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    • Calming the Mind (Last post by OB1Shinobi)
    • to figment; i have come to understand that being focused on achieving excellence does not require being harsh towards myself. actually harshness towards the self is an impediment. heres some links that will give you a good start to getting some new perspective on the topic if you are interested. thanks for reading and for responding :-)
    • Using the runes Odin (Last post by Jamie Stick)
    • Quote: I make this comment literally every time I see the word "rune" come up in a topic title, and maybe I just need to sit down and clarify my actual position. I noticed and the only reason I read this thread was in hopes that you would explain it further.
    • In case you were wondering how purchasing TOTJO me... (Last post by Jamie Stick)
    • I've been wanting a few things that have the TOTJO logo on them and eventually I'd like to have something with the Code on it too, but anyway. I needed new mugs and thought one of them might as well be a TOTJO mug. Yesterday I got the mug and was quite excited. It came in a giant Styrofoam box (proportionally speaking). Unfortunately it was printed in an awkward spot directly across from the handle. I called cafepress's customer support and they're sending me a replacement without making me have to do any extra work (I get to keep the defective mug). [attachment] This is a stark contrast with Zazzle where I've tried to place two orders and both times they cancelled my order inexplicably (they simply said they couldn't process the order). So, I guess, yay for cafepress!
    • 5 rights women have that men don't (Last post by OB1Shinobi)
    • Quote: I find the concept of privilege an interesting one. In general, we all have privileges and restrictions. This is generally a perspective. How do I perceive this situation - am I limited or am I free? When I teach grappling, I always ask my student - "who is winning? who has the advantage? Who is in control?" The only correct answer - no matter what position or lock the person is in is - I am in charge (of myself). If I feel empowered, then I am. If I surrender to my victim mentality, then I am a victim. People talk about "White Male Privilege". What people seldom talk about are the limitations, expectations and restricts that come with that supposed "privilege". Everything is a blessing and a curse. Everything has a good and a bad. Women have curtain attributes that "allow them privileges" and these attributes can come with a lot of challenges and "baggage". In the end, nothing about life in the Earth is "fair" or "equal". But in spirit, all things are one, equal and unified. What we should be focusing on is: how do we lift ourselves out of the victim state and into the empowered state so topics like this disappear? cosigned
    • Sometimes... (Last post by Gisteron)
    • Prohibiting something does not license nor excuse you for censoring it! It is their site. Legally they have the rights to everything posted there and they can deal with it in almost any way they please with and without reference to any rules. You actually can yell "FIRE!" in a crowded theatre and that is all the difference. Censoring your words is not punishment against you for violating the rules, it is just making sure nobody can tell if you did anything wrong whilst claiming that you did. A consequence on the internet would be blocking you from the article or banning you from the site. What they do is spitting on your content and calling you a witch in the process, just so nobody is upset about it. And on a side note: Senan, since you say there is a middle ground between being X and being something other than X whilst accepting that there is no way of telling a just removal from an unjust silencing, I must issue the following challenge to you: Please, develop an internally consistent 2n-1-dimensional vector space of boolean functions that can operate with the Law Of Non-Contradiction and yet without the Law Of Excluded Middle; let n be a positive integer. Once you're done (i.e. no sooner, since that vector space now becomes a prerequisite) I am willing to hear any and all acceptable reasons for censorship and discuss them with and under the logical framework you created.
    • Holy spaces (Last post by Alan)
    • Ceremonies designed to set apart one time or place from another can contribute to a deeper sense of the divine amidst the regularity of daily life. This setting apart is, in one sense, a working definition of the sacred. Animists and pantheists, for example Shinto, experience spirit as inherently immanent in everything, but they also have special places where the experience of spirit has a particular concentration. And regular times when a particular aspect of experienced reality is recognized. It appears that some of the statements above regarding the presence of the Force express a similar understanding. For me, Force is a principle, like Dao, logos, spirit and divinity. It is how the cosmos is ordered and not the cosmos (universe, reality, etc.) itself. The experience of the principle is perceived and understood as possessing an aesthetic quality distinct from the everyday life. And at any time and place I may turn my attention to the ordinary and experience it, then and there, as infused with a sacred quality. It is my perception of it that reveals the sacred there. It has not changed, I have.
    • Unable to stop my anger. (Last post by steamboat28)
    • Anger has a habit of affecting our decisions, and as such, it's important that we learn how best to deal with it. I wouldn't suggest "stopping" your anger, necessarily, because that might make things bad in a different direction--kind of like trying to put your hands up to stop a train. Instead, perhaps you could try to focus on examining your anger while you're angry; look at it, figure out where it's coming from. See what it wants. Sometimes we're angry because we're hurt ("Anger is sadness acting out...") and sometimes we're angry because we have needs that aren't being met, and sometimes we're angry for reasons that don't make sense at all. I find that taking a bit of time to question your anger, interrogate it (rather than just waiting until you're calm to make decisions) tends to take a bit of the fight out of it. Maybe we should treat anger as a child--instead of punishing it, try to understand what it's attempting to communicate. Perhaps there's a solution there.
    • Visions of the future . (Last post by Burn_Phoenix)
    • I also have deja vu moments quite often. Again it is usually pointless conversations though, to the point I usually end up arguing with the person saying 'why are you asking me this again?' And proceeding to recount the whole conversation and just getting a confused look lol. The latest one was yesterday when getting the kids ready for swimming I asked my wife whether I dreamt it or if she'd put their goggles in my drawer (they are not usually kept in my drawer and this was the evening so I'd not been in them since the morning) it turns out she had but only a few hours before and had meant to tell me about it but forgot. Not really a 'vision of the future' - though I can't remember when I 'dreamt' it so could be. I just knew somehow, and that happens all the time to the point I often say, 'did I dream it or did xyz happen?'. Some of it I put down to situational awareness though. It's not so much we've been in the situation before but we know the people and situation well enough to effectively guess what is going to happen/be said.
    • Lived experience few hours ago... (Last post by fefok)
    • Good nights! I wanted to share an experience that happened to me a few hours ago while training in jiu jitsu my academy. *I hope i'm in the right section of the forum, if I'm wrong I apologize for that I was training with a partner (when I say training I mean fighting, is a contact sport, you know) and I began to feel violent and angry because subjected me 2 times. It is normal in my then this happens, start accelerating the pace of the fight to try to win, just that this leads to more aggression. Thanks to a good job I have been doing for a while now it does not, I meditate a lot about this to control myself. Well once finished the fight with my partner, I sat in a corner and meditate for a few seconds to calm. Then came another fight with another partner, the problem was when my teacher incited me to accelerate the pace. The fight started well, I submitted my partner a few times, and was well, but ended way too violent to which I finished hurt. I felt really close to the dark side. After that I returned to meditate for a few seconds and stayed in a corner with ice on my foot as the class ended. According to my teacher I was wrong to accelerate the pace and get carried away, that I share. I just think partly it was wrong for prompt me to fight more aggressively. All this leads me to the conclusion that I need to meditate more and control my feelings. By time not happening to me. I will contact my Kung fu master to guide me and so does not happen more. Experiences like this are what help me to realize my mistakes and approach more to being a good Jedi. Thanks for your time. Sorry for my bad english, i use the translator and my basic knowledge :P Greetings! May the force be with you all. !!
    • Workout Check-In Thread (Last post by Exarchias)
    • 10 x 2 x (2 hands) 3 kg triceps 20 x 3 x (2 hands) 3 kg biceps 20 x 3 push ups 20 x 3 air squats 20 x 3 x (2 hands) 3 kg biceps 10 x 2 x (2 hands) 3 kg triceps
    • internet dating and connection (Last post by baru)
    • I just read a wonderful article about the present state of internet dating and our quest for real, deep, and loving connection in a "disposable" world. Things are made to be short term, disposable and "one-time use". Are we bringing this manufacturing concept into our personal lives? What do you think about our modern state of commitment to a long term relationship? Article: Quote: We realize that this more we want is a lie. We want phone calls. We want to see a face we love absent of the blue dim of a phone screen. We want slowness. We want simplicity. We want a life that does not need the validation of likes, favorites, comments, upvotes. We may not know yet that we want this, but we do. We want connection, true connection. We want a love that builds, not a love that gets discarded for the next hit. We want to come home to people. We want to lay down our heads at the end of our lives and know we lived well, we lived the fuck out of our lives. This is what we want even if we don’t know it yet.
    • Ultradian Rhythms - Jedi Health (Last post by Adder)
    • Ritual Eating, Activity and Sleeping for Ideal Health!? I read a very interesting article yesterday which I think could have great importance for people trying to manage mental stress and disorder, which to be honest is everyone!!! I'll take a moment to explain what/why I think its important, or you can just go down to the link to the study itself if its TLDR> Hopefully the read though will help explain it!! The sleep-wake cycle of mammals is controlled by a ‘circadian clock’ within the brain, which is synchronized to the day–night cycle. This can be represented in one way by the Cortisol levels; [attachment] Which could be simplified to associate with triggering the increase in energy levels, which tend to 'wake up' the body gradually from sleep and support the many functions for daily activity. However, other aspects of mammalian physiology have been observed to fluctute in cycles that repeat every few hours, and are known as ultradian rhythms but it appears that mental health is higher when they are synchronized in a harmony... like music in tune perhaps. The main internal clock, the circadian rhythm, has been thought to be the primary timekeeper, but authors of the study have now identified a second internal clock within the brain, which they name ‘the DUO’ (dopaminergic ultradian oscillator), and shown that this clock normally works in concert with the circadian clock to regulate daily patterns of activity, alertness and eating. You might know that dopamine is an important brain chemical in memory and mental health, and disorders including schizophrenia and ADHD which all points to mental perception itself more broadly. "...results provide strong evidence that a dopaminergic ultradian oscillator (DUO) driving rhythms of behavioral arousal is continuously operative in the mammalian brain. We propose that under normal conditions, this DUO cycles in harmony with the circadian SCN pacemaker and that the rhythmic information of both the SCN and the DUO are integrated at a common downstream site to create the daily pattern in locomotor activity. However, elevation of DA tone can lead to DUO period lengthening, which either results in DUO free-run or reinstatement of oscillator synchrony albeit at a different harmonic. The DUO appears as a highly tunable oscillator, able to adopt period lengths from a few hours to multiple days. This is instark contrast to the circadian timer which cannot adopt periods that are more than a few hours off from 24 hr when its limits of entrainment are tested experimentally" "Experiments in mice revealed that the DUO uses the brain chemical dopamine to generate bursts of activity roughly every four hours. Moreover, it continues to work when the circadian clock has been destroyed. Measurements of dopamine in freely moving mice showed that levels of the chemical fluctuate in synchrony with the animals' activity levels. Moreover, drugs that flood the brain with dopamine, such as methamphetamine, disrupt the 4-hour cycle by lengthening the period between bursts of activity, whereas drugs that block dopamine receptors have the opposite effect." So another reason to not take Meth, as if you didn't already have enough, LOL But seriously, I don't think they directly suggest that perhaps food and activity cues engage the dopamine system specifically to reset this into harmony, rather saying "it is clear that dopamine signaling also affects food intake as mice lacking dopamine are lethargic and do not actively consume food". They state "the DUO is a universal driver of ultradian behavioral rhythms in mammals, and that ultradian bouts of running-wheel and feeding activity are co-expressed, suggesting that dopamine can synchronously drive food seeking and general activity - which is in line with the view that dopamine acts as a general promoter of motivated arousal." but it makes me wonder perhaps if an important part of good health is the management of a quite literally 'harmonious' pattern of eating, activity and sleeping as a much higher priority in peoples lives for health, happiness and therefore longevity and productivity. So here is a modification to the above cortisol graph, which has a new red waveform at 4 hour intervals to represent the dopamine cycles, fixed at the lowest cortisol peak (which then happens to perfectly line up a peak with the 12 noon peak), and also added a blue single sine wave to represent an idealized circadian cycle fixed at the 12 noon peak to perhaps accurately represent the delayed impact of cortisol but also its association to the peak of light in a day - night cycle so readily attributed to circadian rhythms. [attachment] Perhaps a Jedi 'ritual' for health could be eating small meals and doing some small exercise at these peaks to harmonize the body and mind to enrich the soul!!! Here is the study; A highly tunable dopaminergic oscillator generates ultradian rhythms of behavioral arousal

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