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    • American men, American media, and the villificatio... (Last post by Wescli Wardest)
    • Quote: “Be true to the thought of the moment and avoid distraction. Other than continuing to exert yourself, enter into nothing else, but go to the extent of living single thought by single thought.” “It is said that what is called "the spirit of an age" is something to which one cannot return. That this spirit gradually dissipates is due to the world's coming to an end. For this reason, although one would like to change today's world back to the spirit of one hundred years or more ago, it cannot be done. Thus it is important to make the best out of every generation.” ― Yamamoto Tsunetomo
    • Let's Negotiate the Jedi Code! (Last post by Adder)
    • I think perception itself is a process of negotiating internal and external signals.... which could be supported by some research around saying curiosity is the key to learning - with curiosity being the drive to complete the process with energy and focus. So to the Code, yea I guess that too is a good example to use!! To use a war metaphor, how about a fire control system as something which negotiates a change in a situation; Emotion, yet peace - Detection; normal mode of maximum connection to ones environment. Ignorance, yet knowledge - Acquisition; contextualization of some point/entity in the environment. Passion, yet serenity - Identification; understanding the point/entity. Chaos, yet harmony - Tracking; understanding its previous, actual and probable transformations in relation to your own state. Death, yet the Force - Engagement/Solution; any adjustment to your own state and its impact on the that external point/entity. Sorry for the war-ryness of the post :blink:
    • Personal 'Codes' (Last post by Proteus)
    • Quote: It is essentially a piece under the perception that you are the universe reminding itself to let it be as it is, and to appreciate itself as it is experienced, through your eyes. Be things as they are Do things as they do Know not one but all Know not all but one Breathe and feel life Smile and know joy Laugh and know play Nothing else matters
    • Philosophy and the Sciences class (Last post by Desolous)
    • Most definitely the cognitive science route, as that is more in line with my mental health bafkground. It will be a challenge to knock this out, but I'm sure you're up to it.
    • Hugs (Last post by Proteus)
    • I'm sure you've already seen this. Doesn't matter though.
    • Workout Check-In Thread (Last post by Edan)
    • Day 38 checking 45 minute run today (40 run + 5 cooldown).. was a good run today, didn't feel tired really at all until the very end. Best track of the run was 'Playing with Fire' by Plan B. The whole album was pretty intense to be honest and I probably looked unduly serious while I was running but it helped with the focus. Definitely getting fitter.
    • Taoism (Last post by taidavrikaurvan)
    • Me and Streen have had many discussions on quotes as such, "The teacher does not give the answer but asks the question." A quote that has a deep value to myself.
    • No offense, but... (Last post by Red Lila)
    • Through all of this there are some practicalities that haven't been discussed. While, certainly, the notion that intending to be offended and intending offence are personal reactions, which should both be avoided; there are basic communication techniques that can reduce unintended offence. The most basic of these is recognizing the "tone neutral" environment of written communication. Due to the absence of body language and inflection we can only establish tone through our word choice and only after a sufficiently expansive block of text do those word choices establish a "voice" and the amount of text necessary to establish that voice is variable from individual to individual. Therefore its best to assume that your "voice" comes off dry and monotone. Even emoji aren't sufficient to overcome this as a smile can be sarcastic or sinister just as easily as joyful or amused. From a communication perspective, monotone voices are ascribed a serious, sincere disposition by the majority of listeners and readers unless they have specific reason to feel otherwise. Aim your dialogue on this assumption and you'll find offence taken far less often.
    • How people can drink 4L of coke a day (Last post by Json)
    • I gave up sodas 12 years ago when I quit smoking. I would say it is one of the best things I did. I decided to get into shape a year ago and finally gave up sweet tea so I drink water.... a lot of water. I do enjoy a couple of cups of green tea during the day but I do not add sugar or anything to them. Changing to eating healthy can be tough and should be treated and a long term goal. But the benefits are amazing. Food tastes better and I have a control over my hunger cravings. :) I cannot stand fast food anymore. It actually makes me sick as I am sure drinking a coke would especially 4 liters. Whew.
    • Is questioning one's faith inevitable? (Last post by Kamizu)
    • Quote: Quote: As the title says, is it inevitable that one will eventually come to question their faith? I wouldn't call it "inevitable", but rather "common". I donno, after living in the Bible Belt for so long I'm not too sure it's common either hahaha. I don't think questioning your faith is inevitable but I do think it is very good practice. And one I try to follow quite often. I remember as a young kid, I was sitting in Sunday School and being taught the 10 Commandments. I was told "Thou shalt have no other gods before me." meant "[Our Christian] God is the only one, true, God. All others are fake." I had already fallen in love with the mythology of the ages and I sat there thinking could the Egyptians and the Romans and the Greeks have been so wrong? How can you go through life worshiping something that's fake? What makes us so much more right? Unfortunately, I didn't have open-thinking role-models at the time and just accepted what I was fed for 20 years. I do appreciate the church I grew up in and the love of the congregation, and I do slightly envy those who don't seem to go through the angst of getting 'lost' while looking for answers to questions, but I feel like I'm a much better and stronger person for getting lost and poking around at what I believe in.
    • Honor... (Last post by ren)
    • Quote: It all seems philosophically sound. But honor is one of those things that I feel is an invention of the human ego. How is it even real? What is the benefit of acting "honorably"? And how is one dishonored, except by only saying that one is? Agreed. To some people it's apparently a great honor to commit suicide bombings sacrifice for a greater cause all sorts of stuff.
    • Meditation and Dissociation (Last post by Streen)
    • You said it, Kitsu. I couldn't agree more. One major lesson I learned from Taoism is the idea of the "middle path". Basically, when you're faced with a choice, you stick with the option that doesn't lean too far one way or the other. It's worked wonders in my life.
    • Popularity of Kerala Ayurvedic center (Last post by beatriz)
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