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    • Can you solve these three easy questions? (Last post by Vesha)
    • Click Here Spoiler: 5 minutes. 47 days. . 05 cents. It only takes a machine 5 minutes to make a thing, the trick with the question is that the machines aren't implied to work in succession but the reader could make that assumption. It only takes a machine 5 minutes to make 1 thing. If the number of lily pads doubles each day, that means that if you have X lily pads on one day, there were X/2 lily pads the previous day. Then, if the whole pond is covered on day 48, there were half as many the day before (day 47), which means they would cover half the pond. the pen just has to be 1.00 more than the pencil. That's the trick.. 05 pencil, and a pen which is 1.00 more is 1.05. The sum of both is 1.10.
    • High Rez Badges (Last post by Proteus)
    • It's here Maitre (see a few posts above), also I've downloaded it to my local computer for when it's ready to be set up. ;)
    • Marx said what? (Last post by OB1Shinobi)
    • i think the difference in perspective here to a large degree can be understood in this: to me religion is "what one belives is true about life, oneself, reality, and the interplay between them all" at the fundamental level this is the "correct" usage of the word as i view it. and at this level it is impossible NOT to have a religion to me the proccess of defining ones religion is as he says to "pluck the living flower" and i recognise the essential truth that the writings are attempting to convey insofar as to take the fragments which have been posted on their own merits as fragments my reflexive response is that the attempt to institutionilize the interpretation of "flower" is the heart of the failure of the system because what it really does is deny one flower in favor of another but one misunderstands the truth of flowers to belive this can be done the living flower is not static this is what it means to be living and the season of this flower is as the writings indicate an entirely internal affair if there must be an institution (and it does appear that there must) then the institutions highest function must be to see to the provision of fertile soil and clean water and lots of sunlight but beyond this; nothing the flower will bloom of its own accord and must be allowed to do so i am enjoying the reading and i support that it is of high value i want to be clear that it is the attempt to impose a philosophical doctrine upon a people that i am critical of not the individual ideas within the doctrine itself. people must be allowed to bloom and blossom according to their own season we must be allowed and encouraged and maybe even expected to blossom but to try to tell us what kind of flowers to be and when we must be them is to stifle the blossam of all flowers
    • Rank (Last post by Karn)
    • Great topic! Enjoying all the responses so far. Rank is an easily identifiable way at a glance, to gain a basic background experience of a person. As has been used as examples, martial arts uses ranked belts to make it easily identifiable to those around them they they should have a certain degree of knowledge or skill at the rank the belt shows. I have studied many styles of martial arts, but every time I went to a new style I told them I had no experience. I did not want any preconceived rank associated with the new experience at the studio. I was there to learn a new style and any previous experience could create a bias, or worse an ego, conflict in my learning. My experience of previous styles helped me to quickly identify and rise in my studies at the dojo, but I still did not want the Rank of a different style to create a false perception of rank/experience. Rank to me tends to translate to experience/knowledge/responsibility. I studied the Path I am on for many years, well before I arrived here at the Temple. The Rank of Knight and above here, to me, means that those easily identified Ranks are able to share and pass on experience and wisdom in an official capacity here at this Temple. Nothing more. Many of us here, have studied a long time before discovering this Temple, that does not mean that any one of us is truly "wiser" than anyone else here. The symbol/title just lets everyone know that certain ranks here have certain responsibility here. As a Military member, Rank is a huge part of my world. I respect all my military brothers and sisters, some have more responsibilities than others, some gain more military courtesies because of their rank, but I am sure, as many military can attest to, just because they were higher rank than I am/was, did not mean they were better/smarter/greater than the people they out ranked. Many times, I have told my fellow military brothers and sisters, respect the rank always, but you do not have to respect the person wearing it. It is always up to the person with the rank to prove to those around them, by example, that they are truly worthy of the rank they have achieved, every day of their life.
    • Japamala can be useful ? (Last post by Jedi_Roz)
    • I was given a hand made mala that was custom made for me by a lady I've helped counsel over the loss of her granddaughter. Her gift really touched me and one I plan to use now for my meditation. I decided to try and turn the code and creed into a chant for the mala, its wordy but it helps me out. I thought I share it here. I changed a few words so it flows better as I recite it but it is basically the same. I am a Jedi There is no Emotion, there is Peace. There is no Ignorance, there is Knowledge. There is no Passion, there is Serenity. There is no Chaos, there is Harmony. There is no Death, there is the Force. I am a Jedi I am an instrument of peace Where there is hatred I shall bring love Where there is injury, pardon Where there is doubt, faith Where there is despair, hope Where there is darkness, light And where there is sadness, joy. I am a Jedi. I shall never seek to be consoled as to console others To be understood as to understand To be loved as to love For it is in giving that we receive It is in pardoning that we are pardoned And it is in dying We are born to eternal life. The Force is with me always, For I am a Jedi. The Force is with me always.
    • so called profane language warning - etiquette war... (Last post by ghost dog)
    • Spoiler: "cuss" words are for the brainwashed to take offense at. a word is a word is a word is a word is a word. how you fundament reacts to is all on you. curse words are actually something entirely different due that thing called intent. etiquette is hilarious when hypocrites that don't practice the etiquette suggest that you should. one might simply suggest to shake of the brain washing. but i follow etiquette in certain situations. afterall, the wrong word could get you locked up in this insane freaking world we live in. this video made me laugh.
    • No Holds Barred Bible Study (Last post by ghost dog)
    • I hear a lot of talk about open mindedness by close minded boxheads everywhere I go Yet I go and go and go and stay and stay and stay with and against the Flow
    • From time to time a poem (Last post by OB1Shinobi)
    • what does one say to a son who is making his way to the war? when "dont go" and "see ya there" are equally impossible honor is not an empty word courage and faith are not mere balms of rhetoric for the weak the spartans used to say "come home carrying your shield, or being carried in it" because a loss to cowardice is a greater loss than death and each of us must choose learn well what they teach you come home without shame do your best belive in the sufficiency of your light i am proud of you
    • New Mini Me (Last post by Alan)
    • Congratulations. Fatherhood is awesome. Enjoy.
    • What Are You Listening To Right Now? (Last post by Tarran)
    • Lyrics; I'm the droid you're looking for... You feel like you were made to suffer, But your eyes, they can deceive you... - don't trust them! Etiquette and Protocol, It's your lot in life; There'll be no escape, this time... - don't act so surprised! I'm the droid you're looking for! Oh-oh-oh! I'm the droid you can't ignore! Oh-oh-oh! I'm the droid, the one you can't avoid! Oh-oh-oh! You can't hold me off forever, With your simple tricks and nonsense... Your clumsy and random, Useless gestures, Against the struggle... Trust not, my feelings, Are heavily shielded, And magnetically sealed! I'm the droid you're looking for! Oh-oh-oh! I'm the droid you can't ignore! Oh-oh-oh! I'm the droid, the one you can't avoid! Oh-oh-oh! Hear me, baby? Hold together, Help me, you're my only hope... - but don't get cocky! You're babbling on, About your mission... The more you tighten your grip, The more it slips, through your fingers... I'm the droid you're looking for! Oh-oh-oh! I'm the droid you can't ignore! Oh-oh-oh! I'm the droid, the one you can't avoid! Oh-oh-oh! I'm the droid, I am the dro~o-o-oid! I'm the droid, I am the dro~o-o-oid! I'm the droid, I am the dro~o-o-oid!
    • How many do you have? (Last post by Adder)
    • Interesting topic, foreign to me, not having any. Scary thought!! A good chance to offer a friendly reminder to all about the rules regarding multiple accounts. Only one account is allowed per user unless approved by Council, so I hope everyone can please be sincere with their efforts here, and respect the genuine effort that this Temple represents to help people in the Jedi way. Every bit of help each person can bring is priceless and can make a huge difference to someone in need - but the root ingredient has to be genuine intention and fair conduct - in my opinion it is compassion and honesty which will reward us each more then any other fancy. Quote: The simple rule is one account per member. There is no point, need or reason for anyone (except appropriate administrators) to have more than one account with which to access this site. Thank you all and gang, carry on :side:
    • Creating A Society (Last post by den385)
    • I'd say we don't ask George Lucas for anything. If Jedi Way is strong, than we shall provide everything for ourselves. Else, we'll be not so much different from Franchise fans. There are thousands of followers of Jedi Way. Maybe, one thousand of those with most serious mind. I, myself, see my life's mission in establishing Jedi in the society once and for all. Because - you know the hero in "Catcher in the Rye", who wanted to protect kids from falling into abyss? Well, I've fallen into that metaphorical Abyss. Ten years of depression and some years to recover. I want to protect everyone human from falling into abyss of no-spiritual. This is sole mission of my life, however i don't lose humor j-D I do not think this will be easy. First, I'll become a guru programmer, than a project manager, than a freelancer, than a startup-er, than an entrepeneur and then someday I'll have money for building and influence to support movement. So, it's iterational long hard road. I want to mark that by such long-planning dedication I am not severing myself of anything. It's reciprocity: the establish-Jedi mission just focuses me in activities that are my pleasure (Ikigai) on their own. I deem such way of building the Temple as the only serious way. As Buddha said, Quote: Thou be a pillar of yourself Thou be a beacon of yourself Thou hold on to your truth as the only Way.

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