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    • Looking for initiate study partners! (Last post by Gisteron)
    • Well because of the "not everyone" bit, I didn't call them children to me to preach any sermons to them. I specifically designed my policy such that only those would ask who either know what they are doing or have the approval of one or all the TOTJO training masters whose opinion they value. I'm not here to "poison your youth" or anything. That is part of the reason why I don't go out to discuss the IP with newcomers who may or may not be secure about even being here nor do I post my latest take on it in public. I did have a journal once and I did complete the IP back in that day. I was however somewhat different from who I am today, so looking over my backups I'm not sure I agree with all of the personal evaluations I made. It is astonishing, looking back, how much change one could see in some cases. I think if I was a training master I would have at least an optional lesson toward the end where the apprentice would scan over her early journal entries and reflect on what has changed since then.
    • Yoga (Last post by Adder)
    • Quote: Quote: Contemporary Yoga might have taken a lot of the poses and used them for flexibility and exercise uses, where a hold might relieve the tension more effectively then a moment in movement into and out of a stretched position. That's my thoughts on it. Some positions I see in videos etc are held, but in classes they are all held. I wonder if perhaps it is a country thing, I am in the UK for classes but all videos I see are American. Cultural difference in interpretation maybe? Probably everyone is a bit different. Video's might be instructional and therefore hold positions a bit longer to demonstrate better for the audience. Also some people do Yoga as a calisthenics type of exercise which seem not to hold at all, almost like a cardio exercise banging out reps of full range motion!! For introductory Yoga it seems usual to approach a position and not reach it due to inflexibility, and then hold it a bit to help stretch out the muscles, fascias, ligaments etc as a way to get better at Yoga and improve flexibility more generally. I think there are benefits to that, as sometimes pain can be associated to imbalances in different muscles groups or stress etc. It is not my area though, its just a hobby my partner 'puts me through' occasionally. :S :)
    • Down's Syndrome... (Last post by tzb)
    • Quote: Seems strange that the same person can believe these three things: -abortion is a right -aborting babies just because they're different is a wrong -You don't do things like me and I don't like your ways: go away! I don't think that's strange (or accurate, but ignoring that). To me it suggests your initial assertion that Quote: Of all the abortions people can have, you can categorize them in two groups: - Because I don't want it (Or now's not the right time)or because it's my body and I do what I want (yet somehow people aren't quite as keen when it comes to chopping their own legs off: these are actual parts of their body) - Because there's something wrong with the baby or pregnancy. is incorrect. Quote: just like when it comes to your limbs, the one that makes sense to remove is the one with the disease. A poor choice of straw man given most people will do whatever possible to keep a limb, diseased or not.
    • Jedi creed (doubt and faith) (Last post by Gisteron)
    • The creed is not an original Jedi creed but a (only slighted adapted) version of a Catholic prayer often falsely attributed to St. Francis of Assisi. It isn't an outright horrific text either, but given the three tenets and (what I always took for the most central bit of any Jedi doctrine) the Code, I would agree with you that the doubt vs faith line of the prayer seems a little out of place in the midst of what the doctrine is else. After all, it is presented in a parallelism of opposites with the negative preceding the positive and to the end of knowledge and study I, too, would think that faith and doubt, if be there at all, ought be reversed.
    • What form(s) of magic(k) do you practice? (Last post by Arcade)
    • I just started working with the Cthulhu/Lovecraftian mythos again and was wondering if anyone has had experiences with any of the various magical systems that focus on the mythos? My main interests are dreamwork and shape-shifting methods in the context of the mythos, with an emphasis on symbolism and personal transformation through exploration of the darker corners of the mind. I am currently taking two online courses related to the application of the mythos within magical paradigms, so it would be fun to talk with anyone who's interested in these ideas (please feel free to PM me). Yes, I realize this is fiction and I'm not in search of the true Necronomicon, nor am I being driven to madness by the Outer Gods. ;)
    • Recurring Dreams (Last post by crystale)
    • Rickie The Grey: I see thats as astral experience.Is part of work in western mysteries I did work- If that is naturally in you, thats maybe means a hability in astral plane / Tiger and many animals in my dreams, but tiger was repeated much on past ( I, as angry tiger ) ( and I was growling, returning in awake ) ...when awake I discovered myself in a cat scared...(many times) In more recent times lion and tiger are friendly with me in dreams. Regards
    • Live Service - Thursday 28th August - 19 UTC (Last post by Connor L.)
    • Hi all! I will be holding a live service on the 28th at 19UTC. To find out what your time will be: The topic is going to be: Discipline in the face of Chaos. [The Complexity of Cause and Effect]
    • Violence and Jedi (Last post by Cabur Senaar)
    • Just to avoid confusion, the first post if mine was a passage written by Marc MacYoung. I do not agree with him 100%, though I find him to be an important voice in discussing the dynamics of violence. More to the point, I would not want to take credit for the man's work. That said, I have encountered people who have a pacifying effect on an environment. It is a powerful thing to see.
    • [WARNING 18+/NSFW] 50 Shades of Gay (Last post by jedi_roz)
    • Quote: Wow this really degenerated fast :whistle: :lol: A bunch of naughty little monkeys we have here...and here I've been restraining myself.... :( Very proud to be a naughty little monkey.... More fun that way!
    • Unquestioned belief (Last post by rugadd)
    • Really, ideally, one should take it all as it is when its presented, with no pretense, including ones reactions. Its the only way we can ever really see who we are. My wife, even now during our Dark Times( :unsure: ) challenges my thinking(or lack thereof) and disillusions my beliefs constantly. It is ALWAYS uncomfortable, but I have learned it hurts less and I grow more when I accept her perspective and logic. I'm intuition most of the time and she always has atleast 5 sources before she brings something up to me...even my personal habits...
    • QUESTION (Last post by Kamizu)
    • Quote: Quote: Too bad these aren't on Netflix. Then we could binge watch them like a season of Breaking Bad. :laugh: Absolutely! I have a bunch of his books. I have been a Campbell fan since college. It had been two years since I last watched them. It was fun doing it again. I'll put another vote for Netflix!! :D I have one of his books, and although I find him fascinating to listen to, I have a hard time with keeping my attention on the book lol. :blush:

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