asian Americans generally, but when the Asian-American population is broken down by sex, one finds that stereotypes of Asian-American men and Asian-American women differ. Stereotypes involving race and gender may peg the women of a racial group as attractive and the men as the exact opposite or vice versa. Even stereotypes applied to a racial group become inconsistent when members of that group are broken down by national origin. A case in point is that stereotypes about black Americans differ from those about blacks from the Caribbean or blacks from African nations. Such discrepancies indicate that stereotypes make little sense and aren’t useful tools by which to judge others. Can Stereotypes Ever Be Good? Both negative and positive stereotypes exist, but even the latter do harm. That’s because all stereotypes are limiting and leave little to no room for individuality. Perhaps a child belongs to a racial group known for being highly intelligent. This particular child, however, suffers from a learning disability and struggles to keep up with his classmates in school. Because his teacher buys into the stereotype that this child is supposed to excel in class because “his people” are highly intelligent, she might assume that his poor marks are because he’s lazy and never do the investigative work needed to discover his learning disability, saving him from years of struggle in school. Is There Truth in Stereotypes? It’s oft said that stereotypes are rooted in truth, but is this a valid statement? People who make this argument often want to justify their use of stereotypes. The problem with stereotypes is that they suggest that groups of people are inherently prone to certain behaviors. Arabs are naturally one way. Hispanics are naturally another. The fact is, science doesn’t back up these kinds of assertions. If groups of people have historically excelled at certain activities, social factors no doubt contributed to this phenomenon. Perhaps a society barred a group of people from practicing certain professions but welcomed them in others. Over the years, members of the group became associated with the professions they were actually allowed to practice. This came about not because of any inherent talent in these fields but because they were the professions that allowed them to survive. Those who spread stereotypes ignore social factors and make links between groups of people and certain skills, activities or behaviors where none inherently exist. Wrapping Up The next time you’re tempted to stereotype a group of people, think about the groups to which you belong. List the stereotypes linked to those groups. Does each of those stereotypes apply to you? More than likely you’d disagree that all of the qualities commonly attributed to those of your gender, racial group and sexual orientation describe you. That’s why it’s important to judge specific individuals rather than the groups of which they’re part. Not that I didn't know what it is, but it seems to happen here a lot more than we like to admit. For instance, one need not look any further than the discussion on Sithism[2] to see it in action. I'm not saying that anybody should be disregarded for it because we all go through some development while we're here. Perspectives are enhanced, changed, or broadened because of discussion, but there are times when we tend to stereotype and generalize. I think it shows a good sense of self-awareness when one catches themselves doing it, though. So the point of my posting this was to bring some awareness to what and how we post in response to each other. May you engulf me in flames for this with peace. :silly: ----- 1. Nittle, N. K. (nd) What Is a Stereotype? Retrieved from 2. Chinesealan (2012) sithism. Temple of the Jedi Order. Retrieved from
    • sithism (Last post by Khaos)
    • So, embracing the Darkside makes you Light, denying it makes you Dark? Seems legit. People talk a lot about this "wholeness" and I am wondering what exactly it is, how people even think its possible to achieve and what exactly such a vague notions inherent worth is in any regard.
    • Budweiser Pulls slogan accused of "Promoting ... (Last post by OB1Shinobi)
    • Quote: Quote: I do feel that its irresponsible in that it encourages the idea that you need to drink in order to have fun, be confident or have a good night. But then, all alcohol campaigns do that, and I dislike the "alcohol culture". thats hillarious because its true "please drink responsibly" lol and the connection between sex is funny also because while its true that everyone loosens up a bit with a couple drinks in them, as a general rule, the drunker a man gets the less women want to be around him, which the commercials dont really make too clear do they? lol "use our product and look like a jerk!"
    • Fasting (Last post by Kitsu Tails)
    • Quote: Quote: It is a way to flush out the toxins As for the whole detox thing, the title of this Guardian article seems to sum it up pretty nicely: You can’t detox your body. It’s a myth. Except that is not what I meant by "Toxins" ;) Forgive me. I realize it is a very wide and general term and can mean a lot of things. I should have explained further. "Way to Flush Out Toxins" is my way of saying cleaning up your diet, cutting out addictions, bad habbits, stagnant energies, things that caused you to go on a fast and diet in the first place.
    • Split off - Linking offsite versus Quoting... (Last post by OB1Shinobi)
    • if i had to carry my online persona by my own wits i wouldnt even turn on my computer except to do brain teasers maybe easy ones imo the jedi warrior thread has a ton of great videos and links and quotes from outside sources i deliberately kept my own "this is what i think" to a minimum in that topic, for the simple reason that on the internet "I" is an uncertain entity; for all i know this whole forum is a conversation between me and some frightened kid locked in an attic with a computer and an IQ of 210 - PM ME ATTIC CHILD I WILL HELP YOU GET A GIRL FRIEND! - OR A BOYFRIEND, WHATEVER, YOU NEED TO SOCIALIZE!!
    • Sigmund Freud (Last post by Rickie)
    • It's his birthday today. Happy birth days Sig! Thanks for helping see how screwed up I am. :silly: :woohoo: :laugh: Thank you Cabur Senaar for pointing this out. Nice beard by the way. ;) :)
    • The Fremen..... (Last post by Akkarin)
    • Quote: In seriousness, the Fremen are of course very tribal/one with their environment (as Locksley pointed out), so that's a good place to start. A large part of their identity is survival and being able to work with nature. They also have a warrior element, along with a strong sense of unity and brotherhood (Ichwan Bedwine). Fremen belief in prophecies, Shai-Hulud (i.e., the physical embodiment of their view of god), and water as equivalent to life - these are all worth examining as well. Don't forget the tribal orgies :whistle:
    • Jedi and "Drugs" (Last post by Akkarin)
    • If I may, I'm not sure you guys are really disagreeing a whole lot, you're just talking about slightly different things. :)
    • We as humans we As Jedi Luminous Beings (Last post by Sven One)
    • Earlier one of our fellow Jedi Goken had posted a quote from Yoda from Empire Strikes Back stating, "Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter." - Yoda Anyone who loves Starwars remembers the enchanting moment in degaba Luke training with Master Yoda. I remember it be so unique and so a small boy watching it I wanted to be a jedi and be trained by Yoda like Luke. Now that is off my subject of what I am about to talk about forgive me I will try and keep to the point. My point was despite the quote the word Luminous struck me. I somewhat know what Luminous means it means light source of some sort being I have heard it used in speech before. However, it intrigued me enough to go and look it up and see what the actual definition of it means. lu·mi·nous ˈlo͞omənəs/Submit adjective full of or shedding light; bright or shining, especially in the dark. "the luminous dial on his watch" synonyms: shining, bright, brilliant, radiant, dazzling, glowing, gleaming, scintillating, lustrous; More antonyms: dark (of a color) very bright; harsh to the eye. "he wore luminous green socks" PHYSICS relating to light as it is perceived by the eye, rather than in terms of its actual energy I, was correct it had to do with light. I begun to think also, after the Yoda says to Luke that we're luminous being and not this crude matter meaning obviously our flesh or our bodies. That begun to make me think to myself that Yoda had a duel meaning this statement he just shared. Obviously, he was trying to teach Luke to believe in The Force and not within himself but, that is not my point or thought of the topic just getting that out of the way. I believe within ourselves there is a body and a soul and a spirit within us (this is just my opinion). When we die I believe that our body dies and our soul and spirit goes off to be once again join the living force in the stream of the ever expanding universe we live in (Again, just my thoughts and they could change in time). My belief is we truly are Luminous beings as humans and as we are Jedi when we're born "This crude Matter" as Yoda would say. When we're children our matter is fresh, young, we age in The Force we grow tired, we're not as fresh we need coffee to get going, not as strong we take supplements to help us, we're not as young anymore in The Force and this not something we have control over or can change...not even Hollywood (laughs). We're all unique and different not two people are the same not even Identical Twins according to what I read they're still different in personalities and traits we're all different...yet connected together. As we age we begin to develop those traits, personalities, likes, dislikes, ect. As we travel down what we call "life" we pick up a few things, learn a few things, develope habits, ect. Some of us become successful business owners, some grocery clerks, pastors, and so on. Eventually I believe we all have a point of death is evident and unavoidable one day. As a Jedi I can honestly say when I die I am not worried. I honestly used to be a little worried about Heaven or Hell issue in my early years but, not so much anymore. Don't get me wrong I am not asking to die or anything hopefully it won't be a painful one. However, I believe as Jedi we're children of the light, children of the awakened. I believe in our code of conduct and that we're to serve Good rather Evil, others rather than just ourselves. I believe that a Jedi should be humble. In doing so let our light shine in our communities. Get out of our comfort zones our crude matter and reach out to people in love not religious dogma or hateful judgments. I don't believe TOTJO is ever like that or ever will be. When we do something good for someone being the simplest thing being at the grocery counter and covering someone's bill because they're a little short. seeing someone struggling to change a tire on the side of the road getting out and helping them. Helping get some child's cat out of a tree I am sure everyone can think of an example. Don't you feel good when you do something good? In a world where I feel like selfishness runs rampant at times I am not trying to be negative but, we're living in a world that is crying out for help. Light, is always represented throughout time as "Good." If we're truly Luminous beings let our "Good" our "Light" shine through our Crude Matter. There might not be ever a reward at the end of a good deed or even an appreciation but, you made a difference in someone's world. My grandfather once told me, "You will never change the world, your one person." I can name a few that were just one person that changed our history forever I am not going to go into detail but, I am sure you can think of a few historical people to pen in. I am not talking about saving the world or anything superficial like that or running around like super heroes. However, that good deed changed someone's world that day. I remember one time working at my job and a customer had left her purse at the checkout line. It had all her personals in it. I knew who it was I quickly ran after her. When I found her heading out to her car I was like, "Madam, you forgot your purse?" Her mouth dropped, she grabbed the bag and was like, "Oh my dear Lord, thank you so much Young Man oh, I am so grateful. I had all my money for the Month in this purse if you hadn't seen it I am sure someone would have stole it and I wouldn't be able to buy, eat or pay any of my bills...You don't know how much this means to me...thank you son!" I walked away feeling good. Just thinking about this elderly lady not having her purse and not being able to pay her bills or eat anything made me feel good I stopped what could of been a panic and a heart broken. I went throughout the entire day feeling good that I made a difference in someone's life. -MTFBWY -Sven One
    • Just for Laughs (Last post by Calem)
    • Total Eclipse of the Heart - Literal version Concept music videos of the 80's were actually pretty weird :D

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