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    • What makes a Jedi? (Last post by Cabur Senaar)
    • So, I cherry-picked a few of the answers. I tried to keep the list short for ease of process. It is not meant, by any means, to be considered an exhaustive list. Also, this is not about TotJO Doctrine as such, but Jedi in a more general sense. I also added the second one. Surprised nobody thought of that one. Otherwise, this is not really a reflection of my opinions. I'm just doing some informal research. We have: Murder Sexual Assault Discrimination based on race, culture, gender, sexual orientation, age, height, ability, etc. Willful ignorance Lack of empathy Cowardice Laziness Dogmatism Please do not chase specialized definitions of these terms. Please look here if any definitions are unclear. Does anyone take specific issue with the behaviors or traits listed above? Is there a reason they should be considered acceptable behavior for a Jedi? If so, can you give specific reasons why?
    • The Grateful Thread (Last post by Rickie The Grey)
    • Quote: Love the title lol. I have something to be very thankful for. On 10 Nov 2014 my daughter was born. Long labor short, the doctor discovered something that could/should have been a major major problem that would have resulted in her death before she was born. What I thought was a nearly painless pregnancy should have been classified as a high risk. I'm grateful all are doing well. I pray you will both be well and continue to be that way. Best thoughts for you both. You brought life into the would. That is sacred.
    • In a Sith Bar..... (Last post by DreadFather)
    • great freemason joke! Quote: Ok, a Templar, Hospitaler & Jedi Knight go into a Sith Bar... I'm not really good at jokes, so if you're going to be critical, then: "This isn't the joke we're looking for." "Move along!" The Sithtender asks what's your poison. The Hospitaler asks for a Light Lager. The Sithtender says, "this isn't the elixir you're looking for, Move along" The Hospiyaler leaves the bar with a saddened look.... The Sithtender looks to the Templar.... "I'll have an Rose on the rocks" Sithtender says "this isn't the rosy cross you're seeking, move along" The Sithtender shoots an exasperated look at the Jedi and says "what'll it be?" "I'll have a Darkside Stout.....!"
    • Do Nothing for 2 Minutes (Last post by Rickie The Grey)
    • Quote: Shared with me this evening Do Nothing for 2 Minutes A reminder to take some time out Wonderful! Wonderful!! Wonderful.!!! :) :) :) :) :) Thank you so very much. I'll make this a favorite. Nothing better than a walk on the beach. Peace
    • Military Jedi and conflict of interests, help nee... (Last post by Tk768)
    • I spent 16 1/2 years as one of our US Army's elite. I didn't enlist to be violent or aggressive. I enlisted to defend those that can not defend themselves , and to protect the rights of all. If it were not for our nations military, we might not have the rights to be Jedi. Besides have the Jedi in fiction not killed to defend not just the weak but also humanity . Those Jedi to are also taught not to take a life. I believe our belief in not killing means without good reason, the same as it is implied in the Ten Commandments. Besides if we took the belief literally to heart, we wouldn't be able to eat. Almost everything we eat has to die to become food , both plant, and animal.
    • Application Open: Secretary of the Synod (Last post by Jamie Stick)
    • The Synod is eager to fill vacancies and is currently looking for the right candidate for the position of Secretary to the Synod. Job Description: The Secretary for the Synod is a new role supporting a broad range of Synod initiatives, from recording Synod discussion, assisting the other members of the Synod with their initatives, providing insight and aiding in engagement with the wider Clergy and the Temple congregation as a whole. Prerequisites for Application: * Must be a member of the Clergy (Licensed Minister or above) * Must be in good standing with the Temple How to Apply: To apply please send a message to members of the Synod; Akkarin, Alexandre Orion, and Jamie Stick. You may, if you wish, explain why you would like to fill this position. Inquiries regarding the position or the application process should be sent in a PM to Akkarin, Alexandre, or myself. Note: You do not need to send your questions or concerns to all three of us, but you do need to send your application to all three of us.
    • chat (Last post by Edan)
    • I'm in chat! Make my one person party a two (or more) person party :silly:
    • here's a thought. (Last post by steamboat28)
    • Quote: *stuff* thank you. I wanted to say this but was too tired and lazy to cite sources. Quote: Also I did know about the pink for boys and blue for girls thing!! When I first heard that I was amazed at how easily it was changed. :laugh: Want a trip? Girl has only meant female for a few hundred years.
    • Parents Religion and Respect (Last post by steamboat28)
    • Quote: as far as religion and christianity is concerned, you can believe in God ANYWHERE, because he is ANYWHERE. You don't HAVE TO BE IN A CHURCH. This is one of those things that was really hard for my family to understand when I stopped attending our local church. My faith hasn't waned; it's actually gotten stronger. But I don't practice the way they practice anymore, and I have a hard time being around a lot of the issues I have with that particular congregation. The combination of the doctrine, the people, and the nonsense was too much to bear. I heard lots of things like "backslider" and "heathen" from strangers (well, former churchmates who I didn't personally know, but recognized me), and "when are you coming back to church?" My response to the last one was usually a variation on "When God shows up there, too." But my family kept insisting you have to go to church to worship properly. "It says so in the Bible! Forsake not the assmeblin' of yerselves together! And iron sharpens iron!" Yeah. The Scripture says both of those things. But if you look in context, both of them are social benefits of the church; people are stronger when they have other people to help them through rough patches. And I can get that anywhere. And then there's "where two or three are gathered together in My name, there am I also," which means that me and a friend playing video games on Friday night discussing the nature of the universe and our place in it still totally counts. The insistence of anyone that you have to go to a certain place or to do a certain thing is nonsense. No matter your religious doctrine, you are your own priest when it comes to your life. You may accept another priesthood over yours, but ultimately, you are the doorway, the arbiter of your faith. Any religion that tells you that you are closed off from the divine and cannot ask of it is a religion that has no concept of truth.
    • Jedi Movies? (Last post by Zenchi)
    • A few more I missed... [attachment] [attachment] [attachment]

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