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    • Do you have a loved one that has a mental illness?... (Last post by cm_chasse)
    • My girlfriend was diagnosed last year with major depressive disorder. She used to be really sad all the time, now she gets frustrated with little things and has sad moments every once in a while. She always wants to stay in bed and sleep, or not want to do anything. She sometimes won't tell me why she is sad because she doesn't want to talk about it so I feel so helpless a lot of the time. I do things for her that she does not have he motivation to do like tidy her room, make her bed, wash the dishes etc. but it is difficult to spend time taking care of myself when she needs my help all the time. Does anyone have any experiences or advice that they want to share? I don't meditate as much as I want because of it. :(
    • Video Games Promoting Nationalism and War? (Last post by Kohadre)
    • War is only interesting to those who have never fought in one. Death only fascinates those who have never killed or watched others be killed. Nationalism only finds passion in the young and idealistic, the old and wise know that no nation, no man, no ideal is worth sacrifice as it will be replaced (possibly by something even worse). The fantasy will always be better than the reality.
    • Jedi Knight in one word (Last post by Kitsu Tails)
    • And as a fun little bonus! Once your done connecting all the matching words with your one. Look up the synonyms for your one word. I was surprised at how many words that matched up with my choice that I missed or didn't think about
    • The Grateful Thread (Last post by elizabeth)
    • I am grateful that people understand my crazieness... Here's to all the crazy ones :) Thank you
    • Native American Jedi... tribes, skills, get to kno... (Last post by Kohadre)
    • My grandfather was full blood Cherokee, which makes me a quarter by decent. 1. Jedi Name: Kohadre 2. Cherokee name: wahaya saquii 3. Cherokee nation 4. Strong bloodline reaching back to icelandic tribes 5. Bow making, bow hunting, communing with natures spirits, fire gazing/scrying
    • Honesty - what form or type do you like? (Last post by Loudzoo)
    • I try to remember the following quote when I'm faced with an honesty conundrum: "A truth told with bad intent, beats all the lies one can invent" - William Blake Your intent is the key. Under normal circumstances I'm skeptical of "tough love" - although certain circumstances will demand it. Search your feelings for the right approach - and timing is everything! Brutal honesty can often be avoided, to be replaced with a compassionate honesty at a different time under different circumstances. Obviously lying should be avoided but "white lies" have their place :)
    • Grey Jedi Code Anyone? (Last post by Connor L.)
    • I thought I might provide some sources. Check this out: There is a blog post about it too: "There is another way, however. The “love” you’re looking for is possible through being you, says Heer. “What if instead of striving for love you were willing to have gratitude, caring, and no judgment? If you were willing to choose that instead, it would take you out of all the judgments that are attached to that program of love.”" Access is all about deprogramming from society. For that reason, it IS considered a cult in many peoples' views. Any group that is hellbent on separating you from society is viewed that way, is it not? *shrugs* I have no judgment of that. ;)
    • Songs that have Jedi Teachings, etc... (Last post by OB1Shinobi)
    • whos coming for you now? who's coming for you now? im coming for you right now the middle of the night now whos gonna be the light now I aint afraid to fight and I know how to know im right now look straight into my eyes and the lies are exposed in the throws of demise of those who chose to trade blows with the wise he sees roses and skies as he closes his eyes he despises the hate of his surmises suprises are unpleasant for the lost and the eyeless apply this dont be afraid to die its the only way to fly you can make it to.the sky if you try and no day can pass you by and you cry as you laugh cause you tried and at last you arrived and alas had to die to your past yet survived all the paths full of wrath and of shame and the game still remains but the rules have to change cause the fools that remain look like jewels who disdain their own glimmer and claim that their chains make them sane while their shimmer is stained and unpolished in pain unacknowledged and you have this knowledge in here with you right now the middle of the night now you gotta be a light now dont be afraid to fight you know how to know youre right now! whos coming for you right now? whos coming for you right now? Jedi rap 2

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