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    • here's a thought. (Last post by steamboat28)
    • Quote: I'm usually against discrimination, for any reason, but I make an exception in this case. If the thought of having her breasts examined by a man puts a woman off then she may not have the procedure. This might cost her life. Discrimination is ok (I think) if it saves lives. I'm all on-board with "whatever saves lives", but I think it's important for that woman to understand why she feels that way. A friend of mine hates male doctors. They don't just make her uncomfortable, she'll physically strike them if they so much as give a routine examination. And I'm sure she has very valid reasons for that discomfort that only she knows. But, in this area, at the hospital she was to give birth, she didn't have a lot of choice. There were only a few doctors on staff for that, and all of them were male. So she planned a home birth. Anything to get away from that discomfort, right? Surely it'd be fine and safe. At the last minute, she found some statutes that suggested if she didn't go through with a hospital birth it could open a can of worms (legally and medically) that would be impossible to ignore. And a male doctor saved her life when she nearly bled out. Something that (very likely) would've been fatal at the all-female homebirth she had planned, given that she lived in the boondocks. Could a female doctor have saved her just as easily? Yes. But she didn't have that option. There are reasons for the way we feel about situations like this, and if we don't understand what they are, we could needlessly hurt ourselves. Nobody has to change their minds, just be aware of why you feel the way you feel. After all, doctors--no matter their genetalia--are only trying to help you and keep you healthy.
    • Parents Religion and Respect (Last post by Cyan Sarden)
    • Quote: Quote: Quote: So my parents are Fundamentalist Pentecostal Christians. :laugh: Same. We should compare notes sometime. Can we just start a club? As for the concerns you mentioned, Anyanwu, I was in mostly the same position when I started exploring other paths myself. I don't know how much I have to offer you in the way of advice (I am still, actually, Christian...just not the kind that's common at all), but I know that if you give it a think, you'll decide what is best for you for right now. That may be coming "clean" about it, that may be continuing as you are and soaking up what that environment can teach you, it may mean lots of things. But the answer's in you somewhere; we're just available for you as a sounding board anytime you need it. :) I'm 37 and I'm still somewhat in that position. I come from a Christian family in which religion has always been a marginal topic. We basically never talked about it, we didn't have any kind of Christian symbols in our house. I do hold some of the Christian core values very dearly. Yet, I went from being agnostic to being Buddhist to being a Jedi (and yes, I consider this to be my religion now). I never really talked about this to my parents. My wife knows, obviously, but apart from that, I'm keeping things private. We had our son baptized two years ago, because we wanted to enable him to have a choice when it comes to religion later in his life. And we wanted him to get into the same system of basic values I had grown up into. We didn't really think twice about it - I even had to re-join our state church for it as they wont baptize children of non-believers. The problem is that when it was time to make the decision whether to baptize our second child or not, I had started to become opposed to how many Christians interpret their mythology. We thought a bit about how our parents think about things and we eventually decided that we'd go through with it a second time, for the sake of harmony in the family. During the process, and especially the talk with the pastor, I knew in my heart that it was a bad call. It was too late at that time - the baptism went through, I felt (and still feel) terrible about lying in a place of worship (I said "yes" when I was asked in front of the congregation whether I'd ensure I'd give my daughter a Christian upbringing) and I spent the entire service comparing what I was hearing to what I believe. I decided that I'd never go to church service again unless for social necessities (funerals, weddings, basically). After the baptism I came clear towards my parents. I didn't tell them I'm a Jedi but I told them that I don't believe in the church's interpretation of Christian mythology. They didn't take that well. I don't know if it was because of the way I said it (I was somewhat upset by the baptism service) or because of what I said. In any case, ever since then, I've had the feeling that something's broken between us. At the same time, I feel somewhat liberated. I just couldn't keep up the charade. I'm hoping things will normalize again.
    • Friendly weight loss challenge (Last post by steamboat28)
    • Quote: If you guys are gonna go for percentage of weight lost, I encourage you to focus on cardio as it's really the best way to shrink fat cells. I disagree. Cardio is nice while you're actually doing cardio, but for a really lasting effect weightlifting or HIIT are amazing. When you build muscle, your body uses more energy. Not just while you're exercising, but all the time. You're burning more calories at rest than you did before, because those muscles still need energy and power even when you're not doing lifts or presses or butterflies or what-have-you. I also read in a study somewhere (that I'm Googling for, and can't find) that somewhere in the neighborhood of 78% of your caloric expenditure is at rest, agreeing with the above statement that you use more energy at rest just doing living-person things like breathing and stretching and not-falling-over-dead, percentage-wise, than you do while working out. NerdFitness has an article that compares cardio, HIIT, and weight training, and you can use the Google-ma-tron for other articles or studies if you don't like the one I've given.
    • Placement of the Simple Oath (Last post by Adder)
    • I think the idea is the public announcement to be on and committed to their Jedi path, but the material at TOTJO does not pretend to be the path, its just an example of material to help one on their path. Sorry, I don't have much time today so am in and out a bit (busy).
    • My experience (Last post by Devcalner)
    • Today, I had a small "breakthrough" in telekinesis. I was in class, and we were reviewing something I have learned, so I tore a square sheet of paper, folded it hot dog style, and set it flat on my desk. I began by focusing on the force, and projected energy at one end of the paper. After a while, when my mind was empty of thoughts, it tilted to one side. Then I did it again on the other side. Same result. I continued until the end of the period. After that we went to the gym for related arts, my friend and I have learned we had free time, and we headed outside. We spent the whole time talking to each other of psychic abilities, and ideas of time travel, as well as doing some areokiniesis (which I have a background of 3 yrs. In) My friend is the only person who I know of who believes in what I do. I think he just started out at areokiniesis, so I taught him some techniques, such as how to click and drag energy, or accelerate it. He is a good person and I am glad to have him as a friend. We are also trying to raise earths vibration. Anyone who claims psychic powers (even though power is just an illusion) to be fake, will find they have been unsuccessful in trying to sway me into believing that it's false. I have gone through enough to know that this is real.
    • A Problem. (Last post by Oneiros)
    • Quote: In my eyes, one's own chosen perception and choice of practical application of a lesson is their responsibility. Self accountability is important. Therefore, whatever goes "wrong" with their practical application is on their hands. It is for them to adhere to the consequences of their choices and actions, and learn from their mistakes. No understanding nor practical application can always be perfect and this is one of the things that is part of learning as a Jedi. "Acceptable behavior", beyond the walls and control of the temple's own rules, is not determined by the temple but by the outcome of their actions. It is not for us to be an authority on this. It is not us who teach them, it is they who teach themselves through their experiences. This is how we have always learned from the beginning, because it is the most basic nature of learning we know of. Sure, it's their own responsibility. Taking responsibility for the consequences of one's own actions should be expected. But isn't this where the master (assuming they are an apprentice) comes in? Isn't it incumbent upon the master to teach their pupil and "correct" them? If the pupil is expected to teach themselves, how are they supposed to make progress when they get stuck in behavior that is keeping them from the ultimate truth you spoke of? If we don't have standards, how does the master know how to help the pupil? Also, when you say "Acceptable behavior, beyond the walls and control of the temple's own rules, is not determined by the temple but by the outcome of their actions" it sounds a bit like the end justifies the means. The behavior is acceptable if the outcome of their actions is acceptable. Quote: Well, thankfully, we don't punish somebody for failing to grasp a level of philosophy concerning their human nature. If they fail to learn, then the natural consequences of it will come about as they may. They will experience those consequences, and upon those consequences being undesirable to them, they will naturally figure out for themselves that until they do put in the sincerity to learn, they will continue to experience the effects brought about by where they are in their state of being. All we can do as a temple is be there for them in support of what they are experiencing and offer any guidance that we can (most aptly upon their eventual seeking of it), in the form of sharing our own understanding in a humble and compassionate manner. Agreed. Thankfully nobody is punished for not understanding something or I'd be severely punished by now :) Hopefully it won't take them so many instances of experiencing the consequences of their actions that they harm anyone. Hopefully in their process of self-realization they don't push people away from the temple who do sincerely want to learn. I suppose in more extreme instances the council steps in and takes whatever action they feel is best. Quote: For me, there is no point that I would ever determine that he's not a Jedi. I would never depend on determining that he was in the first place; simply a human being. Remember, a Jedi is a play on the archetype of the Hero on a personal Journey, and that journey often includes phases of faltering, before coming back into redemption. Every Hero experiences it because the virtues that define a Hero depend on it. It is only for the experience of human nature to determine what one can be or can't be - not an institution. That is not our job, nor our ability. That's fair. I certainly wasn't suggesting that someone be punished or anything of the sort because they faltered. I was more concerned with someone who refuses to change their behavior. But Jedi are patient and just because someone is straying from the path doesn't mean we give up on them as long as they show a willingness to learn. And those who (in extreme cases) could bring harm to someone are dealt with at a higher level of administration than the general temple as you say below. Quote: Then they will experience the natural effects of what that brings. They may find that they are not taken seriously, and eventually will become bored after the fact. They may merely start out in such a state but then begin to witness things in certain people exhibiting sincere example around the temple that may instill an inspiration in them to decide to aspire to their state, and realize, they will have to put in the work to do it. Otherwise, they will remain bored and frustrated and go elsewhere to satisfy their ego. That is their prerogative, and not our responsibility to dictate. However, if they begin to disturb the community's ability to focus on the lessons they are working on, they are consulted via PM or email to work out the issue at hand, and if it comes to pass that no amount of dealing with them that way will lessen their disturbance, there are protocols followed to remove them from the temple until they decide to respect the spirit of the rules of the community. I guess this sorta sums up all answers to all my questions. I think perhaps I haven't been around enough to take notice of enough people exhibiting sincere examples to outweigh those exhibiting insincere examples. That's not to say that there aren't great people here. Please don't misunderstand. They just aren't quite as vocal as the rest which limits their efficacy as examples because all we really have to go on is the communication afforded to us by the internet. One of the limits of communicating solely via the internet is that we don't see what people do every day in the Jedi community unless they put it in their journal and we happen to read it. If we were all in a physical temple together or even living in the same community it would be easier for those sincere examples to have an impact. The "standards" would come about naturally.

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