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    • Live Service - Thursday 28th August - 19 UTC (Last post by RyuJin)
    • We really do need a phone friendly chat app...I get booted from chat frequently...and if I don't get booted I can't see what I'm typing...and the chat won't autoscroll so I have to keep manually scrolling which keeps changing the view.....
    • Ebola (Last post by Adder)
    • Quote: Apparently there is an experimental treatment, and so far it seems to be working on the 2americans that have been treated with it...time will tell for certain though ZMapp, its not 100%, a Doctor who was infected had it but died anyway. Seems to make the odd's more favorable though. Apparently it takes months to produce!!!
    • Non-Conformity... (Last post by Llama Su)
    • I have not been following the thread as much as I would like... I heard conformity is wrong, mainly and simply because followers typically follow other followers and around and around they go, never questioning the one who leads.... “The opposite of courage in our society is not cowardice, it’s conformity.” — Rollo May [video] At least on an intellectual basis of social, economic, and political thought. On the sub atomic quantum level of all, I can agree, that impersonally everything is grounded in the harmony and balance being in tune with of the Force...
    • Down's Syndrome... (Last post by Akkarin)
    • When considering having a child my motivations would be based on maximising the child's potential well-being. This comes in many different forms - being able to financially support the child, being mature enough to support the child are amongst those forms. The fact of the matter is that you ultimately do not know how your child's life will go, you will only know what it's like when it happens... which is why it is important to do your best to try and maximise the chances of their quality of life being as good as you can make it. This idea of maximising their chances gives an explanation for why, as one might expect, well-off people have decent lives, but also why less well-off people have decent lives. Money isn't everything, a close-knit family or some great friends can make up for other 'deficiencies' in your living standards (being poor etc). We cannot predict everything with a lot of accuracy, but we can try to maximise their chances. If a child were to be born with a debilitating condition then we can safely assume that, all things being equal, this is more likely to result in having a difficult life. Of course that child may end up greatly enjoying their life, but if the goal is to try and give your child the best possible start that you can then, in my opinion, adding a medical variable into the mix will likely make such a life more difficult for both the child, the parents, and the state that may have to support the child/family. If I had a child I would try my best to maximise the well-being of every factor in that child's life. The fact is that it can be difficult to maximise the well-being of factors such as medical conditions so I would likely request that any fetus likely to be born with a debilitating illness be aborted.
    • V-Tog, Assistant Pastor, Resignation, 2014 (Last post by MCSH)
    • The Clergy of the TotJO regretfully regretfully announce that Senior Knight V-Tog has resigned from her office of Assistant Pastor due to personal reasons. On behalf of our temple's members I thank you V-Tog for the service you've done while holding that office.‏ May the Force be with you.
    • Possible cause and treatment for Autism (Last post by Psyddhattha)
    • As someone who works with people with learning disabilities and autism I see daily how distressing and debilitating it can be for the individual. Someone who is so obsessed with routine to the point that they can never focus on what they are doing at the time but always worrying about what's coming next... On the other hand a person with Asperger Syndrome could be much higher functioning that most of us could conceive!
    • Recurring Dreams (Last post by Rickie The Grey)
    • Quote: Why the interest in recurring dreams in particular Rickie? You're a devil. :evil: :) :laugh: How much of my PM do you want me to post?
    • The Code(s) (Last post by Streen)
    • I personally gravitate toward the orthodox code, not because it's any more accurate, but because I'm more familiar with it as it was the first code presented to us from the SW universe. As was said, it flows better.
    • imperio: hypnosis, self hypnosis, or meditative tr... (Last post by Jestor)
    • Quote: Edit: considering what he mentioned about self hypnosis sometimes taking a long time using repetitive processes any discipline involving body awareness could be seen as a form of physical self hypnosis...which could allow hypnosis to be perceived as conditioning... ;)

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