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    • Terra Prime Temple Learners (Last post by Adder)
    • Quote: Adder, you are quite literally describing Niman, form 6. Which is also known as the Formless Form. The form of the Rancor. The master of Niman learns the forms, and then applies the most applicable. I take other parts of the fiction, such that Form VI is "a reduced version of Soresu, designed for confined spaces being one of two specialized defensive Forms. This Form suited dual wielding and multiple opponents/objectives because its tighter movements ensuring greater control and its speed and flow." and therefore is based around using a Cylindrical Coordinate System of processing, which then goes to define what movements are applicable based on circumstance. Us Jedi cannot agree on anything :silly:
    • Martial Arts: Your interest? (Last post by OB1Shinobi)
    • Quote: I feel like I have trained in some form of martial arts for most of my life. I taught for about 5. I like "martial arts". I like the art of moving the body in a martial way. The easy style to name is: Jeet Kune Do because its a philosophy and not a style. I avoid styles. I like arts! i feel the same way "moving the body in a martial way" to me it is not sincere to train in MA as if it were not meant to address the issue of actual.violence -the things i learn and practice have to have functional practical application but the real joy is not in the violence at all, but in the movement itself and to my mind there are only a few systems, really empty handed fighting is one system - krav maga amd judo and boxing are all specializations within the overall system of EMPTY HANDED FIGHTING or MARTIAL ARTS ect the term is unimportant but it doesnt matter to me if i never get in a fight again - mostly i hope that i never do, but i love to train and to learn new things always have -MA is the one thing ive never stopped loving
    • List of scientists who became creationists after s... (Last post by Mareeka)
    • I read most of this thread. The same type of discussion is in numerous threads over the last few years.. Religion versus Science. The parameters feel too small to answer big questions. To me the individual's journey with the meaning and relationship of tangible/quantifiable versus intangible/incorpeal is a long hard tread bouncing back and forth between the two. The Hero's Journey to me looks like the not giving up on life; because, it is hard. Not giving up is the hero. The journey is that is that it is hard. Some of the conclusions in this thread are lumped in to either religion or science. For e.g. to say a myth is an expression like art is very limited and more narrow than the way Campbell uses the term. First a myth is a type of expression "a story", but not all myths are scientifically or human naturally incorrect. They were/are communication, teaching and expression. Often times, that which one could draw an image of from the story doesn't matter at all, the images can be changed but the purpose of the story is what occurs in an action or an exchange. That which can not be seen. The images are just a transportation device. So it is with religion, not everyone has negative take aways. Myself, others I have discussed with this . . just didn't believe from youth that which we did not believe. Some others take those same things and feel they were harmed. Just a hypothesis: what if the creation story harmed no-one, what if women working did more harm? Just saying . . it is not JUST a creation story or hell story that is responsible for humans feelings of safety or doom. (not saying it is working mothers either). Not doing a good job here of trying to say . . . where humanity is today is not limited to religion and science . . there is history, there is human nature, there are political structures EACH with their own programs (postiive and negative). By programs I mean which drive us . . got humanity where it is today. Furthermore, there is overlap and blended influence of everything. To say all religions have a creation story or the same creation story is in-correct. Some do not have any. A relgion is an institution, first, shared beliefs about something second. The humans behind science, politics and human nature are equal contributors to war and bloodshed, and the destruction of that which a few don't want under the facade of for someone's good. In fact, there is much history to point to the structure of religions in the common era by polticians. Prior to that the Jews did what they did . . it wasn't even organized. The same with Christianity. Nowadays to think that everyone who says the word god is talking about the creation story or something useless and irrational is false. That old ideaology of what god means has weakened significantly and progressively in the last 150 - 200 years. It is now so variant and often left up to the individual "hero's journey" to figure out within him/her self. I am not saying not to talk about but more so there are so many nuances in the tapestry to appreciate not just because of the similar but also because of the differences.
    • Being Paid to Volunteer, Is it Legit or Not? (Last post by Kamizu)
    • I've been thinking about this. It's been recently changed now but the Air Force use to very nearly require volunteer work. We call it 'voluntold'. You need to do two different events every year. When you do, you get to fill in two lines of the Enlisted Performance Report (think report cards) and then that gets factored into your score. This is a form of payment. And long term, the scores gain points for rank (so eventually monetary) The work still gets done, although not always with the best of intentions (just checking off a box) I know some volunteer pet shuttle services who get compensated for milage. Other foster animal homes who are comped for food and vet care. I don't think this diminishes the work. What I think may diminish is what the volunteer gets out of it. The Airmen sometimes get out of work, or they 'waste' their time off. And sometimes they really believe in what they are doing and get a stronger sense of self.
    • Light bubbles dont work (Last post by OB1Shinobi)
    • ive never gotten sick to the extent that i vomit or anything - maybe as a child and i didnt understand it - but what happens to me is that i get extremely anxious and uncomfortable not exactly a panic attack because i dont panic but i have to get away from people i dont see spirits usually but i feel them i know theyre around sometimes i used to have a "friend" who i usually didnt pay attention until i was readyto sleep and then it was frightening its one of the reasons i started drinking heavily when i was younger i dont like to acknowledge these even now - i respond to indications from the universe itself - THE SPIRIT - but i dont feel comfortable with SPIRITS maybe its my christian upbringing
    • Free online course: Making Sense of Climate Change... (Last post by OB1Shinobi)
    • isnt it basically political and economical? economical because industry in general and fossil fuels in particular are economically invested and political because climate change, as an environmental issue which also stands as oppositional to said industries, is associated with liberal political ideas and therefore automatically "wrong" in the minds of those who count themselves as conservatives these were the primary drivers behind denial that i was aware of
    • Elliot Hulse on your Legacy (Last post by OB1Shinobi)
    • i think Elliot Hulse is a jedi really - he gets into a lot of energetic and esoteric sorts of ideas in his videos - so in addition to being super knowledgeable about anatomy and the science of physical development he is also very focused on the larger, more holistic picture of overall psychological and spiritual development as well
    • Addiction Check-In Thread (Last post by Edan)
    • Checking in.. So I'm back at the office this week with my decaff coffee... no sugary tea in sight. The longer I do this the harder it gets. I'm not doing very well with this 'cold turkey' thing.. I went out for dinner Thursday with my dad.. I ended up having ice-cream for dessert.. however it actually tasted pretty sickly and I didn't eat all of it. On the other hand though, right this moment, I want chocolate. I just want it. Damn that sugaryness :/
    • US Supreme Court Rules in Favour of Gay Marriage (Last post by OB1Shinobi)
    • ----- EDIT hellisforhorses already said most of this - i hadnt read that post until after i made this one and im pretty much not adding anything but it is how i feel and i want to express it ----- Quote: But having no say in something that happens here is mildly insulting and robs us of our right to vote. It's when things are decided for me that I am bothered. and this is the crux of the problem gay people want to be able to decide for themselves if they are married and not have that issue decided for them by the votes of people who dont have anything to do with the relationship anti gay people want to decide for themself that total strangers are not allowed to be married and then claim that their rights are being infringed on by those strangers if you dont support gay marriage, then dont have one your rights are not under attack at all the ability to limit other peoples rights is what is "under attack" and rightly so im not intending to be rude to you personally, i just feel it important to point out the inherently biased position here that many people take when they say something like "i should have the right to vote on someone elses marriage because if i dont get to deny their right to be married then my right to __ is being denied" no a straight persons rights are not being denied in any way by allowing gays to marry this is just absurd freedom means that we respect the fact that free people will use their freedom in ways we dont really like, and that we support their right to do so because we want to keep our own right to act in ways that others may not like so we determine what is actually HARMFUL and what is not, and we say "anything on this side of the line needs to be left alone"
    • Workout Check-In Thread (Last post by Edan)
    • Checking in... Ran my first full 8k of the year today in an hour... Now to get my time down ready for the cross country race in October, and the road race in December. Can only get better from here :)

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