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Re: evolution 22 Oct 2011 14:01 #43815

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I can give an example of rapid evolution from a single cell to a complex mammal.

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Re: evolution 22 Oct 2011 14:02 #43816

Brilliant, you can even see it evolve through life forms, as it reaches a tadpole resemblance stage, then a lizard resemblance, then finally it begins to look like a human!

Re: evolution 01 Nov 2011 01:05 #44039


I see no reason why evolution disproves creationism and no reason why creationism disproves evolutionists.

Like it has been stated..man takes the bible to litterally. Time is a concept of man used like a filing system to categorize everything. So the authors of the Bible used 7 days. But why does 7 days have to litterally mean 7 days? Those 7 days could have been millions or even billions of earth concept years. But moments for God. And the creation of all beasts and the creation of man...well who's to say that evolution was not occuring but the author had no way to describe the concept.

Just some food for thought on the matter.
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Re: evolution 01 Nov 2011 04:42 #44046

No one really says that they disprove each other, except for all of the people that fight about it.

There are plenty of level headed people who believe the two ideas can both be true, and even more than think they can co exist at least, but there are a huge number of people who feel it's one way or the other sadly.

Re: evolution 15 Nov 2011 13:17 #44427

shaunk wrote:
i believe in evolution not just physical but mental as well, i feel most people forget about the latter.

I like this.

I have no problem with physical evolution (as it is pretty well documented), but I think the mental evolution is just as important. We should accept truth where ever it comes from and where ever we can find it. And contrariwise, we should we willing to reject something taught as truth (if our direct experience later shows it to be false) no matter where we have heard it or been influenced by it. That's very important in mental evolution.
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Re: evolution 04 Dec 2011 09:04 #45411

well its been awhile since i checked in, mostly just been trolling the forums then log off. This is what I've discovered so far.
Some of the church members believe to deeply in creationism and find it appalling that they do not teach it in school. They are so set in the bible that it is truth to them. I tried using those passages Br.John and what i got as an answer was evening disturbing. They said I was looking too deep into it and to just except it as fact with no real facts to support there theory.
They seriously believe we are descendants of adam and eve even with me trying to (but no one would listen) about lilith the very first women in the original old testament. I tried to account about the other races. They dismissed this as well with no explanation.
I have talked to a methodist preacher who is open minded enough to hear me bout jediism and evolution/creationism. a friend of mine wants me to meet her rabbi and talk to him and she said he is intrigued with my thinking and philosophy on the subject as well.
its the protestant christians im finding you cannot talk too cause they take the scriptures literally. even my friend im still staying with is this way too. I usually just nod and go my way now.

Re: evolution 04 Dec 2011 11:32 #45418

I'm with Coryduran on this one. Time on a geologic scale is different than on an evolutionary scale. 65 million years is a split second in the big picture. So why can't the creation of Adam and Eve be the evolution of the first man and woman from the swampy pools of prehistoria?
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Re: evolution 04 Dec 2011 12:10 #45420

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I urge anyone who's interested in this issue to get this book. There's plenty of free information on the site so take your time there.

About Rev. Michael Dowd evolutionarychristianity.com/blog/about-michael/

And of course see evolutionarychristianity.com/
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Re: evolution 04 Dec 2011 13:05 #45423

War Beauty wrote:

I see no reason why evolution disproves creationism and no reason why creationism disproves evolutionists.

Like it has been stated..man takes the bible to litterally. Time is a concept of man used like a filing system to categorize everything. So the authors of the Bible used 7 days. But why does 7 days have to litterally mean 7 days? Those 7 days could have been millions or even billions of earth concept years. But moments for God. And the creation of all beasts and the creation of man...well who's to say that evolution was not occuring but the author had no way to describe the concept.

Just some food for thought on the matter.

I fully agree and second your comment.
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