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    • Marx said what? (Last post by Gisteron)
    • Let's read on, shall we. Quote: The abolition of religion as the illusory happiness of the people is the demand for their real happiness. To call on them to give up their illusions about their condition is to call on them to give up a condition that requires illusions. The criticism of religion is, therefore, in embryo, the criticism of that vale of tears of which religion is the halo. Criticism has plucked the imaginary flowers on the chain not in order that man shall continue to bear that chain without fantasy or consolation, but so that he shall throw off the chain and pluck the living flower. The criticism of religion disillusions man, so that he will think, act, and fashion his reality like a man who has discarded his illusions and regained his senses, so that he will move around himself as his own true Sun. Religion is only the illusory Sun which revolves around man as long as he does not revolve around himself. Source Marx did see religion for the escape medium that it was to so many in his time and he saw it as an indicator of the miserable condition it was in place to mitigate. He went on to explain that by removing it he didn't mean robbing people of their last resort but rather getting people out of the condition within which they needed religion in the first place. The final paragraph I quoted might remind people of the endless propaganda non-believers have to face from the faithful of being ultimately selfish and their own gods. I would argue that what Marx meant to say is that instead of spending our time and resources on what he considered a false consolation we would be collectively better off working for ourselves and for each other such that our world is one where we need not cling to religion. He might alternatively also have meant to say that the joy and beauty religion brings ultimately comes from within us anyway and we might as well recognize it as a part of ourselves and of our fellow people and see them for the beauty they are without the easily exploitable middle man that is religion. I highly recommend to read the entire original article as it were. Since this is such a sensitive topic, misinterpreting passages is very easy and likely unavoidable. Lest we quote-mine to put words into each other's mouths, perhaps the author did make his meaning clear enough to answer some of our speculations about it.
    • What Are You Listening To Right Now? (Last post by Tarran)
    • Lyrics; I'm the droid you're looking for... You feel like you were made to suffer, But your eyes, they can deceive you... - don't trust them! Etiquette and Protocol, It's your lot in life; There'll be no escape, this time... - don't act so surprised! I'm the droid you're looking for! Oh-oh-oh! I'm the droid you can't ignore! Oh-oh-oh! I'm the droid, the one you can't avoid! Oh-oh-oh! You can't hold me off forever, With your simple tricks and nonsense... Your clumsy and random, Useless gestures, Against the struggle... Trust not, my feelings, Are heavily shielded, And magnetically sealed! I'm the droid you're looking for! Oh-oh-oh! I'm the droid you can't ignore! Oh-oh-oh! I'm the droid, the one you can't avoid! Oh-oh-oh! Hear me, baby? Hold together, Help me, you're my only hope... - but don't get cocky! You're babbling on, About your mission... The more you tighten your grip, The more it slips, through your fingers... I'm the droid you're looking for! Oh-oh-oh! I'm the droid you can't ignore! Oh-oh-oh! I'm the droid, the one you can't avoid! Oh-oh-oh! I'm the droid, I am the dro~o-o-oid! I'm the droid, I am the dro~o-o-oid! I'm the droid, I am the dro~o-o-oid!
    • How many do you have? (Last post by Adder)
    • Interesting topic, foreign to me, not having any. Scary thought!! A good chance to offer a friendly reminder to all about the rules regarding multiple accounts. Only one account is allowed per user unless approved by Council, so I hope everyone can please be sincere with their efforts here, and respect the genuine effort that this Temple represents to help people in the Jedi way. Every bit of help each person can bring is priceless and can make a huge difference to someone in need - but the root ingredient has to be genuine intention and fair conduct - in my opinion it is compassion and honesty which will reward us each more then any other fancy. Quote: The simple rule is one account per member. There is no point, need or reason for anyone (except appropriate administrators) to have more than one account with which to access this site. Thank you all and gang, carry on :side:
    • Creating A Society (Last post by den385)
    • I'd say we don't ask George Lucas for anything. If Jedi Way is strong, than we shall provide everything for ourselves. Else, we'll be not so much different from Franchise fans. There are thousands of followers of Jedi Way. Maybe, one thousand of those with most serious mind. I, myself, see my life's mission in establishing Jedi in the society once and for all. Because - you know the hero in "Catcher in the Rye", who wanted to protect kids from falling into abyss? Well, I've fallen into that metaphorical Abyss. Ten years of depression and some years to recover. I want to protect everyone human from falling into abyss of no-spiritual. This is sole mission of my life, however i don't lose humor j-D I do not think this will be easy. First, I'll become a guru programmer, than a project manager, than a freelancer, than a startup-er, than an entrepeneur and then someday I'll have money for building and influence to support movement. So, it's iterational long hard road. I want to mark that by such long-planning dedication I am not severing myself of anything. It's reciprocity: the establish-Jedi mission just focuses me in activities that are my pleasure (Ikigai) on their own. I deem such way of building the Temple as the only serious way. As Buddha said, Quote: Thou be a pillar of yourself Thou be a beacon of yourself Thou hold on to your truth as the only Way.
    • Rants far and wide (Last post by Phortis Nespin)
    • I dislike when someone says they love their job, but then bitches when they are called to do it. Quit and let the unemployed have your job. I'm sure they would be happy to get paid very well to help others.
    • Britain to get a school for gay/bi/transgender stu... (Last post by ren)
    • Quote: Quote: Quote: Not negating your argument, Ren, Just thought I'd share an article that talks about what you are speaking on. I'm not sure what I think about gender separation (if you did that, based on this article's explanation of why it is a good idea, would you need to judge gender by physical attributes or by what the individual perceives themselves as? Or would the learning capabilities still be the same of their physical gender types?). Something I'm a bit curious about now. :) The only thing that I would think is a better method of teaching people is engaging in classes aimed at teaching in one of the three types of learning styles (you can find what yours is here ). This stuff just sounds like douchebaggery to me, and is in no way related to what i was talking about. This being said the situation in the US probably is different and separation may not be needed, or needed for different reasons. I've looked around for english language info on this and what is heavily documented in other languages is completely absent in english. Quote: what the individual perceives themselves as I decided not to care in the slightest what people perceive themselves as. I care about what I see. If I see two legs, you're two legged, whether you think you have one or three. If my eyes deceive me, so be it. So far they've proven most reliable. I leave the pseudo-thinkers to their pseudo-thoughts. "Your eyes can deceive you, don't trust them." You should open your mind and accept that the assumptions you were probably raised in were never true for all people. Recently, a fellow transsexual woman I met in a Facebook group was arrested for marijuana possession. Rather than place her in a female cell block, the jail guards placed her in with the males. She demanded again and again to be placed with the females, where she would feel safe. She even pointed out to them that her gender had legally been changed. The guards told her, "the only proof we need of your gender is what we see between your legs." While in jail her feminine appearance made her a target for rape threats from the male inmates, and as a rape survivor she was psychologically traumatized by the experience. So your simple, gender binary, one-size-fits-all solution does not truly fit all, you see. How about instead of your eyes, when dealing with matters that affect people's health, you choose a more reliable sense to trust in, such as empathy? I am glad your friend was not given the preferential treatment women get. If only it could apply to everyone else too. When dealing with medical issues, such as someone suffering from albinism yet believes they are black, I'll trust my eyes, and send the redhead to stand in the sun in their place. Similarly, with perhaps some exceptions (whom I have yet to meet), i consider people who want to chop their legs off just as mentally ill as those who want to make other dramatic altercations to their bodies. It is that which malfunctions that requires repairs, though I must say I have no idea why people (especially here) have such poor control over their feelings, especially feelings towards themselves. Perhaps you should open your mind and accept that encouraging people to give in to their feelings is not always a good thing. (It goes against Jedi beliefs too btw)
    • De escalation: A true warriors skill (Last post by Ratcliffe)
    • I think the ideas put forth for de-escalation are in keeping with the evidenced based literature on violence prevention. The only think I would add is the intervention needs to match the stress level of the interaction. While physical violence in at the panic level of stress and the interventions are limited as several of you have noted, there are significantly better interventions if we can intervene earlier. Of example is someone is at the moderate level of stress (which is noted for decreased perceptual fields, increase heart rate and altered thinking) then we need to use active listening skills. Active listening is a high probability skill because most people can deploy it successfully most of the time. Further, this is good new because the number of times we are exposed to people in distress who are becoming disruptive who do not become physically violent is exponentially higher than the random fight we walk into. [attachment]
    • Stop. Breathe, Think. (Last post by Connor L.)
    • Thank you to Kol from IJRS for originally posting this link there. I think this could be helpful to anybody. I wish we placed more guided emphasis on Meditation here at the temple. But, schedules make it tough to accommodate a regular meditation time for some people. I know one of my friends cannot stick to a regular schedule due to work. But, this app seems to be a "in the moment" style of meditation. When one cannot practice devoutly, practice when one can. Maybe add this to your phone. It may inspire you. :) (P.S. - If you ever want to talk about meditation, my PM box and skype is always open. In my opinion, meditating EVERY day is like... eating. If you fast, you are depriving yourself of spiritual nutrients. !!)
    • Video Games Promoting Nationalism and War? (Last post by ren)
    • our societies generally promote sectarianism/nationalism and violence. popping ballas is OK, but the hot coffee mod comes out and oh noes! We must protect the children from air sex!
    • The difference between what scientists think &... (Last post by ren)
    • Help with reading the biomedical data: safe to eat genetically modified food in a lab by geneticists as opposed to being bred by inbred farmers looking for maximum yield. favor use of animals in research as opposed to no or little research (nostrums, mercury and leaches used to work just fine and we never wasted any on animals) safe to eat foods grown with pesticides as opposed to foods not even pests will touch
    • "Jesus" was a Jedi (Last post by Tarran)
    • I dunno... being myself, what many who call themselves "Christian" might call a "heathen", I like being able to look at things without giving a flaming rat's butt about anyone trying to convince me I'm going to "Hell" for not sticking to present orthodoxy - therefore... Let's all, everyone reading this, assume just for this point, that there is no question that Jesus existed - just to get that temporarily aside for point-making's sake... If we look at the book, the bible, and if we do away with the post-scriptedly *introduced* idea of trinity, and see that there is nothing that says that Jesus was a deity, but a *mortal man*, who, upon his baptism and apparent heavenly approval, the "heavens were opened up to him" - that is, knowledge, abilities, all that were lost and stripped from Mankind in the garden, were returned to him, then we can see what kind of man he was - and in turn, through his interactions with his circle of close friends, *we all* are - or have potential to be. He was able to conduct "miracles" - some things that science can today display, others that science may soon do as well... most, if not all, alchemists and other ancient-tech-savvy schools of thought can explain as well. Explainable? "Blasphemy!", some may say... But assuming what is written as canon, he DID these things, *as a mortal man*, along the laws of physics in the universe. It has been said that, "Magic does not defy the laws of physics of the universe... it conforms to the laws, many of which science as a whole has yet to fully understand". Turning water into wine - transmutation... The time when he walked on water is among the most important from a Jedi viewpoint - Peter saw him walking about upon the waves, and bade him to come back - Jesus was all like, "Uhm, no way, man - why don't you come over here, dude?" and Pete was all like, "Ha! Yeah, right - look... if you really think I can, then tell me to come to you, and because of my faith in you, I will" - then Jesus was like, "Well alright, come on then... come on over here, man" - so Pete put his foot over the edge of the boat and stood on the water... and his next foot... and he took a few more steps... ...he got nearly all the way to Jesus, and he was totally gobsmacked at what he was accomplishing - then he got too analytical and within his mind he scoldingly told himself that what he was doing was impossible - and so he started to sink, and just then, Jesus took his hand and pulled him up, and was like, "Dude, you HAD it... then you lost faith - that's why you sank." Jesus *proved* that he was a *man* capable of what we ALL are capable of - and through Peter, he *proved* that we all are capable of it! We need not be a deity - we only need what can be found within ourselves which was already place there by deity - we are Jedi already, we merely need to recognize it. Jesus proved that ALL MANKIND have the ability to perform all that he performed, because he also did so *as a mortal man*. This walking on water - it has been mirrored in the Jedi parable of the X-Wing and the Dagobah swamp. Yoda (Teacher) told Luke it can be done, if he had faith - the size of the ship (the fact that Peter was a mere man) didn't matter. Luke tried to use the Force and started to lift the ship out of the swamp (Peter stepped out of the boat and onto the water), and though he was actually doing it, he internally reprimanded himself that this is idiotic and impossible (Peter looses his faith), and so the ship sunk back in (Peter sinks into the water) - Yoda (Teacher) stretched out his own hand and lifted the ship out and rested it onto the shore (Jesus took Peter's hand and pulled him up)... Luke said, "I don't believe it!" (Peter struggles with his faith even as Jesus pulled him up), and Yoda said, "THAT is why you fail" ("You had it, but then you lost your faith)...
    • "Jedi Temple" Dispute (Last post by OB1Shinobi)
    • Quote: I would be delighted to have to ability to meet everyone in person and would love for us all to able to get together offline. I don't know how we could do this without a considerable amount of money. The next best thing is for us to be able to video conference where groups could actually meet and have discussions in real time. Any ideas on that? i understand this may no be what youre thinking but in coordination with this forum youtube wod offer not only an workable means of video dialogue but it would have the added benefit of public exposure with the proliferation of smart phones my understanding is that such a method is highly accessible to most of the members here to not only observe the conversation but to participate in it other than that skype or possibly online video streaming
    • In spite of ongoing ridicule I will continue to sh... (Last post by Tarran)
    • I very much like a lot of Sheldrake's works... especially his coining the term "morphic resonance" to explain memory, and how while it doesn't physically exist in a permanently stored state in the brain, it rather works a lot like cloud computing. As an alchemist, I've always known that concept to be very true, but was always frustrated as to how to explain it - I never had thought to create a term to use... now that he's coined the term, everything's kickass :D

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